Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ralph McTell - Right Side Up [1976 England] @320

This is one of several excellent McTell albums produced in the 70s, and it still stands up well. The material here is uniformly very good (though perhaps nothing *really* stands out), including the McTell classics 'Naomi,' 'Tequila Sunset,' 'Slow Burning Companion,' and the sublime 'From Clare to Here.' He also does a very good cover of John Martyn's well-known 'May You Never.' This is nice, gentle stuff with period small-folk-combo backing, with the overall presentation verging in places on a Nashville sound. 

01. San Diego Serenade   
02. Naomi   
03. Tequila Sunset   
04. Weather The Storm   
05. River Rising   
06. From Clare To Here   
07. Chairman And The Little Man   
08. Country Boys   
09. Slow Burning Companion   
10. Nightmares   
11. May You Never   
12. Song For Ireland 

Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – Ralph McTell 
Backing Vocals – John Perry (7), Ken Gold, Tony Rivers 
Bass Guitar – Dave Pegg, Rod Clements 
Drums, Percussion – John Stevens (2), Pick Withers 
Electric Guitar [Electric Weather] – John Martyn 
Guitar [Dobro] – Sammy Mitchell 
Keyboards – Graham Preskitt, Peter Swettenham 

Jean-Pierre Rasle - 1993 - Cornemusiques @320

By request
Track Listing:
1. Gervaise - Percussion - 5:45  
2. Les Trois Maçons Jolis 7:39  
3. Hotteterre 3:48  
4. Suite À Danser - 3:10  
5. Six Amants À Choisir - 8:09  
6. Briolage - 2:08  
7. Là-bas Dans La Prairie - 5:54  
8. Suite Berrichonne - 5:12

Jean-Pierre Rasle (vocals, bagpipes, Northumbrian bagpipes, bells, crumhorn)
Nigel Pegrum (percussion on 1,8)
Paul Martin (mandolin on 4)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Alambig Elektrik - Vorlenn's Stomp (France 2014) [320]

1.    EleKtrikas a-barh    4:28
2.    Polka an daou gamerad fidel    3:30
3.    An Alambadeg (Redadeg 2014)    3:37
4.    Du cote d'chez Remi    4:37
5.    Disul e Sant Trifin    4:26
6.    La Cerclure des quadras    5:33
7.    Ma vefe ur bed all    4:35
8.    'Giz gwechall ma mignoned    4:18
9.    Lambig, girls and ducks    6:20
10.    Plac'h a Riateg    4:09
11.    Hidden Track    7:29

Whirligig - Spin (USA 2000) [320]

The idea of fusing Celtic musical traditions with those of other ethnic cultures isn't exactly a new one -- bands like Mouth Music, Black 47, and the Afro Celt Sound System have all been doing just that in various ways for years. But the New York-based band Whirligig does it in a way that is both more adventurous and less self-promoting than most. When they add subtle drum programming, a clarinet obbligato, and a horn section to Lisa Moscatiello's exquisite singing on "A Fair Maid Walking," it doesn't sound like they're trying to be cute; it sounds like they've hit upon a perfect arrangement and simply weren't bothered by the fact that the clarinet has no traditional role in Irish music. And "Mood Vertigo," a tune written by guitarist Paul Kovit shortly after he purchased a home in County Donegal, draws at least as heavily on Klezmer modes and rhythms as it does on Irish ones, to delightful effect. That's just two tracks out of ten, each of which is almost equally refreshing and attractive. Highly recommended.

1.    Favorite Sharks    5:52
2.    A Fair Maid Walking    5:28
3.    Wink    5:02
4.    The Nobleman's Wedding    5:28
5.    Mood Vertigo    4:45
6.    The Constant Lover    4:59
7.    The Abbey Reels    4:49
8.    Gregorian Chant    2:23
9.    Through the Bitter Frost and Snow    5:55
10.    Revolution Earth    5:57
11.    (unknown)    0:08

Duo Fabrice Besson & Grégory Jolivet - Musiques Traditionnelles d'Aujourd'hui (France 2002) @320

01 - Rage
02 - Confluence
03 - Postcriptum
04 - Champs de l'ombre 1
05 - Couleur d'eau
06 - Derrière les collines - Les mésanges
07 - Les sables d'Avril - Kate at the gate
08 - Le hasard
09 - Jusqu'à 5
10 - Camille - Hostilités
11 - Coralt
12 - La petite ronde du Dimanche soir

Fabrice Besson : Cornemuses Durin 20 p & 24 p, saxophone midi, programmations, claviers
Gregory Jolivet : Vielle alto Mounier, Vielle en Ré Kerboeuf, Guitare

Friday, August 19, 2016

Décibal - Il est l'heure de danser ! (France 2010) @320

1. Love Is Gone
2. Le Premier Bal De Candy/La Bourrée Du Papier Peint
3. Made In U.K.
4. C'etait Y'a Longtemps
5. Moon Boot's Attitude/Akruzam Jazz
6. Atchoum !
7. Le Chant Du Hobbit/Le Moustique Acoustique
8. C'est Gavé Frais
9. C'est Gavé Chaud
10. Chienpanzen
11. Les Trois Ténèbres
David Roblin : cajon, djembé & basse
Cédric Loosli : guitare électro-classique, bouzouki
Benoît Roblin : Vielle à roue électro-acoustique, darbouka & chant
Cyril Berthet : flûte traversière, saxophone soprano

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Le Claque Galoche - 1975 [FRA] - Folk traditionnel francais (Vinyl Rip, @320)

Vinyl Rip (Not available on CD)

Le Claque Galoche gave us 3 albums that compose the discography of this dissident group, they were opposed to the world of money and show-biz. They scoured the France and Francophone countries.
They were a band of beer lovers and rolling in 2CV, they recorded medieval melodies with traditional texts and instruments, the themes of the songs are from multiple protest songs or drinking or satirical themes.
They never wanted to touch royalties on their recordings.
They symbolize a libertarian era that is reflected in the texts and music both old and folk.

Concertina, Violin, Mandolin – Anatole Benoît
Flute, Vocals – Patrick Perroton
Mandola, Bouzouki, Vocals – Alain Cluzeau
Violin, Guitar, Vocals, Accordion – Christian Oller

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Gheorghe Zamfir - 1974 [ROM] - L'alouette (Vinyl Rip) @320

This is very good romanian folk.
No easy-listening on this record !

A1 Cravitza (Jocuri Din Banat II)
A2 Chanson D'Amour (Firutà Nanà Firutà)
A3 Hora Oltinelor (Coccinelle)
A4 Jocuri Din Moldova
A5 Mindra Mea E Ardeleanà (Mon Ami Akim)

B1 L'Alouette (Ciocîrlia)
B2 Pelin Beau Pelin Manînc - Sloitoreasa
B3 Trece Lelea Pe Colnic
B4 Cobori Din Deal In Vale
B5 Hora Lui Marin Chisàr - Briul Co La Goicea

- Born On: 06.04.1941
- Place: Gaesti
- Country: Romania
- publication Over 250 records
- More Than 120 million records sold

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

La Confrérie des fous - 1979 [FRA] - Vinyl Rip @256

With members of Malicorne, La Bamboche, Mélusine

Founded in 1979 by Lawrence Vercambre (Malicorne), La confrérie des Fous is an original folk group representative "delusional" in late 1970. Its musicians develop a folk rock, tinged with ancient music.
Created around a concept, fools fairs in the Middle Ages, during which madness became legal, the band is of variable geometry. It includes at least 8 people on stage 12 on the single album recorded by the group. (...) The "women folk" that are Emmanuelle Parrenin (ex-Mélusine), Evelyne Girardon (ex-La Bamboche) and Valérie Terrell (former Equinoxe), realize the opportunity for an important voice work independently of other musicians. Laurent Vercambre manages, for its part, the instrumental parts and interpretation of songs. Incidentally the irruption of a string quartet, in which are already Vercambre Laurent and Pierre Ganem violin.

On stage, The Brotherhood appears with a lot of costumes and makeup in a comedy show that attempts reflection of medieval crazy celebrations.

01 La danse des fous
02 Il est bel et bon - On m’appelle fou
03 Valse de l’échiquier
04 La part à Dieu - Le cri du gueux
05 Le diable - L’entrée du Titanic dans le pot de New York
06 Nykel - Jeu de l’oie
07 Mon ami (Ronde) - Jouissance vous donnerai
08 La danse des fous

Friday, August 5, 2016

Dulcimer - And I Turned As I Had As a Boy (1971 England) @320

DULCIMER were a longstanding collective consisting of three musicians, all multi-instrumentalists: Dave Eaves, Pete Hodges and Jem North. The band's origins are sketchy, but they recorded their debut 'And I Turned As I Had Turned As a Boy' as a trio under the direction of Troggs manager Larry Page in 1970. The album made little impression at the time but is widely sought-after by serious UK folk music collectors today. The album has been reissued several times on both vinyl and CD.

The band recorded twice more in the early seventies before fading into obscurity, but neither 'Room for Thought' or 'A Land Fit for Heroes' (with rural English author Fred Archer) would find their way into official release until years later.

DULCIMER had a resurgence of sorts in the nineties thanks to the small President Records label, who released a trio of the band's albums as well as the shelved 'Room for Thought' project on CD ('A Land Fit for Heroes' had been issued thanks to the band's own financing in 1980).

Their music has been described as folk-rock and is mostly acoustic, but the band's penchant for odd themes, creative arrangements and occasional progressive forays merits them inclusion here in the Archives. DULCIMER will appeal to fans of understated, acoustic-driven music with classic folk instrumentation such as mandolins, acoustic guitars, flutes and of course dulcimers.

>> Bio by Bob Moore (aka ClemofNazareth) <<

1. Sonnett to the Fall 
2. Pilgrim from the City 
3. Morman's Casket 
4. Ghost of the Wandering Minstrel Boy 
5. Glochester City 
6. Starlight 
7. Caravan 
8. Lisa's Song 
9. Time Is My Life 
10. Fruit of the Musical Tree 
11. While It Lasted 
12. Suzanne
Bonus Tracks
13. Village/Days Of Lord Kichener
14. Take Me Home Uncle Terry
15. Country Life 

Dave Eaves / acoustic guitars, woodwinds, vocals 
Pete Hodge / acoustic guitars, mandolin, dulcimer, vocals 
Jem North / bass, assorted percussion

Vesevo - Vesevo (2015 Italy) @320

Vesevo is the old name of the Vesuvius, the famous still-active volcano in the surroundings of Napoli. Vesevo is also the name of a brand new musical project where southern Italian traditional music rises again thanks to a modern twist, like the unstoppable lava flow on the cover art of its debut album.

The members of this ensemble are Antonio Di Ponte (voice and guitar), Antonio Fraioli (violin and arrangements), and Francesco Manna (frame drums), armed with an extensive experience in the research, the practice and the teaching of these perennial musical traditions. Fraioli and Manna are members of the former Real World signed band Spaccanapoli augmented by Di Ponte with a vocal style honed by years of performing in festivals.

The album, recorded live in studio, is made of 9 tracks based on typical musical structures such as pizzica and tarantella with a modern approach that reminds Ludovico Einaudi and Taranta Power.

01 - O Rre Rre
02 - Catarina
03 - Scioscia Viento
04 - Muntagna Pe Muntagna
05 - Tarantamara
06 - Figliole
07 - Tarantella Alla Calabrese
08 - Tammurriata
09 - Riturnella

Frame Drum, Percussion – Francesco Paolo Manna
Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Guitar [Battente] – Antonio Di Ponte
Violin [Acoustic And Electric], Keyboards, Jew's Harp [Marranzano] – Antonio Fraioli

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Chalibaude - 1976 [FRA] - Les noces du papillon @320

This is the real vinyl rip of this excellent record.
Never released on CD.

French electrified folk band combining music from the 17th through to 20th Century in original and adapted compositions, whose members are from Chatellerault, Nantes and Poitiers. As the album only list the musicians first names, their identities were pretty much a mystery.
Pretty much overlooked at the time their sole album is now highly regarded as one of the finest of French 1970s folk-rock.

A1     Là-Bas Dans Les Prairies
A2     Les Noces Du Papillon
A3     La Cuiller Et La Marmite
A4     La Messe À Poitiers
A5     Le Retour Dau Guaret
B1     L'Alouette Et Le Marlot
B2     La Fille Du Rochelais
B3     Arantelle
B4     La Maîtresse Du Voltigeur
B5     Jarni Perrot
B6     Là-Bas Dans Les Prairies (Reprise)

Michel: Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Dulcimer, Flute, Vocals
Francis: Crumhorn
Popoff: Drums, Percussion, Flute
Christian: Guitar, Bass, Crumhorn, Banjo, Vocals
Jojo: Violin, Organ

Fluxus - Transparant (Belgium 2003) @320

01. Om Zeep (3:13)
02. Tricot (3:43) 
03. Nevel (4:16)
04. Nuva Beijo (2:25)
05. Kaatwalk (4:23)
06. Message from the meadows (5:03)
07. Emotional Overdrive (3:49)
08. Wolkenfabriek (4:59)
09. Transparant (4:50)
10. Melange (4:13)
11. Scorcio (3:55)
12. Slaapliedje voor Kaj (1:56)

Toon Van Mierlo: Uilleann pipes, Whistle, Bagpipe
Sam Van Ingelgem: Fretless bass, Acoustic bass guitar, Clapping
Geert Simoen: Percussion, Drums
Koen Garriau: Saxophone soprano, Saxophone alto, Saxophone ténor
Greet Garriau: Vocals/voix, Accordéon diatonique, Clapping

Lieven Keymolen: Clarinette basse, Clarinette
Koen Van Roy: Saxophone baryton, Clapping
Rony Reuman: Drums
Wilfried De Schepper: Violoncelle
Fries Lefevere: Violon
Fritz Sundermann: Guitare, Box

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Keris - 1977 [FRA] - Avel Vor (Vinyl Rip) @320

The follow-up of "YS - Madame La Frontère"
Never released on CD. Very rare !
ENGLISH (Google translate)

Here we are in the presence of Avel Vor of KERIS, group born from the ashes of YS. The great Rene WERNEER is no longer in the game, and Pascal STIVE trying to take over, perhaps not as leader but as a master composer and arranger. With musicians of the caliber of Michel SANTANGELI Jacky THOMAS (reminder of former musicians Alan STIVELL as Pascal and Rene) and Pierre Chereze, it did not take him long to give birth to this work which will unfortunately a sort of testament. We can even say that everything happened too fast ...

"O'Keefe's Place" is a bit like the album: well made, even very nice, but a bit frustrating final anyway. The qualities are not lacking, but the feeling is not the same as the album YS René WERNEER, perhaps because of the arrangements, perhaps because of some songs too ... Or maybe be simply because Avel Vor is the unique album of KERIS that, although it is a variation of YS, is the last experience that links Pascal, Michael and Jacky (not forgetting Pierre and Patrick that will have a great job). So a little frustrating, but this disc proves nevertheless very interesting, and with titles that may displease the Celtic folk rock fans.

Patrick Molard - Bagpipes, Uilleann Pipes, Flute, Bombarde, Tin Whistle
Serge Derrien - Vocals
Jacky Thomas "Blet"* - Vocals, Bass
Michel Santangeli - Vocals, Drums
Pierre Chérèze - Vocals, Guitar
Pascal Stive - Vocals, Keyboards
David Rose Violin (4)

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa (Warsaw Village Band) - Wiosna Ludu (People's Spring) (2001 Poland) @320

Kapela ze wsi Warszawa (English: Warsaw Village Band) is a band from Warsaw, Poland which plays traditional Polish folk music tunes combined with modern elements.

One of the most important albums in the discography of Warsaw Village Band, who appointed for the coming years and follows the direction of the team. Pioneering compositions based on spicy melodies. Power, trans, energy, spiritual revolution. 
Moving songs to cry, powerful batches piece string and energy cannonade of drums and a massive dub, delighted audiences around the world, teleporting Kapela the most important scenes and festivals. "Spring of the People" was nominated for the prestigious BBC Radio 3, and the song "In my Matecki" won the Grand Prix Svetozár Stračina the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) for the best song inspired by folk music. The album, originally released by the publishing house Tri Orange World, lived to see the European edition of the illustrious German label Jaro and edit American belonging to the Harmonia Mundi label World Village. 

01 - Do Ciebie Kasiuniu.mp3
02 - Taniec Chasydzki.mp3
03 - U Mojej Matecki.mp3
04 - Niolam Kochanecka.mp3
05 - Cerwone Jabluszko.mp3
06 - Polka Szydlowiecka.mp3
07 - Kto Sie Zani.mp3
08 - Bystra Woda.mp3
09 - Cózes Ty Kasiu.mp3
10 - Polka Folk Is Dead.mp3
11 - Pada Deszczyk.mp3
12 - Zurawie.mp3
13 - Maydów.mp3

Katarzyna SZURMAN: Fiddle, Voix
Maja MAYALL KLEZCZ: Basse, Voix
Sylwia MAZURA SWIATKOWSKA: Violon, Fiddle, Voix
Wojciech SZPAK MC KRZAK: Violon, Jew's harp, Voix
Piotr PROF. GLINA GLINSKI:  Percussion
Maciej HERSZT SZAJKOWSKI: Frame drums, Dhol, Voix
Marta STANISLAWSKA: Dulcimer
Wojciech PULCYN: Contrebasse
Maciej CIERLIK CIERLINSKI: Hurdy-Gurdy [Vielle à Roue]

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Jensen & Bugge + Høirup - Slid din tid (Denmark 2015) @320

Mette Kathrine Jensen, Kristian Bugge and Morten Alfred Høirup celebrate the fiddler and composer Borcher Madsen´s 200th birthday. Borcher Madsen (1815-1897) was from the Southern Danish Islands of Falster and one of the regions most talented musician and dance music composer of that time.

The Trio has been working with his music and history which now result in this recording and a booklet included short stories about Borcher Madsen. From the booklet: "..It is told by his grandson William Hansen - a well-known music director himself - that often Borcher's house in Nykøbing was visited bymusicians from the neighborhood who asked for new tunes to take home. Then Borcher Madsen immediately took pen and paper and wrote effortlessly a waltz, a mazurka, a galop (fast polka) or something else directly from the top of his head and arranged for five or six instruments. That's how it could sometimes happen when Borcher was playing a gig somewhere and someone would come up to him with one of his own compositions. He couldn't remember or recognize his own tune at all and therefore would have to relearn it from the top..".

Mette Kathrine Jensen, accordion (is playing on a Beltrami, C16)
Kristian Bugge, fiddle (made by Noémie Viaud)
Morten Alfred Høirup, guitar (handmade in Canada by William "Grit" Laskin in 1986)

01. Polka i F/Rigel/Hopsa 03:37
02. Efteraarsvalsen 05:05
03. Poul Werners rheinlænder 02:36
04. Fanny polka 03:37
05. Polka i C 02:44
06. Grevindens menuet 04:17
07. Slid din tid, polka 02:02
08. Vilhelmines polka 02:37
09. Vals i Bb/Rigel/N4 Hopsa 05:31
10. Hamborger 02:51
11. Vals No 3 03:00
12. Hopsa med mol 01:40

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa (Warsaw Village Band) - Wykorzenienie (Uprooting) (2005 Poland) @320

Kapela ze wsi Warszawa (English: Warsaw Village Band) is a band from Warsaw, Poland which plays traditional Polish folk music tunes combined with modern elements.

According to the band's creative manifesto, it was formed as a response to mass culture and narrow-mindedness, "which in fact leads to [the] destruction of human dignity." Indeed, after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the expansion of the European Union to most of the former Warsaw Pact countries, Poland's economy has grown dramatically, while at the same time ushering in investment by a number of multinational corporations, leading to concerns of globalism and loss of Poland's cultural identity.

Warsaw Village Band was intended to be a response to this trend by exploring Poland's musical traditions and making them relevant to its new capitalist economy. Member Wojciech Krzak has stated that "after the nightmare of Communism, we still have to fight for our identity, and we know that beauty and identity are still in our roots." Krzak has further stated that the band are "trying to create a new cultural proposition for the youth in an alternative way to contemporary show-biz." The band's very name appears to evoke what troubles Krzak about Poland's new capitalism: many large Polish cities do not have suburbs in the traditional sense, leading to unsettling transitions directly from city to field. To this end, in their most recent release, Wykorzenienie (Uprooting), the band traveled throughout Poland to find and record older musicians who still played almost-forgotten styles of music, thereafter incorporating those melodies into new songs and expounding upon them.

The band also incorporate socially-conscious folk lyrics in their songs. The song "Kto Się Zani" ("Who is Getting Married") on their second album, Wiosna Ludu (People's Spring), discusses a young country girl who refuses to be married off, opting instead to "sing, dance, and be free rather than being dependent on someone."

Warsaw Village Band have appeared at several international music festivals, including the 2005 Roskilde Festival in Denmark, the 2004 Masala Festival in Hanover, Germany, and the 2000 International Ethnic Music Fest in Germany.

01 - Roots Josef Lipinski
02 - In The Forest (W Boru Kalinka)
03 - Woman In Hell (Baba W Piekle)
04 - At The Front Of The Gates (A Przed Wroty)
05 - Polka From The Sieradz Region (Polka Z Sieradzkiego)
06 - Matthew (Mateusz)
07 - Roots Janina Zdrzalik
08 - Let's Play, Musicians!
09 - The Owl (Sowa)
10 - Grey Horse (Siwy Kon)
11 - Roots Kapela Mariana Pelki
12 - When Johnny Went To Fight In The War (A Jak Pojechal Jas Na Wojenke)
13 - Lament (Lament)
14 - I Slayed The Rye (Powalem)
15 - Roots Kazimierz Zdrzalik
16 - Fishie (Rybicka)

Cello – Maja Kleszcz
Drum – Maciej Szajkowski
Dulcimer – Magdalena Sobczak
Lyre – Wojtek Krzak*
Violin – Sylwia Świątkowska, Wojtek Krzak*
Violin [Fidel Płocka] – Sylwia Świątkowska
Vocals – Kazimierz Zdrzalik (tracks: 10), Magdalena Sobczak, Maja Kleszcz, Sylwia Świątkowska

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Elanor - A Clear Look (Belgium 2016) @320

Elanor is a young Belgian folk group with roots in Ghent. In May 2013 five seasoned musicians strike the instruments together. A steaming accordion, a solid sound hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes and swinging virtuoso whistling served in a spicy fond of bass and guitar.
The music is energetic, very danceable and innovative with traditional elements.
Own compositions and arrangements also allow swinging a seated audience with pleasure.
Bert Leemans (EmBRUN Les Boîtes, Triple-X, Variomatic) and Bart Praet known each other for years as musical countrymen. Bart shook all one melody after another from his bagpipes and flutes. Bert caught the melodies eagerly and kept them secretly between the slats of his accordion. What later Bert stood together on stage with Thomas Hoste (Cecilia). Presumably both were adepts hurdy listen watering to a French hurdy-gurdy group ... with a lot of enthusiasm to go to work together. The three men met, was shot germ Elanor!
The trio was immediately reinforced by a finely tuned DADGAD guitar, played by the agile young scion Kuni Quintens. Jelle Van Cleemputte (Les Bandits de Belleville, Zinger, Zigo) makes his jazzy bass lines ensure that all drone violence carried in beautiful harmonies.
In 2013 Elanor launched a demo CD, rather as a business card to organizers.
The first full-fledged full CD "A Clear Look" came in the spring of 2016.
Elanor first CD, A Clear Look is part of the group of straight line as Cecilia (one of whose members is from) and offers partner dance to New Irish sounds, ranging from stuffed 2 times the languorous waltz, energetic circus circle to the languid mazurka.
(google-translate, sorry)

1. Voyage / Snap
2. A Clear Look / Le Chalet
3. Loops
4. Masque
5. Mateke
6. Souvenirs d'été
7. Kotor
8. Knock the Door
9. Pour Elle
10. Blown Away / Nuit Noire
11. Allépriya / Shvesta
12. Northern Village
13. Vellareels
14. 0808

Bert LEEMANS : Accordéon, Accordina
Thomas HOSTE : Vielle à roue alto et soprano
Bart PRAET : Uillean pipes, Bagpipe, Gaita, Flûte
Kuni QUINTENS : Guitare accoustique
Jelle Van CLEEMPUTTE : Basse électrique, Kick
Jeroen GEERINCK : Bodhran

Orbál - Noctispora (Belgium 2014) @320

From the forests of the North to the deserts of Arabia, from furthest shores to welcoming hearths, Orbal's compositions immerse you in a world of wild landscapes, will-o'-the-wisps, parody pirates, gipsy swing and oriental rhythms.

Since 2007, these young musicians have been performing at concerts, bals and festivals (read the history of Orbál). They come together from three corners of Belgium to share their musical influences. Performing exclusively their own compositions, they play with the boundaries of music for dancing. This is contemporary folk which, inspired from its roots, continuously explores new horizons.

Orbal released an EP ‘Le lendemain de la veille’ in 2009, and recorded a new EP ’L'heure du thé’ in 2012. Their first album ‘Noctispora’ was released in May 2014 on the record label Appel Rekords. They have played at Festival Dranouter, Festival Les Anthinoises, Muziekpublique, Folk Festival Musiques et Traditions, Muziekmozaïek, Boombal, 't Ey, Folk in Leuven, Bal XL,...

Rebecca Van Bogaert: flute, alto flute, piccolo, metallophone, vocals
Lise Smolders: soprano and tenor saxophone, clarineau, vocals
Simon Laffineur: guitar, vocals
Fanny Vandenbergh: bass guitar, banjo, vocals
Simon Leleux: thousand and one percussions, vocals

1. Kamperfoelie
2. L'heure du thé
3. Aigle bleu
4. Noctispora
5. Miralh miralh / Granda orsa
6. Winter's coming
7. Bâdiya
8. Oscar Wilde
9. Kahroba
10. Morpheus' arms
11. Piratenlied
12. Waltz der dwazen

MultiDelta - L'Arborescence des Sources (France 2015) @320

When Aurelian Claranbaux and Boris Trouplin make feet and hands ...
Both protagonists polyphonic remake knowledge, 10 years after Midnight stumps,
to drive a spirited concert-dance, original and sensitive. Machines and pedals will support each diatonic accordion and bagpipes.
Trafficked environments deployed frequencies, dance music ...
This is MultiDelta do you want in here!
(sorry, google-translate from french)

1. CH9  (andro)
2. Ultim' Multi (bourée à 3 temps)
3. Delta Battle (bourée à 3 temps)
4. Lao Tseu(sens dessus dessous) (rond de St Vincent)
5. Face Amour Pile Ami (hanterdro)
6. Latexico (bourrée à 2 temps)
7. La Danse Des Éoliennes (mazurka)
8. Lyrisme Explicite (rondeau en couple)
9. Au Théâtre Des Phalanges (valse à 5 temps)
10. Icône Et Connivence (scottish)
11. Polka Singer (polka)

Aurélien Claranbaux - accordéon chromatique, kalimba
Boris Trouplin - cornemuses 16 et 20 pouces, veuze, flûte à bec, steel drum, Voix

Adama Diop - voix (2,3)
Lia Ausserré - voix (3)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

EmBRUN - №3 Live (Belgium 2013) @320

1. Intro Live And Kicking
2. Dr. Gonzales
3. Black Moon
4. Dabediwals
5. HP
6. Boem - Tsjack
7. Running Over - The Sunset
8. Red Moon
9. EmBRUNette
10. Brand New - Behavior
11. Tipsy Gipsy

Bert Leemans: chromatische accordeon
Harald Bauweraerts: draailier
Pieterjan Van Kerckhoven: doedelzak en sopraansax
Jonas Scheys: basgitaar
Ludo Stichelmeyer: drums en percussie

Sunday, June 26, 2016

JPP - Artology (Finland 2006) @320

JPP Järvelän Pikkupelimannit (“Little Folk Musicians of Järvelä”) formed in 1982 in the fiddling capital of Finland (and perhaps the world), Kaustinen. Born from the fiddling tradition of the Järvelä family, in Järvelä village in Kaustinen, JPP’s musical roots go back to the 19th century. Their initial spark came from the local and national folk music boom in the 80s, particularly the phenomenal national success of Kaustinen fiddler/composer Konsta Jylhä, and their distinctive skills at composing and arranging immediately emerged, forming the basis for their style, appeal and future career.

JPP members have experience and training in musical genres outside folk music, for example classical and jazz, therefore expanding the scope of their music far wider than ordinary fiddle groups. In effect, JPP have created a style all their own, one that is impossible to categorize easily and one which continuously surprises.

JPP has toured and performed on every continent and has a collection of ten albums to their credit. Their new album Artology exhibits the brilliant composing skills of fiddler Arto Järvelä while simultaneously sending the listener on an exciting melodic journey through the heart of Ostrobothnian fiddle country and JPP’s own imagination, featuring plenty of unexpected twists and turns.

Artology album by Jpp was released Aug 01, 2006 on the NorthSide label. With their four fiddles, JPP have always come across like a small orchestra, especially with the agile bass work behind them and the chorded harmonium to fill out the sound. While their material isn't traditional, the sound of the past is a strong influence on all they do -- but brought up to date, as on "Hämmennys" (Perplexcity), an impressionist view of 9/11. Artology songs It's a disc with plenty of light and shade and a great deal of joy, whether on the elegantly complex "En Till Sven," the gorgeous "Käyden," which moves with easy grace, or even the Western swing of "Stuffologie," inspired by the great Stuff Smith. Artology album One of the beauties of JPP is that they're never constrained by style -- they're as comfortable on "Tango de Caro" as they are on "Roudaneristyspolkka," with its strong overtones of their native Finland. Artology CD music It might not be a long album, just under 50 minutes, but every second is a joy (and keep it going for the elusive hidden track). Artology music CDs As usual,JPP deliver the goods. ~ Chris Nickson

1.    En till Sven (One for Sven)    3:12
2.    Tomahuta & Pöhölö    6:34
3.    Hämmennys (Perplexcity)    5:06
4.    Murhe (Grief)    5:57
5.    Tango de Caro    2:59
6.    Yli Äyräiden (Over the Banks)    3:59
7.    Sutela (Sutherland)    3:34
8.    Käyden (Andante)    4:34
9.    Roudaneristyspolkka (The Frost Separation Polka)    2:06
10.    Stuffologie (live at the Kaustinen Festival '05)    11:39
11.    [silence]    0:05

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dave Swarbrick - Raison D'Etre (2010 England) @vbr-0 217

Shirty Records SHIRTY1 (CD, UK, 2010)

Recorded between 2002 and 2010, some in Canada, most at Atrax, Coventry;
Engineered by Dave Swarbrick;
Mix down engineer Kevin Dempsey;
Track 10 mixed by Andy Thompson at Gighouse Studios, Leamington Spa;
Mastered by Andy Thompson at Gighouse Studios;
Sleeve design: Bryan Ledgard;
Cover photo: Tracy Kolenchuk

Dave Swarbrick, fiddle [1-3, 5-11], baritone violin [4, 8, 10], mandolin [5-6];
The Jason Wilson Band [1];
Beryl Marriott, piano [2, 11];
Kevin Dempsey, guitar [2, 4-9, 11];
Maartin Allcock, bass guitar [2, 11];
Simon Mayor, mandolin, mandocello [3];
Michael Burnham, violin [6];
Jude Rees, oboe [8, 10], recorder, shawm, curtal [10];
Martin Carthy, guitar [10];
John Kirkpatrick, button accordion [10];
Roger Marriott, melodeon;
Alan Robertson, piano, accordion
Simon Nicol, acoustic guitar, bass;
Dave Pegg, bass;
Bruce Rowland, drums, tambourine

From Dave Swarbrick:
"With 14 of the best players I know, I offer you"Raison D'être'. It has taken all of 8 years for me to complete this CD and I don't think it can be repeated.
There are 4 EFDSS 'Gold Badge' holders involved, the highest accolade of the English Folk Song and Dance Society: Beryl Marriott, Martin Carthy, John Kirkpatrick and myself have all had the honour of being awarded it.

The opening track of my very first solo album 'Rags, Reels and Airs': 'Spanish Ladies Medley', has been revisited with The Jason Wilson Band, a group of highly talented Canadian musicians. I have researched and arranged English music previously unrecorded from 1680 to 1745. And then to ice the cake along with a couple of my own compositions there are two tracks featuring the glorious playing of the great Beryl Marriott.

Living Tradition review:
Eight years in the making, four EFFDSS ‘Gold Badge’ award winners involved, previously unrecorded English music from the end of the seventeenth century and the first half of the eighteenth as well as a couple of self-penned tunes, together with a reworking of the opening track from Dave Swarbrick’s first ever album, are the basic ingredients of Dave Swarbrick’s latest masterpiece.

If it wasn’t for his stunning ability then this could quite easily have been a disaster. Many have delved into early historical periods, to find unpublished tunes, surrounded themselves with master musicians only to find the project less than satisfying. But he pulls it off in true Swarbrick style.

The CD opens with a set of tunes he used to play many years ago in the Beryl Marriott Ceilidh Band - the same Beryl Marriott who features on a couple of tracks here. This time Spanish Ladies has been reworked and Dave is joined by Canadian Jason Wilson and his band. The effect is still one of a Scottish dance night though.

As you would expect, the tunes researched from the works of Playford, Bunting Wright and Walsh need careful listening and demand your attention. Featuring Martin Carthy and John Kirkpatrick, the set starting with A Jigg Called Long Time from the Daniel Wright Collection is certainly one of the most ambitious. This gives way to the startling piano introduction provided by the aforementioned Beryl Marriott to the final track, We Brought the Summer With Us, which features Dave Swarbrick’ s playing at its best. A truly stunning end to a brilliant CD.

But it is one of Dave’s own tunes that is the truly outstanding track on Raison D’être. On Andy’s Waltz, Dave plays the Baritone Violin and comes up with one of the richest sounds you will ever hear. When the powers that be start compiling those nominations for those awards then this track should be there for Best Original Tune - it’s that good. In fact the CD is that good too.

We are blessed in the folk world with many good fiddle players. Some go on to become very good. Some even become great. Only a few go on to be a master of their instrument. Dave Swarbrick shows on Raison D’être just why he is one of that select few.  Highly recommended.

Dave Beeby

1.    Spanish Ladies / Geese on the Bog / Leather Away the Wattle-oh / Freedom for Ireland (5.38)
2.    The Fair Haired Child (4.08)
3.    Granny's Delight / The Man Tiger (3.33)
4.    Andy's Waltz (3.18)
5.    Buttock Beef / The Rising Sun / The Northern Frisk (4.31)
6.    Ravenscroft's Fancy (2.32)
7.    Sweet Alban (4.38)
8.    Carpenters Morris / Frank and Easie / Easter Thursday / Mrs Savage's Whim (3.31)
9.    Thomas and Sally (2.41)
10.    A Jigg Called Long Time / Running Footman's Jig / The Brown Joak (4.31)
11.    We Brought the Summer With Us (3.45)

Track 1 trad. arr. Dave Swarbrick, Jason Wilson;
Tracks 2, 11 trad. arr. Beryl Marriott;
Track 3 trad. arr. Dave Swarbrick, Simon Mayor;
Tracks 4, 7 Dave Swarbrick;
Tracks 5, 8, 10 trad. arr. Dave Swarbrick;
Tracks 6, 9 trad. arr. Dave Swarbrick, Kevin Dempsey;

Liadan - Casadh Na Taoide [Turning the Tide] (2009 Ireland) @320

The launch of Líadan’s second CD, Casadh na Taoide/Turning the Tide marks their fifth anniversary as a band. Described by Hotpress Magazine as ‘wildly talented’ and as being ‘The next major global force in Irish traditional music’ by New York’s Irish Echo, Líadan’s mesmerising singing and creative instrumental music have been captivating audiences at home in Ireland and abroad since the band’s formation in Spring 2004. Blending together their rich musical backgrounds, these six talented young ladies create a fresh and exciting sound that explores both traditional and new material. From Galway and Limerick this inspiring all-female band comprises of six members: Síle Denvir, harpist; Deirdre Chawke, piano accordion; Elaine Cormican, whistles. Valerie Casey and Claire Dolan, fiddles; Catherine Clohessy, flute.

The uniqueness of Líadan lies in the deeply traditional essence of their music and in each band member’s ability to shine both instrumentally and vocally. Líadan’s stage presence exudes a group personality that is both vibrant and engaging. Their tune playing features striking string and reed rhythms and accompaniments, while always keeping the melody central to their arrangements. Coupled with that, the members are highly talented vocalists, displaying an astounding ability to move audiences with their settings of traditional and sean-nós songs in the Gaelic and English language, using acapella, harmonies and instrumental arrangements.

1.    Bímis ag Ól    3:12
2.    Limerick Polkas    3:22
3.    The Angel's Whisper    4:16
4.    Bualadh an Chasúir Reel Set    4:23
5.    Ócum an Phríosúin    2:40
6.    The Leverette Set    4:28
7.    Bold Atlantic    3:03
8.    Trip To Blackpool Set    4:03
9.    Tomás Bán Mac Aogáin    5:53
10.    Early In The Month Of Spring    3:45
11.    The Clothiers March    3:08
12.    The Mist Covered Mountain Set    4:40

Eist Aris [Songs In Their Native Language] (2003 Ireland) @320

1.    Tighinn air a mhuir am fear a phósas mi / Capercaillie    3:43
2.    Eoghainn Ó Ragadáin / Altan    3:47
3.    Bruach Loh Pontchartrain / Paul Brady    6:36
4.    Amhrán Hiúdaí Phádaí Éamoinn / Maighréad, Tríona & Micheál Ó Domhnaill & Mary Black    4:21
5.    An Saighdiúir Tréigthe / The Chieftains with Mary Chapin Carpenter    4:37
6.    Níl sé ina lá / Maighréad & Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill with Dónal Lunny    3:33
7.    Buain na Coirce / Michael Mc Goldrick with Karen Matheson    3:49
8.    Rinn na Mara / John Spillane    2:16
9.    Táimse im chodladh / Dolores Keane    4:20
10.    An poc ar buile / Seamus Begley, Laurence Courtney & Daithí Ó Sé    4:30
11.    Tar, tar a Rún / Brian Kennedy    5:55
12.    Amhráin na féidearthachta / Liam Ó Maonlaí    3:02
13.    Na Buachaillí Álainn / Clannad    2:56
14.    Hó Ró m'Iníon Donn Bhóidheach / Frances & Mary Black    4:18
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