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Shirley Collins & The Albion Country Band - No Roses (England 1971) @320

No Roses is an album by Shirley Collins and the Albion Country Band. It was recorded at Sound Techniques, and Air Studios in London, in the summer of 1971. It was produced by Sandy Roberton and Ashley Hutchings (Shirley Collins' husband at the time). It was released in October 1971 on the Pegasus label.

01 - Claudy Banks (4:37)
Shirley Collins – lead vocals; Ashley Hutchings – bass guitar; Roger Powell – drums; Simon Nicol – electric guitar; Richard Thompson – electric guitar; Ian Whiteman – piano; Dave Bland – concertina; Alan Cave – bassoon; Lol Coxhill – alto saxophone

02 - Little Gipsy Girl (2:16)
Shirley Collins – lead vocals; Ashley Hutchings – bass guitar; Roger Powell – drums; Dave Mattacks – sticks; Simon Nicol – electric guitar; Dave Bland – hammered dulcimer; Tony Hall – melodeon

03 - Banks of the Bann (3:38)
Shirley Collins – lead vocals; Ashley Hutchings – bass guitar; Dolly Collins – piano; Simon Nicol – acoustic guitar; Richard Thompson – acoustic 12-string guitar; John Kirkpatrick – accordion

04 - Murder of Maria Marten (7:28)
Shirley Collins – lead vocals; Nic Jones – backing vocals and fiddle; Ashley Hutchings – bass guitar; Richard Thompson – electric guitar; Simon Nicol – electric guitar; Tim Renwick – electric guitar; Dave Mattacks – drums; Barry Dransfield – fiddle; Francis Baines – hurdy gurdy

05 - Van Dieman's Land (4:59)
Shirley Collins – lead vocals; Ashley Hutchings – bass guitar; Ian Whiteman – piano; Simon Nicol – acoustic guitar; Richard Thompson – electric guitar; Roger Powell – drums; Dave Bland – concertina; Colin Ross – Northumbrian smallpipes; Alan Lumsden – ophicleide

06 - Just as the Tide Was A-Flowing (2:13)
Shirley Collins – lead vocals; Maddy Prior – backing vocals; Ashley Hutchings – bass guitar; Richard Thompson - electric guitar; Roger Powell – drums; Simon Nicol – acoustic guitar; Dave Bland – concertina

07 - The White Hare (2:43)
Shirley Collins – lead vocals; Ashley Hutchings – bass guitar, percussion; Roger Powell – drums; Tim Renwick – acoustic 12-string guitar; Richard Thompson – electric guitar; Royston Wood – backing vocals; Lal and Mike Waterson – backing vocals; Steve Midgen – French horn

08 - Hal-An-Tow (2:54)
Shirley Collins – lead vocals; Ashley Hutchings – bass guitar, percussion; Roger Powell – drums; Tim Renwick – acoustic 12-string guitar; Richard Thompson – slide guitar; Dave Bland – hammered dulcimer; Tony Hall – melodeon; Royston Wood – backing vocals; Simon Nicol – backing vocals; Gregg Butler – serpent; Trevor Crozier – jew's harp

09 - Poor Murdered Woman (4:17)
Shirley Collins – lead vocals; Ashley Hutchings – bass guitar; Dave Mattacks – drums; Dolly Collins – piano; Richard Thompson – electric guitar; Simon Nicol – electric guitar; Dave Bland – concertina

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The Albion Band - Live at the Cambridge Folk Festival (England 1998) @185VBR

Live 1977 and 1987 At The Cambridge Folk Festival

Recorded at the 13th Cambridge Folk Festival on July 29, 1977
01 - Boycott's Bouree.mp3
02 - Y'acre of Land.mp3
03 - La Sexte Extampie Royale.mp3
04 - Postman's Knock-Black Joker.mp3
05 - Merry Sherwood Rangers.mp3
06 - Gresford Disaster.mp3
Recorded at the 23th Cambridge Folk Festival on August 1, 1987
07 - Gentleman's Agreement-Busy Gardener-Falling Star.mp3
08 - Harvest Anthem.mp3
09 - The Shipwreck.mp3
10 - Orion's Belt.mp3
11 - The Rose and the Rock.mp3

The Albion Dance Band of 1977
John Tams - lead vocals, melodeon
Simon Nicol - vocals, guitar
Graeme Taylor - vocals, guitar
Ric Sanders - fiddle
Phil Pickett - woodwinds
Pete Bullock - keyboards, baritone saxophone
Ashley Hutchings - vocals, bass guitar
Michael Gregory - drums

The Albion Band of 1987
Cathy Lesurf - lead vocals
Phil Beer - vocals, guitar, mandolin; Eric Hine, keyboards
Martin Bell - fiddle, keyboards
Ashley Hutchings - vocals, bass guitar  
Trevor Foster - drums

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Bardou - A Feather Upon the Shore (Belgium 2005) @320

Bardou's second album (2005) introduces vocals by both leaders, along with James' 19-string arch-guitar with super-treble fact, two of them! (one nylon, one steel - both built by Alan Perlman) With partner Mariusz Radwanski (nyckelharpa, vocals) and seven guest musicians, these mostly-original compositions and arrangements are even more magical.

01 - Enchanted Meeting
02 - A Feather Upon the Shore
03 - Signs for You
04 - Lokiboo's Labyrinth
05 - The Alchemist's Dance
06 - The Fisherman's Farewell
07 - Tomorrow's Promise
08 - Cancion y danza
09 - Home Before the Gale
10 - Sheebeg Sheemore
11 - Wanderer's Way
12 - Marv Pontkallek

Mariusz Radwanski: Nyckelharpa
James Kline: 11-strings arch guitar
Christophe Delporte:  Accordion (tracks: 6)
Sébastien Walnier: Cello (tracks: 3, 9, 11)
Sam Geustmans: Electric Bass, Double Bass
Ariane de Bièvre: Flute, Percussion (tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11)
Nicolas Boseret: Uilleann Pipes, Pipe (tracks: 2, 9)
Ariane Plumerel: Violin (tracks: 3, 9, 11)
Maïa Frankowski: Vocals (tracks: 3, 9)

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Treacherous Orchestra - Origins (Scotland 2012) @VBR

Treacherous Orchestra are an 11 piece band featuring musicians from (amongst others) 
Shooglenifty, the Peatbog Fairies and Salsa Celtica. Following their hugely successful debut at Celtic Connections in 2009, the band have been bringing their considerable talent together and have, at last, produced a studio album titled ‘Origins’.

Like something from a Celtic Noah’s ark (and, let’s face it, we get the rain for it up here) this band come in two-by-two… double helpings of pipes, fiddles and percussion are joined by 
accordion, banjo and guitar to produce a sound that’s as big as the band, and then some. The membership reads like a who’s who of latest generation of Scottish tradition based music…

-Neil McFadyen-

01 - Overture
02 - March Of The Troutsmen
03 - Superfly (Sheepskins Beeswax/Taybank Shenanigans/Superfly)
04 - Look East (Wade On The Water/Look East)
05 - Prelude
06 - Sea Of Clouds (Sea Of Clouds/Mare Nubium)
07 - Sea Of Okhotsk
08 - Easter Island
09 - Sausages (Ben Williams Of Tiree/Garry Porch Of Avernish/Phit Dae A Dae/Maverick Angels) 

Accordion – John Somerville
Acoustic Guitar – Ali Hutton (tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 8), Barry Reid (2) (tracks: 8), Innes Watson 
(tracks: 6, 7, 9)
Bagpipes [Pipes], Whistle – Ali Hutton, Ross Ainslie
Banjo, Guitar [Tenor Guitar] – Éamonn Coyne*
Bodhrán – Martin O'Neill
Double Bass, Bass Guitar – Duncan Lyall
Drums, Percussion – Fraser Stone
Electric Guitar – Barry Reid (2)
Fiddle, Strings – Adam Sutherland (2), Innes Watson
Flute – Bo Jingham, Kevin O'Neill (11)
Harmonium – Martin O'Neill (tracks: 8)

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Amorroma - Op Voyage [2001 Belgium] @192

AmoRRoma is the brainchild of Jowan Merckx, who is very much at home in early music and in traditional European dance music ‘balfolk’. In his work he is exploring new grounds trying to bring together the best of both worlds. The result of this craftmanship is a kind of gentle ‘chamber music’ you can dance to, songs to dance to and dances to sing to, well crafted melodies that cling to your ears. The music has touches of the past and still sounds new, it’s wonderfully melancholic and you can dance to it. It is original dance music that has a place on the concert stage as well.

Sarah L. Ridy, on arpa doppia, is new to the group and proves a perfect companion. She brings her skills and taste as an accomplished player and is not afraid to follow Jowan on this adventurous path. Guest musicians singer Elly Aerden and bass player Vincent Noiret contribute perfectly where necessary.

This is a personal and colourful music, a trip around central Europe, with flavours of French
chanson, valse musette and early music. It’s at the same time an exploration of new musical possibilities by skilled musicians while all the charm and the nostalgia of the dance music are still there, a wonderful combination.

1. Sandy's Smile/Lena 
2. Blinde Duiker/Toulouse or not Toulouse 
3. Alborada du val du sel/Muiñeira de Sando 
4. Windy Days/Nathan's Jig/'t Vals bewijs 
5. Rivalité 
6. Over de grens 
7. Jotie/Bourée des deux lions 
8. Alleen in het zomergras/Mazurka de la peau/Cathy's Frolics/Syracuse 
9. Muziekdoos/Hoogwater 
10. Vandalen in Horst 
11. Bicherie 
12. "Cister" of Mercy 
13. Waterloos zaad/Moemoe 

Jowan MERCKX: Dudelsack, Flûte, Percussion, Bugle  
Gregory JOLWET: Vielle à Roue [Hurdy-gurdy] 
Gérard HIRSCH: Harpe celtique 
Raquel GIGOT: Accordéon diatonique 
Pascal CHARDOME: Guitare 
Giny BEECKMAN: Hautbois 
Martin BAUER: Viola da gamba 
Rudy VELGHE: Violon 
Guido PICCARD: Epinette, Cistre 
Vincent NOIRET: Contrebasse 
Philip MASURE: Guitare 
Didier LALOY: Accordéon diatonique 
Gregorio MELGOSA: Pandereta, Bombo, Conches, Tamboril

Friday, May 18, 2018

Ciac Boum - Volume 2 (2011 France) @320

1. La Bouetouse (trad.)
2. Bal Limousine à Lucas (R. Thébaut)
3. La Poraie (trad.)
4. Valse à Michel (trad.)
5. Scottisch Manon (C. Pacher)
6. Marchoise des Batteries (J. Padovani)
7. I aimerai: Ronde de Chantecorps (trad.)
8. Mazurka des aimants (trad.)
9. Suite de Bransles (S. Bertrand - C. Pacher)
10. Bourrée de Chantecorps (C. Pacher)
11. Suite d'avant deux de Gatine (trad.)
12. Valse à Joseph (trad.)
13. Suite Maraichine (trad.)
14. Un jour m'y prend l'envie (trad.)
15. Pom'tachée (C. Pacher)

Christian PACHER : fiddle, diatonic accordion, vocals
Julien PADOVANI : chromatic accordion , vocals
Paul BOUFFET : guitar, fiddle, mandolin, vocals
Guests :
Daniel DETAMMACKER : harmo, tum tum
Michel ESBELIN : cabrette
Colin RUSSEIL : ciac boum

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

La Base Duo - Braçat de Bòis (France 2016) @320

Didier OLIVER : Violon, Boha, Flûtes, Pércussions, Voix
Joachim MONTBORD : Cuatro, Boha, Percussions, Voix

1. A nau sous lo bon vin blanc
2. Correntas de lomanhe
3. Doman en aquesta ora
4. Lo becut
5. Primièr bal
6. Le bouyricou
7. Dedins tolosa
8. Mazurka de noël
9. De moussu de maitinats
10. Nau gojats
11. La rosace
12. Braçat de bois

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Arlet - Clearing (England 2013) @320

Intelligently subtle and modest in its entwinement of folk, electronic and orchestral elements.. 
Bright Young Folk intelligently coordinated blend of sounds and timbres.. admirers of Penguin Cafe Orchestra or more recently Lau and Spiro will find much that is subtly stimulating here. 

Just once in a while an album comes along that takes you to places you hadn’t realised existed. Arlet’s 'Clearing' did this, and much more, for me. 
Folk Radio UK

01 - Aidan's
02 - Ciao Ragazzi
03 - The Woodturner
04 - Summertimes (Intro)
05 - Summertimes
06 - V12
07 - Soundtrack
08 - Medway Services
09 - Morning After
10 - Song for Someone
11 - Chasing Tales

- Rosie Holden / Violin 
- Owen Hewson / Clarinet 
- Thom Harmsworth / Euphonium 
- Aidan Shepherd / Accordion 
- Ben Insall / Guitar 
- Andy Renshaw / Bodhran 
- Nick Walters / Trumpet 
- James Gow / Double Bass 
- Raven Bush / Mandolin 

All compositions by Aidan Shepherd (PRS) 
except 'Catharsis' in track 1 by Amy Cann 
Introduction to Summertimes created by Seth Scott .

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L’atelier de La Danse Populaire - Bourrées en Berry et Bourbonnais (France 1997) @160

K7 Tape Ripp - Thanks to Dkmalo

"L’atelier de La Danse Populaire is an association of researchers, dancers and musicians. The research (field surveys and studies of ancient documents) focuses on early dance and traditional dance and leads to theoretical and practical teaching (university courses, summer courses, regular workshops, weekends, conferences, balls). 
The aim of the l'ADP is to offer today's dancers the pleasure of a community dance practice through forms inherited from the past, without ever separating the dance from the music, giving priority to the quality of the dance. movement and linking this practice to historical, ethnological and pedagogical thinking. "

This CD, subtitled "Musiques pour l'atelier de danse" includes 18 tunes to dance any drunk Berry two or three times. Most of the tunes are traditional. Those who are not are Yvon Guilcher's compositions.

In addition to being an indispensable tool for any private instructor of workshop musician
for the teaching of bourrées du Berry and Bourbonnais, it is a work of excellent quality, very pleasant to listen to (for who loves the bourrée, the old woman and the bagpipe! ...)

01 - Suite De Bourrées À Deux Temps
02 - Suite Lente De Bourrées À Trois Temps
03 - Suite Lente De Bourrées À Trois Temps
04 - La Droite Du Pays Fort
05 - Les Moutons
06 - Bourrées À Trois Temps
07 - La Décalée
08 - Les Tisserands
09 - La Tournante Des Grandes Poteries
10 - Bourrée D'aurore Sand
11 - La Chapelotte-Plaimpied
12 - La Brande
13 - La Pastourelle
14 - Bourrée De Chambérat
15 - La Grande Bourrée Carrée
16 - La Bourrée Mussée
17 - Bourrées Chantées
18 - Bourrées À Deux Temps 

Benoît Chantran (violin)
Gabriele Coltri (bagpipes)
Christian Cuesta (vocals, violin)
Yvon Guilcher (singing, sweet flute, bagpipe)
Marc Novara (hurdy-gurdy)
Gilles Poutoux (diatonic accordions)
The voices:
Michèle Champseix, Jean Denis and Julien Dufour, Hélène Raviart

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Fairport Convention - Expletive Delighted (1986 England) @320

Expletive Delighted is to date the only wholly instrumental Fairport Convention album. While the idea of an instrumental Fairport Convention album appeals to me a lot since I find the instrumental numbers on many of their other albums generally highly enjoyable, the actual result is not too impressive. Nothing here is bad by any means, but I feel that this could have been so much better and more interesting than it is. The instrumental numbers on other albums of this period in the bands career were often among the better and most progressive tracks on those albums, but here they serve us instrumental Fairport by the numbers. While the up-tempo numbers are good enough even if hardly among the band's better tunes of that kind, the slower numbers are quite dull and come across as transportation. Indeed, some of these tunes just sound a bit like average Fairport numbers simply stripped of their vocals.
Reviewed by SouthSideoftheSky

01 - The Rutland Reel - Sack The Juggler
02 - The Cat On The Mixer - Three Left Feet
03 - Bankruptured
04 - Portmeirion
05 - Jams O'donnell's Jig
06 - Expletive Delighted
07 - Sigh Beg Sigh Mór
08 - Innstück
09 - The Gas Almost Works
10 - Hanks For The Memory Shazam - Pipeline - Apache - Peter Gunn

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar – Simon Nicol
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bouzouki, Slide Guitar, Mandolin, Mandola – Martin Allcock 
Bass, Mandola – Dave Pegg
Double Bass – Martin Allcock (tracks: 3)
Drums, Percussion, Keyboards – Dave Mattacks
Guest [Special Guest], Lead Guitar – Jerry Donahue (tracks: 10), Richard Thompson (tracks: 10)
Instruments [All But Percussion And Violin] – Martin Allcock (tracks: 8)
Keyboards – Ric Sanders (tracks: 4)
Lead Guitar [Acoustic] – Dave Pegg (tracks: 3)
Soloist [Acoustic] – Martin Allcock (tracks: 4)
Violin [Electric And Octave] – Ric Sanders

Fairport Convention - Gladys Leap (1985 England) @320

Gladys' Leap is Fairport Convention's comeback album, the line-up featuring Nicol, Pegg, Mattacks, and guest / soon-to-be member Ric Sanders, who had the unenviable task of replacing the irreplacable on fiddle/violin.

So yes, Swarbrick's voice as well as playing is missed, he had such a distinctive vocal, and had after all led Fairport throughout the entire previous decade.

The sound of this album is a tad 80's, but only a tad. Really, apart from Swarbrick being entirely absent Gladys' Leap sounds very much as if Fairport had never disbanded back in 1979 or so. Very weird, really.

Mostly reliant on external compositions, Fairport did start a tradition here of having highly thought-of British folk singer/songwriters submitting songs for them to perform. Here, it's Ralph McTell, who donates "Bird from the Mountain", and co-writes "Wat Tyler" with Simon Nicol. "The Hiring Fair" is also a Fairport/McTell co-write.

Album opener "How Many Times" was penned by long-gone former band member Richard Thompson. So were Fairport really back, or had they become a charity institution, where other folk performers would drop by, then pop out again?

"Honour and Praise" proves to be a dull 5 minutes after the reasonably good opening numbers that were reminiscent of the old Fairport. "The Hiring Fair" is another matter, a serious folk composition ranking alongside classic Fairport songs of times gone by, if lacking the same fire. It's still beautifully performed mind, the keyboard/piano lines are a really nice touch, marrying well with the acoustic guitar.

The first noticeable fiddle arrives during the instrumental medley, a mostly self-penned trio of tunes that are well-constructed yet hardly rank alongside the old Fairport medleys. Again, Swarbrick is missed, however well his replacement does at times.

"My Feet Are Set for Dancing" is the sound of an entirely different band - guest vocalist Cathy Lesurf has a decent voice, yet the track clearly wasn't the direction Fairport should pursue, and thankfully they never did again. And synth sounds permeate the otherwise acceptable folk of "Wat Tyler".

That leaves Thompson to enrich "Head in a Sack" with his typically distinctive guitar sound. A lot has changed since he last played on a Fairport Convention album.
Reviewed by Adrian Denning

01 - How Many Times
02 - Bird From The Mountain
03 - Honour And Praise
04 - The Hiring Fair
05 - Instrumental Medley '85
06 - My Feet Are Set For Dancing
07 - Wat Tyler
08 - Head In A Sack

Bass, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Vocals – Dave Pegg
Drums, Keyboards – Dave Mattacks
Guitar, Vocals – Simon Nicol
Lead Guitar – Richard Thompson (tracks: 8)
Violin – Ric Sanders (tracks: 2, 4, 5)
Vocals – Cathy Lesurf (tracks: 6)

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Hot Griselda - Meow! (2013 Belgium - Netherlands) @320

Hot Griselda is a Belgian/Dutch quartet which is very known in the world of the Bal folk meetings in the lowlands. Their slightly different approach gave them a big group of fans during the years. On pipes, whistles, sax, (electric) guitars and more the four musicians create a fine Celtic influenced instrumental sound. They play in a hypnotizing way their fourteen new recordings on which you will also recognize sounds from the many French traditions and even some influences from further south. It’s an album that needs time to reveal its full beauty. At first sight Meow sounds like a standard instrumental folk album. But the more you play it, the more you will hear the different layers the musicians put into the music and you discover the beauty of the melodies they play. Not only suitable for Bal folk dancing, but also a great album to listen to and enjoy.
© Eelco Schilder

1. Scheuren op de daken / The Cas Jig / Abdull's Fancy
2. MF 148 / Minitramp
3. Archibald / Ancient Mariners / Snipes
4. Las palmas
5. The Empress / New Clothes
6. Empty Streets, Blinded Windows / Ruby Susie
7. Walking Jake / Fido / Rasputin
8. Harry the Hunter
9. Blame It on the Chili / Ki mel
10. Augurka / Ameixoeira Station / The Birdies
11. The Rocket Reel / Dawdingstown / The Naked Dancer
12. Taxi Home / The Swiss Advocate / Roulette
13. White Russians / The sunnyset #2
14. Praying for a Fish / Alborada de l'empanada / Dubardu

Jeroen Geerinck: bodhran, electric guitar, guitar
Stijn van Beek: EWI, low whistle, uillean pipes
Kaspar Laval: bouzouki, electric guitar, gaita
Toon Van Mierlo: diatonic accordion, soprano saxophone, uillean pipes

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Brenna Sahatjian - Knotted Orbits (USA - Releases March 15 2018)

Brenna Sahatjian is a Portland, OR based songwriter and musician. She makes original, layered music on cello, dulcimer, and guitar, creating a space of sonic and lyrical complexity with her music. She sings about social justice, personal stories, dreams, anti-capitalism and re-enchantment with the natural world. She is a published poet (Broken Word: Alberta Street Anthology Volume II ) and has written two zines of poetry, Buried Alive and Something Wretched Becomes Beautiful. She has toured all over the US (sometimes on a bicycle!) and her songs often touch on her solo adventures. Her lyrical voice is also shaped by her work over the years on prisoner support, forest defense, youth mentorship, and as a mental health social worker.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Whippersnapper - Tsubo (1987 England) @320

Former Fairport fiddler Dave Swarbrick leads this all-acoustic quartet through its second album (named after the Japanese word for pressure point). The result is exquisitely rendered chamber arrangements of folk forms -- sort of a British variation on Virginia's Trapezoid. 
Swarbrick and Chris Leslie play lovely twin fiddle parts against the guitars and mandolins, and everyone gets to sing at least one moving ballad.

01 - Farewell My Lovely Nancy
02 - The Pride Of Kildare
03 - Rouge and Red Shoes
04 - I Wandered By A Brookside
05 - The Seven Keys
06 - Romanitza
07 - Deneze-soues-doue (on the wall)
08 - Frank Dempsey's Lament and Joy
09 - My Little Fiddle
10 - There's A River

Dave Swarbrick, violin, mandolin, vocals;
Chris Leslie, violin, mandolin, vocals;
Kevin Dempsey, guitar, vocals;
Martin Jenkins, mandocello, mandolin, flute, vocals

Monday, February 26, 2018

Talar - Belle Héloïse [1999 France] @192

'Fest-noz' group from Nantes. The five musicians sign a disc still rooted in the Breton tradition and impregnated with the musical touch which made 'le talar'. Their musics are acoustic, energetic and lively and at the same time they offer an incredible diversity of  themes. Reflecting the creativity of the present Breton musical scene, that new opus gives more than his due to original compositions and new tunes.

01 - The Naga Jigs
02 - Horos
03 - Margaretig (intro)
04 - Ton Doubl Plinn
05 - Mare Nostrum
06 - The Windy Set
07 - Ridées
08 - Esfahan
09 - Alborada
10 - Mélodie Kozh
11 - Shah Kokojaan
12 - JD's reels
13 - Kreiz an douar

Gwénolé AYOUL : bombardon, oboe
Frédérik BOULEY : fiddle, viola, mandoline
Olivier CAILLON : sax, soprano, biniou, veuze;
Philippe JEGOU : guitar
Erwann TOBIE : accordion, octaver

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Bröselmaschine - Bröselmaschine (1971 Germany) @320

This is a solid folk prog record containing surprisingly varied tracks, sometimes flirting with an Indo/raga rock style, like on the "Schmetterling" track. The lead vocals are shared between a man and a woman: the woman's voice is really very good. The quality of the numerous acoustic string instruments is VERY impressive, in terms of composition, sound and technicality. There are some very charming & childish duct flute-like parts. The bass has a funny carton paper sound. Some moments remind a simpler Mike Oldfield's or even Anthony Phillips' work. There is a long, funny and impressive wah-wah guitar solo on "The Old Man's Song"; the floating mellotron at the end is a very good surprise! There is something wrong with the sound of the metallophone on the last track, like if it came from a mono output lacking surround effect.
~Greenback from Prog Archives~

1. Gedanken 5.06
2. Lassie 5.06
3. Gittarrenstuck 2.03
4. The Old Man's Song 5.26
5. Schmetterling 9.31
6. Nossa Bova 8.06
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Lutz Ringer - Bass, Mellotron
Peter Bursch - Guitar, Vocals, Sitar, Flute
Jenni Schucker - Flute, Vocals
Willi Kissmer - Vocals, Guitar
Mike Hellbach - Congas, Tablas, Mellotron

Al Tall & Muluk El Hwa - Xarq Al-Andalus (1985 Spain/Morroco) @128

by request

A Spanish Arabic fusion. Valencia's leading band meets the powerful Gnawa rhythms of 
Marrakech. In this classic recording Al Tall, the Catalan flamenco outfit, combines with Muluk El-Hwa, a Moroccan Gnawa ensemble. Muluk el-Hwa (The Demon of Love) are a Marrakesh-based Berber group formed by brothers Elaadili and Ben Bich Abderrahim. 

01 - La jove negre-absència (Ibn al-Khafaja / Abú Bak al-Turtuxi / Manolo Miralles)
02 - El viatge de les mans (Ibn al-Khafaja / Vicent Torrent)
03 - Les pigues (Ibn al-labbana / Vicent Torrent)
04 - Nostàlgia (Al Russafi / Vicent Torrent)
05 - Epístola a un amic (Ibon Amira / popular Mallorca / adapt. Manolo Miralles)
06 - La tirania (Ibn al-Khafaja / Muluk el Hwa)
07 - El jardí (Ibn al-Khafaja / Vicent Torrent)
08 - El vailet nadador (Ibn al-Zaqqaq / tradicional andalusí)
09 - La riuada (Ibn al-Khafaja / Vicent Torrent)
10 - Elegia valenciana (Al Russafi / Vicent Torrent)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Whippersnapper - Promises (1985 England) @320

Whippersnapper was an English folk band formed in 1984, consisting of Dave Swarbrick (fiddle, mandolin, vocals), Chris Leslie (fiddle, mandolin, vocals), Kevin Dempsey (guitar, vocals) and Martin Jenkins (mando-cello, flute, vocals).
Swarbrick left the group in 1989, and the band continued as a trio until 1993, with the only album recorded that line-up being Stories. During that time, Dempsey and Leslie released an album called Always With You as a duo. The band split when Jenkins left the group in 1993. However, they did tour briefly again in 1994.

01 - Whenever
02 - Banks of the Sweet Primroses
03 - An Sean Bhean Bhocht
04 - John Gaudie
05 - One Way Donkey Ride
06 - Hard Times of Old England
07 - Downtown Rodeo
08 - Carolanning
09 - Loving Hannah
10 - Lizzie Wan

Dave Swarbrick: violin, mandolin, vocals
Chris Leslie: violin, mandolin, vocals
Martin Jenkins: mandocello, mandolin, flute, vocals
Kevin Dempsey: guitar, vocals

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hoven Droven - More Happy Momments With... (Sweden 1999) [Folk-Rock] @256

The bad boys of Swedish folk / rock return with more great tunes, original and traditional, infused with brain tickling arrangements and head-banging grooves. On More Happy Moments... the Hammond organ of new member Janne Strömstedt provides a foundation for their great traditional and original tunes featuring the electric fiddle of Kjell-Erik Eriksson. 
On three tracks they are joined by the lovely female voices of Ulrika Bodén and Sofia Sandén (from Rosenberg 7 -- R7). Topping it off, it's an enhanced CD with five extra MP3 tracks and a "home movie" from Home Studios where the record was made.

01. Brekken    3:04
02. Möss och Människor    2:39
03. Vasen    2:56
04. Blinn Ulof    4:03
05. Ottje Pelle    2:46
06. Honing    3:20
07. Farväl alla vänner    5:08
08. Lycklig den som ogifter vore    2:56
09. Mørkertia    3:46
10. Jag for till stan...    3:25
11. Dortea    4:16
12. Myrslåttern    3:01
13. Herr Hillebran    4:22
14. Busters Doppolska    5:06

Bass: Pedro Blom
Drums: Björn Höglund
Fiddle: Kjell-Erik Eriksson
Guitar: Bo Lindberg
Organ, Accordion: Jan Strömstedt
Saxophone: Jens Comén
Trumpet: Gustav Hylén
Vocals: Sofia Sandén (tracks: 5, 8, 13), Stefan Sundström (tracks: 2, 7, 10), Ulrika Bodén (tracks: 5, 8, 13)

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