Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Roberto Carlotti - Il Giardino Di Sofia (2007 Italy) @320

1. Nazionale popolare – 2:29
2. Mazurka Ippazio – 4:30
3. Scottish a Ballyheigue – 2:37
4. Il giardino di Sofia – 2:21
5. Valzer per il Vall – 3:38
6. Polka a Lorient – 1:50
7. Scottish a Stavros – 3:32
8. Valzer a Chiaiolella – 3:15
9. Mazurka a Pilaz – 2:09
10. Scottish a Pilaz – 3:36
11. Est – 2:36
12. Mazurka a Stavros – 2:47
13. Rigaudon – 1:52
14. Mazurka in re minore – 2:47
15. Bourrée a due – 4:00
16. Ragtime – 1:38
17. Valzer a Pilaz – 3:36
18. Horn Pipe – 2:00

Roberto Carlotti (chromatic accordion)
Vincenzo Caglioti (two-row melodeon)
Gabriele Coltri (bagpipe, flute)
Maurizio Dehò (fiddle)
Marco Fusi (clarinet)
Massimo Germini (guitar)
Elena Ponzoni (fiddle)
Gaetano Puzzutiello (double bass)
Caroline Tallone (hurdy-gurdy)
Stefano Valla (fife)
Massimo Villa (guitar, bouzouki)

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Ozan Trio - Koñsert 2 (2008 France / Bretagne) @320

Three years after "Konsert", Ozan gives us an equally attractive album. Recorded again in public, it is more than ever imbued with the unique vocal timbre of Armel An Héjer. In addition author-composer of most of the titles (Breton and French) and theatrical interpreter without peer, he succeeds in the feat of not covering his talent with that of his stooges. The flutes of Malo Carvou and the guitar of Bernard Bizien are all identity supports of an essential ensemble in the modern heritage of music in Brittany. And when the immense Henri Texier, an unexpected guest, comes to mix his double bass, what happiness!
(google-translate from french, sorry)

1. Ar Goall Zonjou
2. Boked An Dour
3. Les Voyageurs
4. Ar Mêwier
5. Matyilem
6. Le Soleil De Ma Vie
7. Er Rah-Koed
8. Coeur Vagabond
9. Ode
10. Javotenn
11. Na Ve Ar Vro-Mañ
12. Mann Ne Bar'med... C'hwi
13. Ah ! Si J'avais Un Franc Cinquante

Malo CARVOU : flûtes
Armel AN HÉJER : chant
Bernard BIZIEN : guitare

Ozan Trio - Koñsert (2005 France / Bretagne) @320

The universe of OZAN Trio is articulated around an intuitive and spontaneous music where the original couples are made and come apart according to the pieces, leaving each one a great freedom of interpretation, giving pride of place to improvisation, and without ever losing anything of the inexhaustible energy that the group knows how to transmit so well.

The repertoire, essentially in the style of Haut-Cornouaillais and Vannetais, is based on numerous melodic and poetic compositions where oriental, Gypsy or Yiddish influences, fully integrated and digested, allow to rediscover many elements of Breton music little exploited in Nowadays, and when the song, really perceived as an instrument, is no longer content to be a simple vector of text, but now aspires to be recognized also as a real musical actor.
(google-translate from french, sorry)
1. Ar Galon Glac'haret
2. Tonkadur Mab-Den
3. Butun Ar Wreg
4. Ti an Tortig
5. An Daou Voked
6. Indifférence
7. Én järdrin ma c'halon
8. Swing Valse
9. An Dukardes
10. Marw ma Mestres
11. Ar Galon Glac'haret

Malo CARVOU : flûtes
Armel AN HÉJER : chant
Bernard BIZIEN : guitare

Monday, January 20, 2020

Le Bal de l'Éphémère - Hylé (2018 France) @320

01. Oncle Scott (Scottish)
02. L`Éperdue (Valse 11 temps)
03. Le Nouvel Ordre est là (Chapeloise)
04. Déchance (Bourrée 3 temps)
05. Néebulle (Mazurka - valse)
06. Cinéplume (Valse 5 temps)
07. Yes sir that`s my baby (Charleston)
08. Uyuni (Scottish)
09. Entre deux trèfles (Valse 5 temps)
10. Lôve (Rondeau en chaîne)

Cathy Donin: accordéon et chant
Gérard Thévenet: guitare et chant
Gilles Roy: batterie et basse sur les titres 5,6,9
Raphaëlle Yaffee: violon et chant
Éric Joanni-Prieto: basse pour les titres 1,2,3,4,7,8,10

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Alter Ego - Mémoires D'Outremer (1995 Canada) @320

1. J'ai Mon Cœur À Son Aise
2. Les Filles De Lorient
3. Que Fais-tu Là Fillette?
4. Amis
5. Rossignolet Des Bois
6. Liza
7. Le Moulin À Vent
8. La Fille De La Chapelle
9. Hirondelle Volage
10. Les Hommes Sont Trompeurs
11. Bloavez Mad
12. Rose-Marie
13. Y'A Pu D'Bergères
14. Colchiques Dans Les Prés
15. Rossignolet Du Bois

Alain Leroux [Ad Vielle Que Pourra member] - vocals, mandocello, bouzouki, fiddle
Jean-Louis Cros [Ad Vielle Que Pourra member] - vocals, acoustic electric and bass guitars

With guests:
Line Vachon - vocal (5)
Alan Jones - border pipes (11)
Gilles Plante - recorder (12, 14)
Antoine Plante - double bass (14)
Eric Mercier - chabrette / French bagpipe (3, 7)

Ad Vielle Que Pourra - Ménage à Quatre (1996 Canada) @320

1. Ménage À Quatre
2. Les Bois Noirs
3. Ar Vestrez Kollet
4. Je Ne Voulais Voir l`Oiseau
5. La Turlutte de la Dure Lutte
6. Ça Manque Pas de Celtes
7. Écoutez Les Mamans
8. Kalamatiano
9. Petit Solo du Matin
10. La Fille du Maréchal de France
11. Cinecitta
12. Le Cultivateur
13. Flambée Saint-Marcoise
14. Un Fronças au Kébak
15. Ad Va Que Pour Elle / Bransle Bas le con Bas
16. Tarondelle
17. Andromadère

Daniel Thonon - hurdy-gurdy, diatonic accordions, piano, Flemish bagpipes, diatonic clarinet, darbouka, recorder, marimba, Jew`s harp
Alain Leroux (3, 10) - mandocello, fiddle, vocal
Pierre Imbert - hurdy-gurdy, electric hurdy-gurdy, tambourine, kalimba, vocals
Jean-Louis Cros (3, 10) - guitar, guitarelle, vocal
Benoit Bourque - melodeons, bones, foot-tapping, mandolin, guitar, vocals
Gaston Bernard - guitar, mandolin, violin
Special guests:
Luc Thonon - Flemish bagpipes (1, 2, 12, 17)
Felix Thonon - vocal (7)
Claude Schneegans - Maccaferi guitar (16)

Friday, January 17, 2020

Hot Griselda - Sunbox (2018 Belgium / Netherlands) @320

Their previous release Meow was my album of the year for 2013 and Sunbox is at the same level. Hot Griselda are a loosely Belgian-based group playing a fusion of French, Irish, Dutch and other music, mostly rooted in tradition (whatever that means), and mostly on blaring woodwind. Irish and French pipes, whistles, bombarde and sax are backed by bouzouki and guitar, with the old Irish frame drum adding to the beat.
All the material on Sunbox was composed in roughly equal parts by three band members: Stijn van Beek on Irish pipes, Toon van Mierlo on Irish and French pipes, and bouzoukist Kaspar Laval who is a Low Countries gentleman - he can play the pipes, but chooses not to. The fourth member of Hot Griselda is guitarist Jeroen Geerinck, and this quartet pumps out a powerful sound akin to Flook or Sin É: comparisons with Lúnasa or Moving Hearts are also not out of place.
Totally instrumental, almost entirely acoustic, and merging influences from Brittany to Berlin via Buncrana, Hot Griselda are one of the most exciting traditional groups in Northern Europe right now. Their music is relentless, demanding, urgent, and technically superb. Listen to the definition on Djupavik, a Balkan-tinged opener which hits you between the eyes and forces you to pay attention. Feel the deep cranning on Cranes, the gut-wrenching rock guitar on Shooting Stars. Breathe in the calm relief of Katha, of Correct Me If I'm Wrong, and of Black Molly which has the hypnotic charm of iconic slow reels like The Last Pint. This CD is going on my 2018 Top Ten list for sure.
© Alex Monaghan

1. Djúpavík
2. Sparta Schaffen
3. Royal Nord
4. Roll On / Roll Off
5. Black Molly
6. The Broken Doll
7. Christmas All Year
8. Correct Me if I’m Wrong
9. Cranes
10. Driving to Ronny’s
11. Captain Barny
12. Your Moment to Shine

Stijn Van Beek: uilleann pipes, whistles
Kaspar Laval: bouzouki, electric guitar
Jeroen Geerinck: acoustic guitar, bodhran
Toon Van Mierlo: uilleann pipes, french pipes, whistles, soprano sax, bombard


Djal - Quarterlife Live (2018 France) @320

01. Ex nihilo  06:40
02. L'école des lucioles  03:17
03. West Nile Break  04:23
04. Ebenine  05:14
05. Le zèbre et le mannequin  05:11
06. En attendant nono / Lavidou  06:22
07. Les œufs en meuriette  07:47
08. The Chauve Must Go On  05:04
09. Cygne sauvage / L'émasculée conception  04:34
10. Kalaallit nunaat walz  04:44
11. L'antre de venus  09:31
12. bonus

Jean Banwarth (bouzouki, guitare DADGAD),
Jérémie Mignotte (flûte traversière en bois),
Stéphane Milleret (accordéon diatonique, accordina),
Christophe Sacchettini (flûtes à bec, cornemuse 16p., low whistles, cajon, udu),
Claude Schirrer (basse, guitare),
Sébastien Tron (vielle à roue électroacoustique)

Skrömta - Skrömtology (2018 Sweden) @320

Experience tells us that the interest for this genre is nothing but great. People who didn’t know they’ve had a passion for folk music has been struck to the ground by Skrömta – time after time. Skrömta proudly claims to be a natural part the new era of the music from the north and faces the heritage of their powerful ancestors: Hedningarna, Garmarna, Hoven Droven, Väsen – who wrote a new chapter in the Swedish music history. This chapter is to be continued. Skrömta works seriously on re-conquering this field, which most definetely has to be broadened and expanded.
The music of Skrömta reminds of this, distinguished by it’s almost magical energy and honour to the tradion, but with a liberating lack of respect to up-nosed dogmaticians and narrow-minded folk music experts. Still you might find it very delicate and beautiful. It’s all about squeezing the cream out of Nordic folk music, with its immense power and complexity. In Skrömta you’ll find a childish innocence but you also encounter Gamkärn’ – the old man, referred to as the devil himself.
You’ll confront the medieval era and the pest, you’ll bump into the scent of smoked ham, palliative and ”snus”. You’ll hear tales, the annoying fizzle of knee tufts and a slight fraction of profane oathes. Here you’ll find that self-distance you’d seldom find elsewhere on the folk music arena.
Skrömta invites you for an enigmatic dance wich leads you out on the ghost path. You’ll travel from reality to fantasy, from grief to euphoria. You’ll jump from grace to barbarity and eventually you’ll land upon your grandmothers coffee table.
Skrömta has played together for some 10 years, and incorporates five musicians from different parts of Sweden.
Skrömta has made 3 CD releases: “Grejhojta!”, “Swedish handicraft” and “Skrömtology”.
The band resides both in Stockholm and Finland and has been touring round about at festivals, pubs, churches and culture-preservation houses in Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe, Russia etc.
Skrömta’s songs are mostly original compositions and mainly inspired by the folk music traditions of Ångermanland and the south of Lappland - provinces located in the far north of Sweden. But the band also loves to play traditional songs interpreted by themselves. Skrömta wants to preserve and re-new the Swedish traditions.

1. Storfota
2. Stackars man
3. Rock 'n' Roll
4. Päkapikud
5. Duga
6. Faderallan
7. Häng å släng
8. Rehnfamiljen
9. Tåsjöpojken
10. En skir melodi
11. Kållväre
12. Min morfar
13. Stöde
14. Härtta skärtt
15. Tövel-bitn
16. En sup till

Matti Norlin - Vocals, Nyckelharpa, Hurdy-Gurdy
Frida K Eriksson - Vocals, Fiddle, Flute
Robert Zetterqvist - Vocals, Guitar, Lute
Mårten Korkman - Vocals, Double Bass
Kalle Källman - Vocals, Percussion


Thursday, January 2, 2020

Wipidoup - L'opium du danseur (2009 France / Bretagne) @320

1. Alan ali (endro)
2. Cadavre exquis (dañs plinn)
3. Diableries (laridenn 6)
4. Danse de l'extase (dañs tro)
5. Troublant phénomène (laridenn 8)
6. Pantin cherche pantine (mazurka)
7. Carré magique (rond de loudia)
8. Filtre d'amour(Iann Nikolaz)
9. Les tisanes du crépuscule (hanter dro)

Régis Huiban: accordion
Pierrig Tardivel: bass
Philippe Gloaguen: guitars
Gildas Le Buhé: vocals

Monday, December 30, 2019

Lyradanz - Una notte in ballo (2018 Italy) @320

1. L'ora Delle Ombre (Rigodon)    
2. Sui Sogni E Sulla Libertà (Bourrèe à 3 Temps)    
3. Ambarabaccicciccongo (Congo De Captieux)    
4. Seconda Serata(Gavotte De L'Aven)    
5. Gerri Scottish (Scottish)    
6. Fuga Da Camera (Polska)    
7. I Tram Di Milano (Valse à 3 Temps)    
8. Toast Ar C'Hott (Kost Ar C'Hoad)    
9. Un Sonnambulo In Discoteca (Rondeau En Chain)    
10. Chimère (Valse à 5 Temps)    
11. Radiosveglia (Ridèe 6 Temps)    
12. Abbraccio Di Sale (Mazurka)

Voce, Flauti e Salterio: Caterina Sangineto
Arpa, Clarinetto e Voce: Adriano Sangineto
Chitarre e Voce: Jacopo Ventura
Basso: M. Luraghi
Voce “L’Ora delle Ombre”: L. Monguzzi
Cornamusa “Un Sonnambulo in Discoteca”: M. Cardullo
Ghironda “L’Ora delle Ombre”: G. Jolivet
Fisamonica “I Tram di Milano”: T. Simonnin
Violino “Gerry Scottish”: R. Maillet
Percussioni “Un sonnambulo in Discoteca” e “Gerry Scottish”: F. Huygebaert
Bombarda “Radiosveglia”: O. Plantec

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Mr. Folxlide - 1-4-5 (2018 Czechia) @320

Bal folk / Blues Crossover

1. Ain't But One Kind Of Blues (intro) 01:05
2. Quand j'étais chez mon père (trikot) 05:49
3. Mind The Gap (scottish) 04:26
4. Oh Lady Death (Slow for Bernard) 05:09
5. Y'a un long voyage à faire (rond d'Argenton) 04:29
6. Come To Sleep (mazurka) 04:11
7. Sittin' On The Top Of The World (chapelloise) 02:40
8. Wayfaring Stranger (chapelloise) 04:29
9. Devant Bordeaux (demi-rond de l'île d'Yeu) 04:27
10. Too Old To Die Young (bourrée 2 temps) 03:40
11. The Well (scottish impaire) 06:29

Mikuláš Bryan - Cigar box, voice, looper and feet

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Basco - Interesting Times (2017 Denmark) @320

Basco really just want to tell you some stories. Their music is complex and varied, from hard hitting, high-speed reels full of rosin dust and sweat, through sweet and melancholy tunes that tell of loves won and lost, through fitful fever-dreams of fractal complexity and fascinating texture, to songs that when you come down to it, are really just about sex.
Basco's material is nearly all original, stealing shamelessly and frivolously from Nordic, English, Celtic and American idioms to create a kind of organic, soupy stew - full of vitamins and anti-oxidants.

1. The Way of All Flesh  03:47
2. Patrick Spens   04:50
3. The Friendly Neighbour  04:47
4. The Snitch  02:08
5. Roses in the Vase  04:36
6. It Ain't Stealing (if It's Really Yours)  5:00
7. Norwegian Red  06:18
8. The Three Mothers  05:48
9. Tesla Waltz / A Flat in Berlin  07:31
10. The Diplomat's Lament  04:03

Ale Carr – Cittern
Andreas Tophøj – violin, viola
Hal Parfitt Murray – violin, mandolin, vocals
Anders Ringgaard Andersen – accordion, trombone

Friday, December 27, 2019

Les P'tits Poux - De têtes en têtes (2016 France) @320

1. La'reggae
2. Costard 3 Pieces-Kost ar C'hoat du Pere Noël
3. La Clak'elloise
4. Valse a Romain
5. Hanter dro D'angers
6. Les Vagues   
7. La Danse des Mammouths
8. La Parenthèse   
9. Blue Biboulga
10. Poulska

Clarisse Le Deun: harpe
Irène Mopin: accordéon diatonique
Baptiste Le Deun: percussions
Coline Genet: violon
Grégoire Pluet: hautbois
Claire Voirin-Hendrickx: clarinette
Julien Maurice-Le Deun: basse
Gaёlle Milbéo: flûte

Les P'tits Poux - CD cadeau (2015 France) @320

This is a group of musicians with variable geometry, which makes us dance to his compositions the influences colored. In fest-noz or bal folk, there is something to satisfy the tastes of each dancer : between suite Plinn, Bourrée with crazy, Cercle Circassien of surprises, Loudeac percussive, Mazurka and Waltz magical ...

Les P'tits Poux transmit to us their passion for dance and music with lots of joy and energy. They like to join in the dance, large and small, confirmed and beginners, and they will explain with patience the first not to launch there. In short, as they say : Les P'tits Poux, It is that of love !
(google-translate from french, sorry)

01. Rond de Loudéac     3:59
02. Groseille et Myrtille     4:05
03. Gildamour     5:04
04. Polka des poulets     5:56
05. Scottish du bled     5:25
06. Pas Seconde     4:50
07. Insomniaque     5:22
08. Bourrée du chacal     6:30
09. Les cinq saisons     4:54

Clarisse Le Deun: harpe celtique, chant
Irène Mopin: accordéon diatonique, cor d`harmonie
Baptiste Le Deun: percussions, chant
Coline Genet: violon, chant
Grégoire Pluet: hautbois, flûte, accordéon, chant
Claire Voirin-Hendrickx: clarinette
Julien Maurice-Le Deun: basse

Noémie Le Deun: trompette
Laura Civi: percussions
Siloë Douillard: percussions
Étienne Hendrickx: guitare 

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Kadril - Archaï (2014 Belgium) @320

1. Deze Goden
2. Drie Gezellen Uit Rosendaal
3. Pieronelle
4. Voor D'allerliefste
5. Drinklied
6. Had Ik Gewild
7. Pas Moyen D' S' Arrêter
8. Ellendig Wijf
9. De Nachtegaal in 't Wilde
10. Wanneer De Straten Verlaten Zijn
11. Godinne Wiens Minne
12. Verdiende Loon

Peter Libbrecht: viool, zang, percussie, mondharmonica,...
Harlind Libbrecht: mandoline, dulcimer, slide guitar, zang
Bart De Cock: doedelzak, nyckelharpa, accordeon
Erwin Libbrecht: akoestische gitaar, Irish bouzouki, banjo, zang
Koen Dewaele: bas
Karla Verlie: lead zang, accordeon
Jonathan Callens: drums
Lieven Huys: elektrische gitaar

Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band - English Folk Carols (England 2010) @320

01 - The Sans Day Carol
02 - God Rest You Merry Gentlemen
03 - It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
04 - The Holly and the Ivy
05 - Advent
06 - The Nativity
07 - Celebration
08 - Winter
09 - Angels from the Realm of Glory
10 - Ding Dong Merrily on High
11 - Unto Us a Boy is Born
12 - On Christmas Night (Sussex Carol)

Maddy Prior: vocals
Steve Banks: Percussion, Violin, Vocals
Jub Davis: Double Bass, Vocals
Giles Lewin: Recorder, Viola, Violin, Vocals
Steno Vitale: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Mandolin
Andy Watts: Bassoon, Clarinet, Recorder, Shawm, Vocals

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Tribal Jâze - Bestial (2017 France) @320

1. 13 à la douzaine
2. L'orgueilleuse
3. Moo moon
4. Cocotte
5. La valseuse
6. A la bourre à Madecourt
7. Le jour de tes 20 ans / De bonnes intentions
8. Masure cat's
9. Petite Lionne
10. Mok

Marc BUVRY : Sax baryton
Flavien DI-CINTIO : Accordéon diatonique
Cédric HERGAULT : Tambour


Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Los Cinc Jaus - Vara Vau (2017 France) @320

Los Cinc Jaus set out to explore Velay, which is actually a family affair. For Florent Paulet, in any case, which makes us discover the rich repertoire, dance tunes and songs, in Oc or in French, collected in the 1970s by the Ratapenada association, with among others Michel Paulet. And among the informants - all cited - we can find a certain Anne Paulet, from Yssingeaux (the city with five roosters, laus cinc jaus). Florent does this very happily (and very joyfully) bear fruit in what looks like another family story for those who know our productions, with Lucien Pillot (Face à Phasmes), Arnaud Bibonne (Duo Bibonne-Raibaud) and Antonin Duval (Gargamas). All four know how to put themselves at the service of a traditional repertoire, combining rigor, cadence and a certain innovation, for example in their polyphonies which are at once fine, varied and catchy.
(google-translate from french, sorry)

1. L’aigo de ròsa (scottish, Velay)
2. La desgaubiada / La retira (chanson / bourrée à 2 temps)
3. Le grenadier (chanson)
4. Teisson tira l’estèva (polka)
5. La bergeira e lo monsur / Ount anarem dgitar (chanson / bourrée à 3 temps)
6. La sœur d’Araules (chanson)
7. Garçons de mon village (chanson)
8. Elh chamin delh prat boisson (mazurka)
9. Vara vau (bourrée à 3 temps)
10. En revenant de la foire de Montfaucon (chanson)
11. Pilier de cabaret (chanson)
12. Le dimanche en me promenant (valse)
13. Joan-Glhauda / Lo cocut / Ieu me vau pas (bourrées 3 temps)
14. Quand lo merle sauta elh prat (polka)
15. Quand es qu’èro petiòta (chanson, Velay)
Arnaud Bibonne (Cabrette, chant)
Antonin Duval (Violon, chant)
Florent Paulet (Accordéon diatonique, chant)
Lucien Pillot (Vielle à roue, chant)


Saturday, December 7, 2019

i Fratelli Tarzanelli - Vivat Vivere (2017 France / Belgium) @320

01. Bourka
02. Pietro
03. Hilltop
04. Griffon
05. La guerre des boules
06. Fabiola
07. Emile
08. Pärsti
09. Alice
10. Rigodon à Nono
11. Fields of love

Pablo Golder: accordéon diatonique
Baltazar Montanaro: violon baryton
Jeroen Geerinck: guitare (11)

Steeleye Span - Est'd 1969 (England 2019) @320

Unlike many long established bands who only add a few songs off any new album into their set lists, Steelye Span have added nearly all of ‘EST’D 1969’ into their current set list.

Take a song like ‘Harvest’, which sounds like it has been around a lot longer than it has.  A classic Steeleye Span song anchored in English history and one of the many on this album which utilises the band’s harmony vocals to great effect (all bar drummer Liam Genockey contribute backing vocals). Ian Anderson guests adding his flute playing to ‘Old Matron’, a song that wouldn’t look out of place on an early Jethro Tull album.

Maddy Prior sings a cheeky vocal on ‘Domestic’, where the second part of the song deals with a wife and her husband’s lack of ‘courage’ in the bedroom. The song also highlights that Steeleye Span have never been afraid to push the rock side of their folk rock credentials.  The song features plenty of guitar and solos from Julian Littman and Andrew ‘Spud Sinclair.

The band’s take on ‘The January Man’, written by Dave Goulder and performed by Christy Moore and Mike Harding amongst others, harks back to the 60’s folk boom as Tim Hart used to sing this. In fact the album is a good mix of modern production and sound, giving a new sound to many traditional songs and folk ballads.

Maddy’s and former member Rick Kemp’s daughter Rose Kemp wrote the excellent album closer ‘Reclaimed’. The band debuted this one on last year’s autumn tour. Sung a cappella it sounds wonderful on the headphones and the wise words of the song show nothing is permanent -

‘Roots and time will move concrete and iron,

And ivy and water will loosen any mortar,

And all that man has built will crumble down to silt’.

Newer members (both joined in 2017), multi-instrumentalist Benji Kirkpatrick and violin player Jessie May Smart, are adding to the band’s overall sound, especially the acoustic instruments played by Kirkpatrick.

Steeleye Span are sailing with confidence into their fiftieth anniversary, backed by this very enjoyable album and the band’s seemingly endless love of getting out and performing live in order to keep their songs and traditional music alive. ****

Review by Jason Ritchie

1. Harvest (7.31)
2. Old Matron (5.02)
3. The January Man (4.49)
4. The Boy and the Mantle (Three Tests of Chastity) (Roud 3961; Child 29) (6.31)
5. Mackerel of the Sea (Roud 3968; Child 36) (6.42)
6. Cruel Ship's Carpenter (Roud 15; Laws P36A; G/D 2:201, 2:202) (6.52)
7. Domestic: John Hobbs (Roud 21966) / My Husband's Got No Courage in Him (Roud 870; G/D 7:1367) (6.32)
8. Roadways (5.07)
9. Reclaimed (3.12)

Maddy Prior: vocals;
Liam Genockey: drums, percussion;
Julian Littman: guitar, mandolin, keyboards, vocals;
Jessica May Smart: violin, vocals;
Andrew ‘Spud’ Sinclair: guitar, vocals;
Benji Kirkpatrick: bouzouki, guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals;
Roger Carey: bass, vocals
with guests
Ian Anderson: flute [2];
Sophie Yates: harpsichord [4]

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