Thursday, September 13, 2018

Tri Yann - Dix Ans, Dix Filles [1973 France] @320

01 - Les filles de Redon
02 - Hirvoudou
03 - Liberty
04 - L'âge de nos vingt ans
05 - Marv Pontkallek
06 - Rond de Saint-Vincent revival
07 - Heidless cross
08 - Jig
09 - The rising o' the moon
10 - Chansonnette pour palper des droits d'auteur
11 - War bont an Naoned
12 - L'abandon... la saison...

Jean-Paul Corbineau: Chant, guitares, cuillères, harmonica
Jean Chocun: Chant, guitares, banjo
Jean-Louis Jossic: Chant, dulcimer, flûte, guimbarde
Bernard Baudriller: Chant, contrebasse, violoncelle, bodhran

Monday, September 3, 2018

Efrén López - El Fill Del Llop (Spain 2015) @320

Efrén López is the guitarist of the group "L'Ham de Foc".
Nine original instrumental pieces and two old songs, one Flamenco and one Occitan with new arrangements. Compositions that use exclusively acoustic traditional instruments and influences of Greek, Turkish, Persian and Medieval music.

01 - Kurtoğlu Zeybeği
02 - Plaerdemavida
03 - Como Al Pie Del Suplicio Estuve
04 - O Gios Tou Lykou
05 - Aralık (Ferahfezâ)
06 - Asbe Sangi
07 - Lo Boièr - Iria
08 - Vallsabollera
09 - Bourrees de la Carrasca de la Vaca
10 - Azinhaga
11 - Abracadabra

Bagpipes [Galician Gaita] – Raquel García
Bendir, Vielle, Dilruba, Recorder – Miriam Encinas
Goblet Drum [Tombak] – Jérôme Salomon
Instruments [davul, çöğür, Bulgari, Meydan Saz, Kopuz, Cura Saz, üç Telli Bağlama, Fretless Guitar, Cretan Laouto, Ud, Kurdish Tanbur, Persian Santur, Bass Citole, Citole, Shofar, Gothic Harp, Hurdy Gurdy, Guitarró, Llaüt, Bandúrria, Mandola, Irish Bouzouki, Claps, Banjo], Vocals – Efrén López
Kanun – Sofia Lambropoulou
Ney – Itzhak Ventura, Christos Barbas
Ney, Bagpipes [Bulgarian Gaida], Kaval – Meira Segal
Percussion [cymbals, Square Drum From Peñaparda, Tambourine, Bottle, Udu, Legüero, Claps, Shaker, Bendir, Adufe, Tavil, Nagara, Metals, Crakebs, Sabar] – Alex Tobias
Percussion [doira, Bendir, Davul, Daf, Gungru] – Diego López
Rebec [Cretan Lyra] – Kelly Thoma, Stelios Petrakis
Strings [yaylı Tanbur, Bass Yaylı Tanbur] – Evgenios Voulgaris
Vocals – Iván López, Raúl Micó
Arranged By, Music By, Producer, Recorded By, Mixed By, Mastered By – Efrén López

Friday, August 31, 2018

Bandadriatica - Babilonia (Italy 2015) @320

Babilonia is the title of the fourth recording work of Bandadriatica, produced by Finisterre,
distributed in Italy and abroad by Felmay and promoted with the support of Puglia Sounds

The Salento ensemble, led by the organist and singer Claudio Prima, has focused its research on the origins of the music of the Adriatic Sea in recent years. In this CD he pushes his gaze to Turkey, Lebanon and Armenia. The Bandadriatica sailed to the East to identify the common traits of different traditions and, as usual, to rewrite traditional music, with numerous new songs in the lyrics and music, filtering the fabric created by the threads of different traditions encountered and retranslated with their own sensitivity. In fact, Babylon is a meeting of cultures, a challenge for communication. The Adriatic has always been a Babylon of languages ​​and cultures and the BandAdriatica has traveled the routes of incommunicability to rediscover traditions that speak to each other thanks to ancestral phonemes. This time the navigation touches the extremes of the Mediterranean: the meeting with the Lebanese, Turkish, Armenian musicians (Rony Barrak, Burhan Ocal, Nure Dlovani, Deniz Koseoglu) has confirmed the concrete opportunity of a dialogue between different cultures, coming from regions of the world that share traditions and rituals. The music of Southern Italy, represented by the dialect of Salento, as an archaic language, through Eastern Europe, come to Turkey, in a backward journey that investigates the origins of Adriatic music. The CD brings together different genres and languages, harmonized by the desire to overcome the concept of geographical and musical boundary. Twelve unpublished compositions blend traditional Salentine and Middle Eastern music, new balkan and afro, defying gender boundaries. The first single that gives the title to the album speaks of the concrete possibility of transforming our perception of the concept of cultural diversity. 

"In the time of division and confusion, in modern Babylon of incommunicability and racism, music makes it possible to understand and exchange, practicing the idea of ​​belonging to the same story, the history of the extraordinary peoples who have made the sea great. Mediterraneo », underlines Claudio Prima.

01 - Me perdu 4:55
02 - Turkayak 4:40
03 - La capu 4:48
04 - Babilonia 4:38
05 - Bint el shalabiya 3:45
06 - Pizzica Balkan 4:33
07 - Il bivio 4:28
08 - Mania DGL 4:08
09 - Terra 3:40
10 - Giga 4:06
11 - Salignano 5:25
12 - Tre balli in maschera 4:50

Claudio Prima (organetto, voce)
Emanuele Coluccia (sax contralto)
Vincenzo Grasso (clarinetto, sax tenore)
Andrea Perrone (tromba)
Gaetano Carrozzo (trombone)
Morris Pellizzari (chitarre, kamalè ngonì, saz)
Giuseppe Spedicato (basso elettrico, tuba)
Ovidio Venturoso (batteria, cajon)
Ospita Rony Barrak (percussioni)
Deniz Koseoglu (saz)
Nure Dlovani (violino)
Enza Pagliara e Rachele Andrioli (voce)
Roberto Chiga (tamburello).

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

McCalmans - The Greentrax Years [2010 Scotland] @320

A double CD compilation of song highlights marking the folk vocal group’s 24-year association with Greentrax Recordings. The McCalmans released their first Greentrax album Peace And Plenty in 1986, the year the label was launched - it was subsequently awarded a Gold Disc by The Scottish Music Industry Association. ‘The Macs’, who had previously recorded with EMI and RCA to name but two major labels, intended to give Greentrax the essential ‘leg-up’ for the then fledgling label, but were so happy with the experience they stayed! This compilation has been specially selected by The McCalmans and Greentrax managing director Ian Green from the many albums the band has recorded for the label. The selection clearly indicates the huge repertoire of The McCalmans, plus the songwriting strength within the band, which has only experienced two line-up changes in forty-five years. The current line-up is Ian McCalman, Nick Keir and Stephen Quigg, however the singing and playing of Hamish Bayne and the late Derek Moffat are also included in this compilation.

01 - Tullochgorum 'Peace And Plenty'
02 - Isle Of Eigg 'Flames On The Water'
03 - Scots Abroad 'Scots Abroad'
04 - Farewell Tae The Haven 'Flames On The Water'
05 - Ramblin' Rover 'Listen To The Heat'
06 - All Over This Town 'Scots Abroad'
07 - Hawkes And Eagles 'Flames On The Water'
08 - From Greenland 'Tangled Web'
09 - Highland Laddie & Roll The Woodpile Down & A Hundred Years Ago 'Songs From Scotland'
10 - Corrywreckan Calling 'Coming Home'
11 - Men Of The Sea 'Peace And Plenty'
12 - Coming Home 'Coming Home'
13 - Niel Gow's Apprentice 'Honest Poverty'
14 - Highlands Tomorrow 'Where The Sky Meets The Sea'
15 - The Bells Of Tghe Town 'Peace And Plenty'
16 - Lady's Evening Song 'Ettrick Shepherd'
17 - Twa Rexcruitin' Sergeants 'Songs From Scotland'
18 - Yankee Boots 'Tangled Web'
19 - Lying Truth 'Scots Abroad'
20 - Far, Far From Wipers I Long To Be 'Songs, Poems And Music Of World War 1'
21 - Both Sides The Tweed 'Tangled Web'
22 - Let's Recycle 'Coming Home'
23 - Scotland's Story 'Scots Abroad'

01 - Festival Lights 'Festival Lights'
02 - Rolling Hills of The Borders 'The Music and Songs of Scotland'
03 - Victory Parade 'Coming Home'
04 - Shian Road 'Flames on The Water'
05 - American Accent 'Scots Abroad'
06 - Pint o' Wine 'Tangled Web'
07 - Wrecked Again 'High Ground'
08 - Yellow on The Broom 'Keepers'
09 - Still Gonna Die 'Coming Home'
10 - Back of The Aisler 'Keepers'
11 - Risk of Frost 'Coming Home'
12 - Scotland 'Peace and Plenty'
13 - The Broom o' The Cowdenknowes 'Scots Abroad'
14 - (Leave Us) Our Glens 'Keepers'
15 - Leaving Denmark 'Scots Abroad'
16 - W.M.D 'Tangled Web'
17 - Keepers 'Keepers'
18 - Don't Sit On My Jimmy Shands 'Hard Night's Day'
19 - The Moor Road 'Coming Home'
20 - The Highland Road 'Peace and Plenty'
21 - Lochs of The Tay 'High Road'
22 - Strange Dawn 'McCalman Singular'
23 - The 12 Folk Days of Christmas 'Scots Abroad'

La Machine - Les Rôdeurs (France 2005) @320

1. Le coix (Barbances, La Machine)
2. Le déserteur (trad., Barbances)
3. Les rôdeurs (Barbances, La Machine)
4. Vous qui n’avez pas d’amant (trad.)
5. Mariez moi (Trad.)
6. La clef sous la porte (Barbances, La Machine)
7. Golden (Trad.)
8. Valse de G.Sand (Trad.)
9. Bourrée de l’Artense ( Trad.)
10. Joli capitaine (Trad.)
11. Rond d’argenton (Trad.)
12. Le Viso (Riou, La Machine)
13. Jean-Baptiste (Barbances, La Machine)
14. Il est encore temps (Barbances, La Machine)

Musiciens :
Julien Barbances (chant, cornemuse 20 pouces, violon, oud, pandeiro, harmonium)
Gregory Jolivet (vielle à roue alto vielle en ré, chœur)
Marc Riou (djembe, bougarabou, congas, bender, tambour basse, bongos, tringle, choeur)
Jean-Laurent Cayzac (contrebasse, guitars, violoncello, sonailles, chœur)

Friday, August 24, 2018

Old Blind Dogs - Five (Scotland 1997) @320

"Breathing new life into old tunes and more importantly old songs" (Folk Roots)

"Old Blind Dogs have created an instantly recognizable trademark sound built around fiddle, percussion, bass and lan F Benzie's commanding voice that is equally capable of moving your heart as it is your feet" (The Lemon Tree)

"Innovative, exciting and original... With them the traditional is still alive and well and
moving towards the 21st century" (The Living Tradition)

01 - Glen Kabul / Trip To Pakistan / The Fourth Floor 5:04
02 - The Battle Of Harlaw 4:58
03 - Lord MacDonald's March To Harlaw / The Mither Tap / The Cauldron 4:05
04 - Parcel O' Rogues 6:07
05 - The Walking Nightmare / The Shopgirl /Croix Rousse 4:35
06 - Janine's Reel / In And Out Of The Harbour 3:48
07 - The Lowlands Of Holland 5:06
08 - Johnny O' Braidislee 4:35
09 - Leaving Lochboisdale 4:11
10 - Summerside / Mouy'ton Mayo / Andros 2 / Andros 3 5:14

Jonny Hardie (fiddle, mandolin, bouzouki, guitars, vocals)
Buzzby MacMillan (cittern, bass, whistle, vocals)
Fraser Fifield (Border pipes, saxophone, whistles)
Davy Cattanach (percussion, vocals)
Ian F Benzie (guitar, lead vocals)

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Albion Band - The BBC Sessions (England 1996) @320

01 - The New St. George
02 - I'll Go and List for a Sailor
03 - Hanged I Shall Be
04 - Harvest Home-The Gas Almost Works
05 - La Sexte Estampie Real
06 - Hopping down in Kent
07 - The Horse's Brawl
08 - Old Sir Simon the King
09 - Holm's Fancy-Cuckolds All Awry
10 - Poor Old Horse
11 - Postman's Knock-Black Joke
12 - Boycott's Bouree
13 - Time to Ring Some Changes
14 - Rainbow over the Hill
15 - Down the Road
16 - Uncle Bernard's-Albion Sunrise-Bacup Tune-Jenny Lind

Accordion [Button], Concertina, Vocals – John Kirkpatrick (tracks: 1 to 4)
Acoustic Guitar – Simon Nicol (tracks: 13 to 16)
Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – Martin Carthy (tracks: 1 to 4)
Concertina – John Rodd (2) (tracks: 5 to 8)
Drums – Dave Mattacks (tracks: 5 to 16), Michael Gregory (2) (tracks: 5 to 16), Roger Swallow (2) (tracks: 1 to 4)
Electric Bass – Ashley Hutchings (tracks: all)
Electric Guitar, Vocals – Graeme Taylor (tracks: 9 to 16), Simon Nicol (tracks: all)
Electric Piano – Graeme Taylor (tracks: 9 to 12)
Fiddle – Ric Sanders (tracks: 9 to 16)
Horn [Tenor] – Phil Pickett (tracks: 13 to 16)
Melodeon, Vocals – John Tams (tracks: 9 to 16)
Oboe – Sue Harris (tracks: 1 to 4)
Synthesizer – Pete Bullock (tracks: 13 to 16)
Tambourine – Simon Nicol (tracks: 1 to 4)
Trumpet – Howard Evans (tracks: 13 to 16)
Vielle, Woodwind – John Sothcott (tracks: 5 to 8)
Vocals – Eddie Upton (tracks: 5 to 8), Shirley Collins (tracks: 5 to 8)
Woodwind – Phil Pickett (tracks: 5 to 16)

Tracks 1-4 recorded 9/5/1973 
Tracks 5-8 recorded 22/7/1976 
Tracks 9-12 recorded 31/5/1977 
Tracks 13-16 recorded 11/4/1978

Friday, August 17, 2018

Värttinä - Ilmatar (2000 Finland) @320

The album is named for the Finnish goddess of air Ilmatar who, according to the creation story in the Kalevala, creates the world from two eggs from the eagle Kokko (which is also the name of an earlier Värttinä album). A version of this story (in English and Finnish) is printed in the liner notes of the United States release.

01 - Itkin
02 - Käppee
03 - Laiska
04 - Liigua
05 - Milja
06 - Äijö
07 - Kivutar
08 - Linnunmieli
09 - Lieto
10 - Sanat
11 - Meri

Mari Kaasinen, Riikka Väyrynen, Susan Aho: Voice
Markku Lepistö: Accordion [5-row, 2-row And 1-row Accordions], Jouhikko
Marko Timonen: Bass Drum [Galician], Talking Drum [Tama], Surdo, Shekere, Percussion [Klong Yaw, Bucket, Broom], Bells, Percussion [Various]
Janne Lappalainen: Bouzouki, Saxophone [Soprano], Kaval
Pekka Lehti: Double Bass
Kari Reiman: Fiddle
Antto Varilo: Guitar [6 & 12 String Guitars], Cümbüş [Cümbüs Tanbur], Kantele [10-string Kanteles], Voice
Hughes de Courson: Kantele [Cluster], Piano [Wires], Producer
Gilles Chabenat: Vielle [Á Roue] (tracks: 1, 3, 9, 11)

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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Värttinä - Iki (2003 Finland) @320

Iki is Värttinä's 11th album (9th studio album), released in 2003. It continues Värttinä's trend of having more original compositions, while retaining a folk influence in the songs and their style.
iki was released on February 28, 2003 by BMG Finland in Finland, to coincide with Värttinä's 20th anniversary concert in Helsinki. Later in the spring of 2003, it was released by Frea in Benelux, Resistencia in Spain, Westpark Music in Germany, NorthSide in the United States, Koruna Music in Japan, and in the United Kingdom and France.
In Songlines' July/August 2003 issue, iki was the 24th selection on their "50 World Music Albums You Must Own".

01 - Syyllinen Syli (Part 1) 1:30
02 - Tuulen Tunto 5:00
03 - Sepän Poika 3:19
04 - Tauti 4:04
05 - Morsian 4:45
06 - Nahkaruoska 3:08
07 - Maahinen Neito 4:23
08 - Potran Korean 2:33
09 - Vihi 3:31
10 - Hopeat 5:36
11 - Tumma 4:30
12 - Syyllinen Syli (Part 2) 4:13

Johanna Virtanen, Mari Kaasinen, Susan Aho: Vocals
Lassi Logren: Fiddle, Fiddle [Octave], Jouhikko, Nyckelharpa, Vocals
Antto Varilo: Guitar [6 & 12 String], Baglama [Saz], Dobro, Portuguese Guitar [Fado], Kantele, Kantele [Bass], Organ
Hannu Rantanen: Double Bass
Jaska Lukkarinen: Drums, Percussion
Markku Lepistö: Accordion
Janne Lappalainen: Bouzouki, Saxophone, Cavaquinho, Low Whistle

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Spontaani Vire - Korkea Kofeiinipitoisuus (Finland 2008) @320

A contemporary Finnish long-distance music band, characterized by energy, virtuosity and complexity. The extravagant music of the album was inspired, among other things in the Balkan music, the new tango and the Nordic folk tradition.

01 - Pallopään Sottiisi (Ball-head's Schottis)
02 - Das Das
03 - Menneisyyden Hiljaiset Kahleet (The Silent Chains Of Our Past)
04 - Malmi
05 - Tilda
06 - Kusiaisen Kuolo (Yellow Ant's Death)
07 - Evoluutio (Evolution)
08 - Polskat (Polskas)
09 - Kesäillan Csardas (Csardas Of A Summernight)
10 - Anfisa

Johanna Juhola: Accordion [5-row Standard Bass Accordion], Claviola
Sara Puljula: Double Bass
Emilia Lajunen: Fiddle, Nyckelharpa
Eero Grundström: Harmonium, Grand Piano, Keyboards [Nord Electro]

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Tempest - The Tracks We Leave (USA 2015) @320

01. Rantin' Rovin' Robin (3:51) 
02. The Tracks We Leave (6:26) 
03. Vagabonds (2:31) 
04. September Gig (3:24) 
05. Alle Mann Hadde Fota (4:46) 
06. Fog On The Bay (3:00) 
07. Ganesh (4:36) 
08. The Brown Coffin (5:22) 
09. Rattlin' Roarin' Willie (3:36) 
10. The Leitrim Set (3:59) 
Bonus Track on 2015 release:
11. Surfing To Mecca (4:09) 

Lief Sorbye / lead vocals, acoustic & electric mandolins, mandoguitar, mandola, bodhrán, flute, harmonica
Greg Jones / guitar, Vocals
Kathy Buys / fiddle, vocals
Josh Fossgreen / bass
Adolfo Lazo / drums
Robert Berry / keyboards, producer
David Dilullo / congas, doumbek

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Beleño - Na Ca'l Fuau (Spain - Asturias 1985) @320

Beleño was the axis of connection of the majority of those who consider ourselves heirs of what was called the "Renaissance of traditional Asturian music". Thanks to Beleño we have Llan de Cubel, Felpeyu, Xose Ambas, Corquieu and all the impressive list of musicians and folk groups that have marked history and left a mark in many festivals and concerts inside and outside our borders.
And the soul of Beleño was called Fernando Largo. A musician with capital letters, a genius, a composer and an idol for all of us, for those chiflaos that besides listening to Dire Straits, Leonard Cohen or Eric Clapton, we were not ashamed to put all the music of bagpipes, harps, violins and flutes at the astonished stare of teenagers who fell in love with Rick Astley, The Communards or The Police. (Miki López)

01 - L'estecheiro 2:46
02 - Xotas De Llaciana Ya Lleitariegus 4:32
03 - Cau'l Chouzano / Polka D'ochobre 7:33
04 - Marcha D'Anton El Neñu 3:10
05 - Pal Ximielgue La Xana 4:31
06 - Catuxa 4:49
07 - Beilla La Curuxa / Garrotin / Rumba D'Ibia) 5:25
08 - Na Ca'l Fuau 6:46

Acoustic Guitar, Voice – Nacho García Muñíz
Bagpipes, Tin Whistle, Pandeiro, Voice – Xuan Prado
Flute, Whistle, Vocals – Lluis Gómez De Benito
Harp, Hurdy Gurdy, Bagpipes, Voice – Fernando Largo
Mandolin, Violin, Pandeiro, Bodhrán, Voice – Frankie Delgado
Violin, Mandolin, Voice – Dani Garcia

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Rura - Despite the Dark (Scotland 2015) @320

An eagerly awaited second album from the exciting and powerful band Rura.

In a few short years Rura have established themselves well on the Scottish folk scene and indeed thoughout Europe, with their attendance at many Festivals.

Renowned for their rugged, energetic arrangements. if you love folk music, bagpipes, dancing... this is for you!

This album, Despite The Dark was produced by Ali Hutton (The Treacherous Orchestra, Old Blind Dogs).

The band features three "BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Of The Year" finalists and an "All Ireland Bodhran Champion." Winners of "The MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards 2011 - Best Up And Coming Artist." 

Jack Smedley (fiddle, backin vocals), Steven Blake (bagpipes, whistle), David Foley (bodhran, flute), Adam Holmes (vocals, guitar), Adam Brown ( guitar, backing vocals).

"Rura are increasingly inventive within the medium - the fast, repeated pipe-and-fiddle 
phrases at the end of Dark Reel pull classical Minimalist patterns into folk music with 
breaktaking effect, a brilliant fusion of the old and the new." Alan Morrison, Herald 

01 - Dark Reel 7:38
02 - Weary Days 5:24
03 - The Smasher 5:46
04 - Cauld Wind Blast 6:14
05 - The Glorious 45 6:05
06 - Between the Pines 4:34
07 - Drone Song 5:10
08 - The Lowground 6:29
09 - The Lasher 7:10

Jack Smedley (fiddle, backin vocals)
Steven Blake (bagpipes, whistle)
David Foley (bodhran, flute)
Adam Holmes (vocals, guitar)
Adam Brown ( guitar, backing vocals)

Rura - Break It Up (Scotland 2012) @320

Rura won the ‘Best Up And Coming Artist’ award at the 2011 MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards, and were also Danny Kyle Award winners that year. Their powerful music has already created a buzz throughout the traditional music scene and their debut album is eagerly awaited by all.

This five-piece band from the West of Scotland combines the passions and influences of some of Scotland’s most exciting young musicians. Among them, they feature three BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Of The Year finalists and an All-Ireland Bodhran Champion.

The album is a fine balance of tunes (including a Pibroch) and songs. The instrumental sets are tight and generate great excitement, while the stunning vocals of the most recent member, Adam Holmes, has brought greater depth to the band.

The album was recorded at the Glo-Worm Studio in Glasgow and was produced by the experienced composer and musician Aidan O’Rourke, who was also a Trad Awards winner in 2011.

Once again Greentrax is at the cutting edge of contemporary young bands pushing traditional music beyond restrictive boundaries. Greentrax is proud to present Rura to a wider audience and a great future for the band is envisaged.

Band members are David Foley (bodhran and flute), Steven Blake (pipes and whistles), Jack
Smedley (fiddle), Chris Wade (guitar) and Adam Holmes (singer/songwriter).

Highly recommended.

“It has been a pleasure to watch these guys grow as musicians. Individually and collectively
they have forged a sound with fire, passion and drive. It’s going to be exciting watching them kick their music up to the next level…” (Phil Cunningham)

“Rura are the hottest new band on the Scottish scene right now. With their cracking blend of pipes and fiddle, and mellifluous vocals and songs by Adam Holmes, they’re set to go far. Festivals book them now!” (Simon Thoumire)

01 - Intro 5:10
02 - The New Yorker 2:22
03 - Mary 4:16
04 - Sorley's 5:44
05 - Break It Up 5:45
06 - Elliott's 5:18
07 - Allegory 4:38
08 - Viva 4:54
09 - Jigs 4:33
10 - Lament For Donald Ban 7:18

Bagpipes – Steven Blake
Bodhrán – David Foley (6)
Fiddle – Jack Smedley
Flute – David Foley (6)
Guitar – Chris Wade (3)
Vocals – Adam Holmes
Whistle – Steven Blake

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Värttinä - Vihma (1998 Finland) @320

01 - Vihma
02 - Tielle Heitetty
03 - Emoton
04 - Päivän Nousu Nostajani
05 - Laulutyttö
06 - Uskottu Ei Uupuvani
07 - Maa Ei Kerro
08 - Kylän Kävijä
09 - Mieleni Alenevi
10 - Neitonen
11 - Aamu
12 - Kauan Kulkenut
13 - Vihmax (Vihma Remix)

Kirsi Kähkönen: Vocals
Mari Kaasinen: Vocals
Sirpa Reiman: Vocals
Janne Lappalainen: Bouzouki, Reeds, Whistle
Pekka Lehti: Contrabass [String Bass], Organ [Hammond]
Marko Timonen: Drums
Kari Reiman: Fiddle, Kantele, Cimbalom
Antto Varilo: Guitar, Cümbüs
Susan Aho: Accordion

Monday, July 23, 2018

Värttinä - Kokko (1996 Finland) @320

01 - Tuulilta tuleva
02 - Kokko
03 - Ottajat
04 - Korppi
05 - Pyry
06 - Halla
07 - Iro
08 - Merten kosijat
09 - Omani
10 - Pojaton
11 - Emoni ennen

Kirsi Kähkönen: Vocals
Mari Kaasinen: Vocals
Sari Kaasinen: Vocals
Sirpa Reiman: Vocals
Riitta Kossi: Accordion
Janne Lappalainen: Bouzouki, Reeds, Whistle
Pekka Lehti: Contrabass [String Bass], Organ [Hammond]
Marko Timonen: Drums
Kari Reiman: Fiddle, Kantele, Cimbalom
Antto Varilo: Guitar, Cümbüs

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Värttinä - Seleniko (1992 Finland) @320

01 - Seelinnikoi 3:40
02 - Lemmennosto (Awakening Of Love) 2:53
03 - Kylä Vuotti Uutta Kuuta (The Village Awaits The New Moon) 5:08
04 - Sulhassii (Bride Grooms) 2:55
05 - Matalii Ja Mustii (Sad And Mournful) 2:57
06 - Hoptsoi 3:21
07 - Suuret Ja Soriat (Tall And Handsome) 3:42
08 - Leppiäinen (Gentle As Alder) 2:45
09 - Pihi Neito (Stingy Girl) 2:41
10 - Mikä Miulla Mielessä (What's On My Mind?) 3:38
11 - Kiirama 3:36
12 - Hyvä Tyttönä Hypätä (Good To Stay A Single Girl) 3:45
13 - Fanfaari (Fanfare) 2:16
14 - Paukkuvat Pasuunat (Thundering Trumpets) 4:02

Kirsi Kähkönen: Vocals
Mari Kaasinen: Vocals
Sari Kaasinen: Vocals
Sirpa Reiman: Vocals
Riitta Potinoja: Accordion [5-row Accordion], Organ [Hammond], Keyboards (track 11)
Tom Nyman: Bass, Keyboards (tracks: 3, 14) 
Reijo Heiskanen: Guitar, Bouzouki(track 7), Percussion (tracks: 1, 3)
Janne Lappalainen: Bouzouki, Saxophone, Kaval, Tin Whistle
Kari Reiman: Fiddle, Kantele, Banjo
Tom Nekljudow: Percussion
Anu Laakkonen: Trumpet

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Värttinä - Aitara (1994 Finland) @320

01 - Katariina 2:14
02 - Tumala 3:28
03 - Maamo 3:59
04 - Niin Mie Mieltynen 4:02
05 - Mie Tahon Tanssia 3:05
06 - Tammi 4:04
07 - Pirsta 2:33
08 - Outona Omilla Mailla 3:27
09 - Travuska 4:52
10 - Yötulet 3:04
11 - Kannunkaataja 3:59
12 - Aitara 2:49

Kirsi Kähkönen: Vocals
Mari Kaasinen: Vocals
Sari Kaasinen: Vocals
Sirpa Reiman: Vocals
Riitta Potinoja: Accordion [5-row Accordion], Organ [Hammond
Janne Lappalainen: Bouzouki, Reeds, Whistle
Pekka Lehti: Contrabass [String Bass], Organ [Hammond]
Anssi Nykänen: Drums [Aitara-drums]
Kari Reiman: Fiddle, Kantele, Cimbalom
Antto Varilo: Guitar, Cümbüs

Left Blank's Compil Folk 34

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Albion Band - Lark Rise to Candleford (England 1980) @320

Lark Rise to Candleford is the name of a trilogy by Flora Thompson. The titles of the individual volumes are Lark Rise (1939), Over to Candleford (1941), and Candleford Green (1943; all published by Oxford University Press and in paperback as a Penguin Modern Classic). The village names are fictional but based on real places: Candleford was Buckingham; Candleford Green is thought to be partly based on Fringford - where Flora Thompson spent her childhood - but this has not been proved.

Keith Dewhurst transformed the three books into two plays, both put on at the National Theatre, London and directed by Bill Bryden and Sebastian Graham-Jones: Lark Rise in March 1978, and Candleford in November 1979.

01 - The Girl I Left Behind Me
02 - Lemady; Arise And Pick A Posy
03 - All Of A Row
04 - Tommy Toes
05 - John Dory
06 - Witch Elder
07 - All Of A Row (Reprise)
08 - Abroad For Pleasure
09 - The Day Thou Gavest
10 - Battle Of The Somme
11 - The Grand Circle Dance
12 - Speed The Plough
13 - Snow Falls
14 - Cart Music
15 - The Holly And The Ivy
16 - Postman's Knock
17 - Hunt Music
18 - Scarlet And The Blue
19 - Dare To Be A Daniel
20 - Jacob's Well
21 - Jacob's Well (Reprise)

The Ensemble
The Albion Band:
Pete Bullock: keyboards;
Bill Caddick: vocals, triangle;
Ashley Hutchings: bass guitar, vocals;
Doug Morter: electric guitar;
John Tams: vocals, melodeon;
Graeme Taylor: electric guitar, vocals
Martin Carthy: vocals;
Shirley Collins: vocals;
Howard Evans: trumpet, flugelhorn;
Michael Gregory: drums;
John Kirkpatrick: vocals, button accordion, concertina, melodeon;
Brian Protheroe: vocals, keyboards;
Steve Saunders: trombone, euphonium, tuba;
Martin Simpson: banjo;
The Cast
Laura: Valerie Whittington
Pumpkin: Brian Protheroe
Boamer: Bill Caddick
Jerry Parish: John Tams
The Vicar: Brian Protheroe
Edmund Timms: Paul Davies-Prowles
Albert, Laura's Father: Brian Protheroe
Thomas Brown, Postman: Martin Carthy
John, Laura's Husband: Brian Protheroe

Monday, July 16, 2018

Shirley Collins & The Albion Country Band - No Roses (England 1971) @320

No Roses is an album by Shirley Collins and the Albion Country Band. It was recorded at Sound Techniques, and Air Studios in London, in the summer of 1971. It was produced by Sandy Roberton and Ashley Hutchings (Shirley Collins' husband at the time). It was released in October 1971 on the Pegasus label.

01 - Claudy Banks (4:37)
Shirley Collins – lead vocals; Ashley Hutchings – bass guitar; Roger Powell – drums; Simon Nicol – electric guitar; Richard Thompson – electric guitar; Ian Whiteman – piano; Dave Bland – concertina; Alan Cave – bassoon; Lol Coxhill – alto saxophone

02 - Little Gipsy Girl (2:16)
Shirley Collins – lead vocals; Ashley Hutchings – bass guitar; Roger Powell – drums; Dave Mattacks – sticks; Simon Nicol – electric guitar; Dave Bland – hammered dulcimer; Tony Hall – melodeon

03 - Banks of the Bann (3:38)
Shirley Collins – lead vocals; Ashley Hutchings – bass guitar; Dolly Collins – piano; Simon Nicol – acoustic guitar; Richard Thompson – acoustic 12-string guitar; John Kirkpatrick – accordion

04 - Murder of Maria Marten (7:28)
Shirley Collins – lead vocals; Nic Jones – backing vocals and fiddle; Ashley Hutchings – bass guitar; Richard Thompson – electric guitar; Simon Nicol – electric guitar; Tim Renwick – electric guitar; Dave Mattacks – drums; Barry Dransfield – fiddle; Francis Baines – hurdy gurdy

05 - Van Dieman's Land (4:59)
Shirley Collins – lead vocals; Ashley Hutchings – bass guitar; Ian Whiteman – piano; Simon Nicol – acoustic guitar; Richard Thompson – electric guitar; Roger Powell – drums; Dave Bland – concertina; Colin Ross – Northumbrian smallpipes; Alan Lumsden – ophicleide

06 - Just as the Tide Was A-Flowing (2:13)
Shirley Collins – lead vocals; Maddy Prior – backing vocals; Ashley Hutchings – bass guitar; Richard Thompson - electric guitar; Roger Powell – drums; Simon Nicol – acoustic guitar; Dave Bland – concertina

07 - The White Hare (2:43)
Shirley Collins – lead vocals; Ashley Hutchings – bass guitar, percussion; Roger Powell – drums; Tim Renwick – acoustic 12-string guitar; Richard Thompson – electric guitar; Royston Wood – backing vocals; Lal and Mike Waterson – backing vocals; Steve Midgen – French horn

08 - Hal-An-Tow (2:54)
Shirley Collins – lead vocals; Ashley Hutchings – bass guitar, percussion; Roger Powell – drums; Tim Renwick – acoustic 12-string guitar; Richard Thompson – slide guitar; Dave Bland – hammered dulcimer; Tony Hall – melodeon; Royston Wood – backing vocals; Simon Nicol – backing vocals; Gregg Butler – serpent; Trevor Crozier – jew's harp

09 - Poor Murdered Woman (4:17)
Shirley Collins – lead vocals; Ashley Hutchings – bass guitar; Dave Mattacks – drums; Dolly Collins – piano; Richard Thompson – electric guitar; Simon Nicol – electric guitar; Dave Bland – concertina

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