Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dick Miles ::: Cheating the tide (England, 1984) @ >192 VBR

Dick Miles: vocals, concertina, baritone concertina
Martin Carthy: guitar
Sue Miles: bass clarinet, clarinet, chorus
Sam Richards: piano, harmonica, whistle, chorus
Tish Stubbs: vocals, guitar, chorus
Stephen Cassidy: recorder, bass recorder, bass crumhorn
Jenny Critchley: tenor crumhorn

01. Lady Diamond
02. Washington Post Souza
03. Rebel soldier
04. Bill Charlton’s fancy B. Pigg
05. Tommy’s lot D. Williams
06. Pakefield Parson R. Miles
07. Poor boy
08. There’s no one with endurance like the man who sells insurance! F. Crummit
09. Wages of death R. Miles
10. Dillpickle rag
11. The curse of Hoxne Bridge
12. The cott R. Miles
13. The battle of Bosworth Field R. Miles

1984 • Greenwich Village GVR227

Ripped from vynil


danny said...

A good English folksinger with Martin Carthy playing through

Cheating the tide

Broken Melodeon said...

An interesting album with many fine songs and performances.


Calliope said...

Great site & great music thanks

Captain Birdseye said...

Dick Miles is not 'a good English folksinger' - he's fecking terrible and he's naff on the concertina too!

Rufus said...

Good Singing,Good Concertina playing.
Captain Birdseye was a pseudonym once used by Dick Miles on Mudcat.
it is unlikely he would say this about himself,must be someone with a grudge.

Anonymous said...

Captain Birdseye was once Dick Miles username on Mudcat. I doubt if he made the above comment about himself.

Good Soldier Schweik said...

Thoroughly agree, Birdseye. This is a terrible album.

slowcoach said...

I once booked Dick Miles. I didn't repeat the mistake!

Folk against online bitching said...

The miserable little worm who has called himself Captain Birdseye, Good soldier Schweik, and Slowcoach here, is a nonentity with a personal grudge against Dick Miles.
Come on, time to get a life, find something else to do with your time, maybe go and learn to play an instrument,(if you're capable).

jeremy said...

Southern Rag Dec 1984
Dick Miles Cheating The Tide.
Cheating The Tide is a beautifully balanced selection of material including almost everything from American Music Hall[or should that be Vaudeville] through to a magic version of Lady Diamond throughout the record the standard never falters,thanks in no small part to one of those supergroups that only ever seem to materialise in recording studios,in this case imncluding Martin Carthy, Sam Richards.SueMiles ,Tish Stubbs.
All the vocal tracks are delivered with that unassuming sincerity that Dick almost unconsciously projects on a gig.Contrast for instance his lugubrious delivery on the poignant Tommys Lot a strangely dispassionate comment on the First world war,with the deliciously understated jauntiness of The Man Who Sells insurance.Wonderfully subtle stuff.
But it is on the instrumental numbers that Dicks talent comes to the fore.His playing style is rooted in that of the old time concertina greats such as the late Tommy Williams,but has evolved over the past few years into an instantly recognisable Dick MilesSignature.
Dill Pickle Rag will turn any inspiring concertinist a delicate shade of chartreuse,The Cott is a richly melliflous slow piece.
Bill Charltons Fancy a dazzling compilation of triplets and quadruplets all classic examples of virtuoso level musicianship to be enjoyed simply for its own sake.
Alan Harlow and Maggy StGeorge

Anonymous said...

'Rufus' is a pseudonym used by Dick Miles. Should he be allowed to comment upon his own recordings?

Anonymous said...

I downloaded this and fully regret doing so. It's an awful album!

Higginsweorx said...

Nice album. I like the raw, real feel of this kind of folk. Just like Tony Rose and Nick Dow.
I love it.

Am I wrong in assuming the picture on the instrument is Pakefield? That's familiar ground! :)

Anonymous said...

please remove yourlinks to my ablum.

dDick Miles


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