Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ilgi - Seju Veju (Latvia 2000) @320

"...pure "postmodern folklore" by the group Ilgi. Steeped in tradition, these performers also are no strangers to rock; along with traditional Latvian instruments, you will hear percussion, guitars, accordions, electric bass and youthful sensibilities in touch with both the 15th and 21st centuries... Ilgi's distinct Latvian verses offer linguistic rhythms and punctuation that perfectly complement the accompanying instruments, whether the traditional bagpipe or the backbeat of bass guitar and trap drums. One could reach and compare the sound to other familiar European folk-rock bands but that would shortchange this well-executed album."
- Dick Dorsett, RootsWorld

Ilga Reizniece: lead vocals, violin
Maris Muktupavels: backing vocals, piper and kokle
Gatis Gaujinieks: bass, back-up vocals
Egons Kronbergs: guitar
Vilnis Strods: drums

01. Kas vareja grozus vit
02. Seju Veju
03. Sesi jauni bandenieki
04. No Talienes es Pazinu
05. Aiz upites meitas dzied
06. Sesi mozi bundzeniki
07. Treis vosoras Satureju
08. Es ar meita dancot gaju
09. Puti puti veja mate
10. Jura Kraca Jura Snaca
11. Uz Daugavas es Dzivoju
12. Tumsa Tumsa kas par Tumsu


Jorge said...

hello my friend CK,
this blog is plenty of interesting and new (as for me), artist/bands.
Many thanks for share.

urijenny said...


Este disco es fantástico.

Tenés algo más de este grupo?


Andres Abreu said...

Podría reponer el link?
Muy buena música!

CrimsonKing said...


Seju Veju


Andres Abreu said...

Gracias! Notable blog.

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