Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nic Jones ::: Game, set, match (England, 2006) @192

Nic Jones: voice, guitar, fiddle

01 Bonny light horseman 6.04
02 Seven yellow gypsies 2.53
03 Flanders shore 3.34
04 Rufford park poachers 5.56
05 Jolly bold robber 3.03
06 Clyde water 6.03
07 Billy don't you weep for me 4.55
08 Demon lover 3.00
09 Master Kilby 3.08
10 Banks of Fordie 4.50
11 Hamburger polka 1.26
12 Isle of France 4.11
13 Divese and Lazarus 5.51
14 Ploughman lads 3.21
15 Lakes of Shillin 5.01

please support Nic and buy this album, you can purchase it, and all his existing cd's at Mollie music

Covers included


danny said...

someone asked for some English folk music and here it is.
Nic Jones, before being seriously injured in a car crash, cut 5 classic albums, all but one never released on CD so far, as most albums from the Trailer/Leader vault.
In the last few years appeared three other cd's, containing old material.
This is the latest one and, maybe the better.
Stay tuned, all other Nic's album will follow soon

Game, set, match

Karel said...

Nic Jones is great!

Thanks a lot!!

btw do you have Ian A. Anderson (not the Jethro Tull Ian), Wizz Jones?

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this!

schlep said...

Appreciatin' :)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say this for any other artist, but for Nic:

Nic Jones hasn't worked professionally since 1982 when he had a horific car crash. He's alive and mobile but can no longer play to previous high standards. To compound his issues 4 out of 5 of his pre-crash solo albums are subject to a copyright dispute and are not available - few royalty cheques then.

To give Nic some income and to ensure his legacy isn't restricted to one superb album, friends and admirers collected together session and live tapes to produce 3 'new' albums of old material. This is one of those 3.

Nic is probably the greatest English folk male singer-songwriter/performer of his generation, fate dealt him a cruel blow, and he's one of the few performers who's truly loved - hence this post. If you've not heard his music before then you've truly missed out.

Personally I wouldn't rip this, the 4 'lost' albums are more tricky - ethically.

If you do rip this, or manage to find rips of the 4 'lost' albums, and this post has pricked your conscience and you want to gain some good Karma then feel free to send a cheque to Nic Jones, Mollie Music, 52 Newland Dark Drive, York, YO10 3HP - say you're repaying a loan.

(just a fan!)

CrimsonKing said...

I saw your comment right now.
How you can see, this blog is feeded by me and Danny.
I will talk with Danny about it.
If it's would be a problem for someone, for sure, we will remove the post immediately.
We don't want harm no one.
Don't worry and thanks for your polite comment and e-mail.

danny said...

I think the best thing to do is pestering that man at Celtic music records with reissue's request.
maybe a day he will reissue all the missing albums or, even better, he'll give them back to Nic

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding the line & the link.

Hopefully people will support Nic if they like his music - who wouldn't? .

Re: the lost albums - many approaches have been tried - both polite and not so polite. The guy's never changed his stance, I have theory why but best not say.

Ripping those gives me no issues at all. They were on a blog once but no longer.

Thanks again



Manila said...

I agree with Roger. It's a disgrace that Nic Jones'albums are not all readily available. Given his continued popularity he would at least be making some money back from the work he put in years ago. Personally, I won't be downloading this album. We all make our own choices and I won't criticise others for doing so. I guess it keeps his name out there. But if anyone listens to it and likes it, just read the previous comments for ways to give Nic what is rightfully his.
Good on you, Rog!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone suggest how to find the lost Nic Jones albums?

I mean essentially

The Noah's Ark Trap
From the Devil to a Stranger

does anyone know if someone has it available to download online or would trade a CD-R ?

otherwise I might not live long enough to ever hear them considering the disinterest in re-releasing them.

By the way - I DO NOT consider it right to download and not pay Nic for the new CDs he issued but this unavailable music I consider fair game!

Manila said...

A guy named 'John' has offered to rip and post both 'The Noah's Ark Trap' & 'From the Devil to a Stranger' on another blog ( If I understand him correctly he will only do this if the people who run the blog remove the downloads to Nic's newer, available albums. A few of us have been trying to convince them to do just that for quite a while - so far without success (but we did get some interesting insults.)

If you feel strongly, please post a comment there. The reward would be 2 long lost, fabulous albums!

The link is:

I've had my say about the posting of 'Game, Set, Match' here so I won't go on about that. (Actually, I will. My views have hardened and I now think it should be removed. But I say that in the nicest, friendliest, smiliest way possible, because I get the feeling Danny and Crimsonking are really nice people!)

Manila said...

Hey Rog - this karma stuff is really good! :-)

streaker said...

Hi Manila,

Thanks for the blog tip. I am trying to leave a post there. I think it is ridiculous and unfortunate that people are putting downloads of music Nic is currently trying to sell (at small enough royalties I am sure as it is) while the famous and important "lost" music is still buried away and unavailable and likely to remain that way. I love some of the songs Nic Jones sings with a deep passion. It means allot to me to hear this music as I have everything else commercially available.

Anonymous said...

Thanks thanks thanks for Nic Jones music, Where I can find the famous "Penguin Eggs" album ?
Or you upload this one in the next day ?
I love your blog Johnny

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Penguin Eggs....
Your blog is fantastic, thanks...

Anonymous said...

On THTM there is the solution of your problems, find it..

Simon House

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot dude. -- Murf

Private Beach said...

To those looking for Penguin Eggs, it's available from Amazon. Why not buy a copy and give Nic the royalties he deserves (and needs)?

Anonymous said...

Why, I did exactly that! I bought the "Penguin Eggs" from "Amazon" before getting to these comments (and this album, as it is).
And it was Danny's and CrimsonKing labor that made it real: were it not for their sharing, I wouldn't know of Nic Jones.
Thanks a lot for all the excellent music and great artists!


CrimsonKing said...

This is the idea!
To promote the album to be better known by more people.
Thanks Semielfo. :)

danvarber said...

Link is dead. Please re-up if possible

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