Thursday, June 21, 2007

Steve Turner ::: Out stack (England, 1979) @>192VBR

Steve Turner: vocals, tenor banjo, English concertinas
Martin Colledge: guitar, whistle
Bill Hyde: five string banjo (08.)
Gerry Murphy: Northumbrian small pipes, English concertina (08.)
Pat Knowles: piano
Bob Tracey: fiddle
Nan Trench: flute

01. Plains of Waterloo
02. Barratt’s Privateers Stan Rogers
03. The Red Joak
04. The isle of St. Helena/Spailpín a rún
05. The flowers of Bermuda Stan Rogers
06. Valentine O’Hara
07. Farewell dearest Nancy
08. Saxa Vord Tom Anderson/Da Saandie Burn reel Frank Jamieson
09. The cruel sister
10. Is your love in vain Bob Dylan

1979 • Fellside FE18

Vynil rip


danny said...

Out stack

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the recording is badly distorted in parts, probably due to recording level being set too high. This is a real pity since Steve's old recordings are really, really hard to find.

Gonzo said...

3 years on, a reminder, all four of Steve's LP's 1979-1986 are available on request at

That are not generally advertised on the blog but are all posted to Rapid.share in 320k MP3 format

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