Friday, June 15, 2007

Waterson:Carthy ::: Waterson:Carthy (England, 1994) @>192 VBR

Norma Waterson: vocal
Martin Carthy: vocal, guitar, mandolin
Eliza Carthy: vocal, fiddle
Nancy Kerr: fiddle on Bold Doherty, The light dragoon,
and Midnight on the water
Jock Tyldesley: fiddle on Midnight on the water

01 Bold Doherty
02 The light dragoon
03 Ye mariners all
04 Rags and tatters/An moinfeuir
05 With Kitty I'll go
06 The grey cock
07 When first I came to Caledonia
08 Orange in bloom (The Sherbourne waltz)
09 The slave's lament/Farewell to a dark haired friend
10 John Hamilton
11 Sleep on beloved
12 Midnight on the water

1994 • Topic TSCD 475

Covers included


danny said...

Eliza joins dad and mum on this first family album


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the music!

Anonymous said...

Thx a lt for the Great music you're sharing.
I do appreciate!

Fabio said...

This site is great. VERY hard to find treasures.
So I'll definitely GO FOLK MYSELF!!
Greetings from Argentina.

Annie Body said...

Thank you! I'm really loving your blog, especially when you use Sharebee and provide a sample song. :D Keep up the great work!

CrimsonKing said...

Unhappily this blog is dead.
I received no feedbacks, like you are doing, then this blog will not be more updated. This only wasted my time and my work.
Get what you want, cause all kinks are ok.

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