Sunday, July 15, 2007

Gwendal - War-Raog (France 2005) [Folk-Rock] @224

France - Bretagne

01. Joke
02. Gave hot
03. Gigue O'low
04. La nina del norte
05. Stone Eire
06. Stone jig
07. Skai rell
08. Stand all
09. Barz Gwen
10. Barz dal
11. Barz du
12. Suite d'Arrée
13. Arane
14. War-Raog

Youenn Le Berre: flûtes, bombarde, bag-pipe
Jean-Claude Philippe: violon
Ludo Mesnil: guitares acoustiques et électriques
Jérôme Guéguen: claviers
Pascal Sarton: basse
David Russaouen: batterie


planetamussical said...

Good disc, one of my favorite groups from the infancy and one of the bands mas copied by other bands, big creators. Thank you for the contribution, I invite you to visit my blog:
From, a Planeta Musical thanks

CrimsonKing said...

I added you to my blog list :)

surcouf said...

Been away a while from this band, hope this will be a warm welcome back, for me.
These guys rocks off both folk & jazz, country and celtic with an unpaired musical skill and irony.
Seen them a couple of times in the past, they never put me down.
A toast to Gwendal: yech'ed mad !

Lark said...

The guys are very good.

I'm adding your blog into mine.


peter said...


Nelsonchuax said...


ò said...

i've keeping the tracks for Gwendal for many years now... Thanks for your job!

CrimsonKing said...



juan manuel muñoz said...

muchas gracias por los gwendals. saludos

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