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Maddy Prior & The Girls - Under the Covers (England 2005) - @VBR~256

What do Shania Twain, Chrissie Hynde, Keane, Sting and Sinead O’Connor all have in common? They are all artists that appear on ‘Under the Covers’. Maddy Prior, Abbie Lathe and Claudia Gibson harmonize their way through some well-known compositions. Maddy’s wonderful, accompanied by two other fantastic singers, reinterprets the material, demonstrating that the gap between folk and mainstream music is not as large as some may think.
Maddy explains: “We set off on this project with certain ideas in mind, but as I have discovered over the years, projects tend to have their own agendas and will defeat your best endeavours. So we end here with a completely different outcome from that expected- two discs instead of one.” CD 1 Under the Covers is more or less the album the trio intended to make- a selection of songs from the musical mainstream they love to sing, while the second, shorter CD entitled Pensive maintains a more reflective mood.

CD1-Under The Covers
01. Ka-Ching [Shania Twain] (3:22)

02. Under Your Thumb [Godley & Crème] (2:59)
03. One Way [The Levellers] (2:48)
04. Complex Person [Chrissie Hynde] (1:41)
05. Fear of Life [Sam Brown] (3:59)
06. Bend and Break [Keane] (2:54)
07. Sheela na Gig [P J Harvey] (2:32)
08. Great Divide [Rick Kemp] (3:39)
09. I Lost It [Lucinda Williams] (3:27)
10. Get Out [Abbie Lathe] (2:44)
11. Postcards from Paraguay [Mark Knopfler] (2:58)
12. A Perfect Indian [Sinead O'Connor] (2:58)
13. Love Is the Seventh Wave [Sting] (2:56)
14. Slow Dance [Maddy Prior] (3:54)

15. Sword [Rose Kemp] (3:03)
16. Meeting Point [Tim Dalling / Louis MacNeice] (4:22)
17. Melody Moon [Claudia Gibson] (4:37)
18. Finnish Song [John Blanchard] (3:53)
19. Truth of a Woman [Kristina Olsen] (4:22)
20. Turning Point [music Thomas Tallis, words Maddy Prior] (3:30)

Maddy Prior
: vocals, beatboxing [2];
Abbie Lathe
: vocals, beatboxing [2], piano [19];
Claudia Gibson
: vocals, beatboxing [2], keyboard [9], piano [12, 17];
Andy Watts
: clarinet [1, 11, 20], recorders [6], bassoon [13, 20], bass vocal [20];
Giles Lewin
: violins [1], shawms [7];
Steve Watkins
: electric guitar [2, 5, 13], beatboxing [2];
Raph Mizraki
: percussion [6, 7, 11], double bass [8, 11];
Barbabas Morse-Brown
: cello [6, 9, 16, 20];
Tim Garside
: percussion [8];
Jane Griffiths
: violin [16]


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Under the Covers


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