Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nic Jones ::: Ballads and songs (England, 1970) > 192 kbps VBR

01 Sir Patrick Spens
02 The butcher and the tailor's wife
03 The duke of Marlborough
04 Annan water
05 The noble Lord Hawkins
06 Don't you be foolish, pray
07 The outlandish knight
08 Reynard the fox
09 Little Musgrave

Nic Jones: voice, guitar, fiddle

1970 • Trailer LER 2014
Vynl rip, covers included


danny said...

Jointly published with Celtic circus

Ballads and songs
Ballads and songs cover art

pdf file is wrong, sorry, cover art is in a separate archive

danny said...

Ballads and songs
covers and lyrics

Anonymous said...

His music is frssh as ever . .many thanks

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for sharing this somewhat lost treasure with the rest of us...

Gwydion said...

Hello there, I have discovered this album quite recently via soulseek and after doing a bit of research on the Duke of Marlborough and Little Musgrave I can't see no relation between those and the supposedly traditional ones, the lyrics don't match at all specially on "the duke of marlborough".

can anyone make this clearer please?

Amazing album by the way...

Gwydion said...

I have found an explanation to my paranoia about the songs...the copy I got from soulseek was a fake one, basiccaly it was the noah's "ark trap album" misnamed "ballads and songs" and apparently it spread out rapidly and everybody who thinks to have the original "ballads and songs", don't have it..

So I am more than thankful to danny for uploading the album, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Wow - this is fantastic. Any way you could post From a Devil as well?


Anonymous said...

I have the link for "From a devil" if you want..


d. said...

I guess the link died... pity. Any chance It will 'Phoenix" itself?

kla6pp said...

What he said....
A re-up would be most welcome.
Thanx in anticipation.

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