Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nic Jones ::: Nic Jones (England, 1971) > 192 kbps VBR


01 The lass Of London City 2.05
02 Napoleon's lamentation 2.53
03 The bonny bunch of roses 5.55
04 Edward 3.24
05 Outlandish knight 3.33
06 William and Nancy's parting 2.09
07 Lord Bateman 6.57
08 Dance to your daddy 1.31
09 The two brothers 3.51
10 The banks of green willow 2.47

Nic Jones: guitar, fiddle, vocals

1971 • Trailer LER 2027
Covers included


danny said...

second album by Nic
Now all the missing ones are available to download

posted on Celtic circle as well

Nic Jones

dan-the-man said...

Thanks a lot for completing the four lost album. They're more than worth it!

Manila said...

A really great job, Danny. Now anyone who hasn't heard Nic before will understand why so many people on this blog and others rate him so highly (and will hopefully buy his currently available CDs - please see http://www.nicjones.net/hats.htm)

Thanks very much and well done!
It's a disgrace that most of Nic's finest work hasn't been issued on CD.

Anonymous said...

these are up on mininova.org now, but if you do download them you should absolutely send Nic a check and buy his available records, all of which are as good (actually better) than this

CrimsonKing said...

Good idea anounymous.

Michael said...

Many many thanks for allowing me a glimpse into the work of Nic Jones. This is a wonderful blog.

Thank you

Taris said...

I can't find the links to download. Could you upload again please?

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