Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Nick Dow ::: A poor man's gift (England, 1983) @256-VBR


01. The hearty poacher
02. The distant isle (N. Dow)
03. The maid and the parson (B. Prince)
04. The bonny girl
05. The ballad of Lumley Kettlewell (G. Pratt)
06. Another man’s wedding
07. The dreams of lovely Nancy
08. The bold princess royal
09. The humour of Tullachrine/ The gold ring
10. Limbo
11. The mare and the foal
12. Scarborough’s fair town
13. Ripple away (P. Metsers)

Nick Dow: vocals, guitar
Jill Blackwell: Northumbrian pipes, chorus
Bernard Blackwell: accordion, flute, chorus

1983 • Old House Music OHM 102
Vynil rip


Anonymous said...

This is lovely. Thanks!


Kate said...

I listened to Nick sing songs from this album 23 years ago at the Dorchester folk club. Just started listening to it again, and still love it; esp Ripple Away. Wonderful.

tegz said...

Yeah,Kate-I still have the tape, and saw him at Gravesend FC in the 80's.
Great open tuning exponent and all round top folky.
Ripple away is indeed 'one on its' own'!

sudzy said...

Thank you. I have never heard him, so this is new.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately all the links are dead

CrimsonKing said...


A Poor Man's Gift


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