Friday, July 6, 2007

Peter Bellamy ::: The barrack-room ballads of Rudyard Kipling (England, 1977) > 192 kbps VBR


01 Tommy
02 Soldier, soldier
03 Mandalay*
04 Troopin’*
05 Cells
06 Danny Deever*
07 Bill ’Awkins
08 Shillin’ a day
09 Loot
10 The widow at Windsor
11 The widow’s party*
12 Gunga Din*

Peter Bellamy : vocals, anglo concertina
Chris Birch : fiddle, vocals
Tony Hall : melodeon

1977 • Free Reed FRR 014 (1974? • Green linnet SIF 1002)
Vynil rip


Anonymous said...

(transferring..) ... for ever

danny said...

The barrack-room balads altenative link

something went wrong with sharebee yesterday

Anonymous said...

Seems interresting!

Manila said...

To be honest, I was never a big fan of Peter Bellamy's voice, except as part of The Young Tradition. But there's no denying his huge contribution to the (English) folk revival. Passionate, dedicated, innovative, a surprisingly good songwriter...with an often bizarre sense of dress!

The world is just a little less colourful since he passed away.

Thanks very much for this post. It is, as you say, a celebrated album.

freebornman said...

Thanks a lot!! What a nice gem!
If you need Young Tradition "The Holly Bears The Crown", you can take it here:

tucker said...

As a big fan of Kipling, I'd sure appreciate if this could be re-upped.
Sharebee doesn't seem to want to co-operate.
Many thanks ahead of time!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Thank you

G_MAJOR77 said...


Angela said...

Great! Thank you very much.

Jorgon Gorgon said...

Bellamy is allright, but one cannot go wrong with Kipling's poetry! Thanks!

Ani Vardanyan said...

How can I download this?

Anonymous said...


Any chance of a re-up of this terrific album?


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