Friday, July 13, 2007

Steve Turner ::: Eclogue (England, 1984) > 192 kbps VBR

01. The Wounded Whale
02. White Coper Alley
03. Prospect, Providence (Kate Marsden)
04. The Old Manchester Hornpipe
05. The Boomer’s Story
06. The Girls Of Glossop Roads
07. The Diamantine Drover (Hughie McDonnell)
08. Napoleon’s Farewell To Paris
09. The Bunch Of Rushes
10. Lord Thomas Of Winesbury
11. Me And My Uncle (John Phillips)
12. The Tam Lin (D. Arthur/S. Turner)/The Carlisle (S.Turner)/Francis T. Robinson (T. Anderson)

Steve Turner
: vocals, English concertinas, mandolin, bouzouki, tenor banjo, Dobro tenor guitar
Martin Simpson : guitar, lap steel guitar
Jim Couza : hammered dulcime
Martin Colledge : guitar
Tristram Robson : harpsichord
Pete Young : bass guitar
Steve Greenmantle : bass guitar
Cochersdale harmony (Keith Marsden, Val Marsden, Peter Ogley): harmony vocals
Linda Adams : harmony vocals
Paul Adams : wood block

1984 • Fellside FE042
Vynil rip, covers included


danny said...

I'm trying to have this lp back and re-rip the missing track

jointly posted with Celtic circle


Anonymous said...

Is there a possibility to get anything, something or everything from Ashley Hutchings?

danny said...

Eclogue track 05 and back cover

Rod... said...

wow - just stumbled over your blog - and this album! Bought it years ago from Steve Turner on a gig, became one of my favourite records but it got lost along the way somewhere - he was one of the best performers around then - and he's back on the road again - saw him recently and he's just as good as ever... thanks!

Scott said...

Thank you so much for this album! I about wore it out back in the '80s, and the songs have been haunting me since the turntable died - especially "Prospect Providence."

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