Sunday, June 1, 2008

Maddy Prior - The Quest (Live) [England 2007] @320

Concert recorded live at the Theatre Royal, Winchester on October 22, 2006.
The set centres around the Arthur the King song cycle but also draws on Maddy's previous albums, Flesh and Blood , Lionheart, Ravenchild, and Year.

01. Sheath & Knife
02. Bitter Withy
04. Joseph Was a Tin Man
05. Maman
06. John
07. Fields of the Cloth of Gold
08. The Name of Arthur
09. Veturae Remembering
10. Hallows I
11. Tribal Warriors
12. Hallows II
13. Tribal Warriors
14. Hallows III
15. Sentry
16. Hallows IV
17. Once & Future King
18. Jupiter
19. Hind Horn
20. Ravenchild
21. Dance on the Wind
22. The Templar Knight

Maddy Prior: vocals
Troy Donockley: uilleann pipes, electric & acoustic guitar, bouzouki, low & tin whistle, backing vocals
Nick Holland: keyboards

Terl Bryant: drums, percussion


ba3h said...

Many thanks Crimsonking. I shall enjoy this one.

Anonymous said...

Her voice is still amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this.

CrimsonKing said...


Anonymous said...

Some of the tracks seem to be corrupt ... the first is blank and the third degrades into a loud buzz

CrimsonKing said...

I did the download right now.
All tracks are ok, with no problems.
Try to download it again or ... go to a store to buy it.

Anonymous said...

"Some of the tracks seem to be corrupt ... the first is blank and the third degrades into a loud buzz"

Sorry about this ... wierd ... seems to be an issue with my Sony software, the files play fine with Windows MediaPlayer. Perhaps you can delete my previous comment?

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy to see that this wonderful music blog has reborn. And Hooray - great post!
Best wishes! May the Sound be with you!


CrimsonKing said...

You're welcome Marley :)

zeporro said...

muchas gracias por seguir con este blog.
hacía mucho tiempo que no había oido hablar de Maddy Prior.
very thanks and go...

ionplayer said...

Brilliant! Really looking forward to hearing this. The studio album was fantastic. Nice to see you're still blogging, CK.

Mastranto said...

Bienvenido de nuevo. No he perdido la esperanza de que volvieras (a pesar de lo pasado en tu otra encarnación). Me alegro que estes con nosotros. Gracias sinceras por compartir. Saludos cordiales

CrimsonKing said...

Thanks for all words.
All readers are welcome :)

happyboBo said...

many thanks for this you've reawakened memories for me crimsonking now i'm gonna enjoy the listening

Nelsonchuax said...


Xan de Narón said...

I've recently discovered Maddy Prior (I'm from Spain and she isn't very known here) and I like so much her voice. I'll enjoy with your posts. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...


CrimsonKing said...


The Quest


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