Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Orion - Restless Home (Belgium 1998) @224

"This is the most exquisite cd to land on my doorstep in many years. Not only is it well performed but thoughtfully arranged in such a way that it almost takes your breath away. Result is everything a groundbreaking acoustic folk album should be. There's no dodgy notes to distract the listener with every instrument crystal clear on what to me is a faultless production. As I sit here pondering on my next thoughts to this review I must admit to wondering if things can get much better. If I don't hear another folk album - and I suppose there's not much chance of that! - this album is to me as near as perfection gets."
- Fyfe On Folk, Pete Fyfe -

01. The shores of Marsannay - 4'15
02. Far off fields - 3'15
03. Enez Du - 4'45
04. The Road to Ballyheigue - 5'10
05. Restless Home - 3'33
06. Sir Charles Coote - 4'17
07. Maid in the cherry Tree - 5'15
08. Marche de Trebrivan - 4'41
09. Lord Gregory - 6'47
10. Lesidren - 4'37
11. Rue de Dunes - 4'33
12. Reel of Notes - 4'11
13. Mr. Waller - 2'37
14. Enina's Dream - 4'53

Raquel Gigot: accordéons (Bel)
Jamie McMenemy: bouzouki, voix (Sco)
Marc Keyaert: piano, claviers (Bel)
Rudy Velghe: Violon (Bel)
Guest musicians:
Nicolas Quemener: flûtes, guitare (Bzh)
Bernard L'Hoir: claviers (Bel)
Pierre Michaud: violoncelle (Qbc)
Philip Catherine: guitare (Bel-Irl)
Soïg Sibéril: guitares (Bzh)
Pascal Chardonne: piano (Bel)
Alain Genty: basse (Fra)
Donal Lunny: bouzouki, bodhran (Irl)


Yojik said...

Thanks, many thanks!

CrimsonKing said...

You're welcome, Valery.

sudzy said...

Thank you. Enjoy your many fine posts on this blog.

Steffani said...

What a beautiful album. Thank you!

CrimsonKing said...

I agree totally with you Steffani :)

CrimsonKing said...


Restless Home

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