Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tempest - Double Cross (USA 2006) [FolkRock] @320

=== FOLK-ROCK ===

01. Captain Kid
02. Slippery Slide
03. Hangman
04. Black Eddy
05. Whoever You Are
06. Vision Quest
07. Per Spelmann
08. Cabar Feidh
09. Eppy Moray
10. Wizard's Walk

Lief Sorbye / lead vocals, mandolins, octave mandolas, harmonica, flute, bodhran
Adolfo Lazo / drums
Michael Mullen / fiddle, viola, harmony vocals
Ronan Carroll / guitars, harmony vocals
Ariane Cap / bass, harmony vocals
With special guests:
Robert Berry / keyboards Wicked Tinkers
Aaron Shaw / bagpipes
Warren Casey / tapan
Keith Jones / snare drum, djembe
Jay Atwood / didgeridoo


CrimsonKing said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this fantastic music. It was new to me, but it is outrageous. Lot of thanks for your good posts!!!

CrimsonKing said...

Thanks anonymous.
More Tempest albums will come.
Maybe a tornado?

Anonymous said...

thank's CrimsonKing for this music : I didn't hear of them before your post, it's a famous discovery for me (sorry, if wrong English words, i'm writing from deep france, where folk-rock music was so appreciated in the 70's). Keep on Folck rocking man !!!
Many thank's again

CrimsonKing said...

Nice words.
Thank you and you're welcome.

zoot said...

I'll echo the other comments - they're new to me, but are right up my street. Excellent stuff, many thanks.

CelticMystic said...

I've never heard of this group but eing of Celtic origin I'm looking forward to having a good listen to this post and if its quality is half as good as the comments already posted it appears that I will enjoy it greatly many thanks for your posts of this type of music

SteveShark said...

Many thanks for the Tempest :)
Nice to hear some US folk rock for a change!

CrimsonKing said...


Double Cross

chamtyago said...

Thanks for the re-up.

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