Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ad Vielle Que Pourra - Musaïque (1993 Canada) @320

Ad Vielle Que Pourra's third album pushes the boundaries of traditional French music even further into international waters. The twelve tunes and songs combine elements of French country music, Russian Gypsy polkas, syncopated Quebecois pieces, and languid Venezuelan waltzes, with vocals in both the French and Occitan languages. All the tunes and songs on Musaique are band originals, with instrumentation ranging from medieval hurdy-gurdy, bombarde and bagpipes to Japanese sakuachi, fiddle and accordion. Fueled by electric bass and drums, some of the tunes conjure up images of Malicorne meeting the Ventures: an all-new world-beat edge!

01. Serre-Moi Plus Fort, Victor/Plant a Cao 6:14
02. An Avel a Varo 4:52
03. Fair Foot 3:49
04. Un Québecois À Caracas 3:56
05. Lou Mes de Mai Vendra 6:14
06. J'Ai Vu Boulou, le Reinhardt et la Musette 3:58
07. Leve la Jambe, Armande 2:16
08. Un Garcon de Mon Village 4:55
09. Andropov/Polka Félix 3:07
10. La Tranchefoie 4:55
11. Javadvielle 4:09
12. La Complainte des Rengaines 4:32

Gilles Plante: Bagpipes, Recorder, Vocals,Bombardes, Taragat
Luc Thonon: Bagpipes
Daniel Thonon: Bouzouki, Piano, Guitar, Shakuhachi, Jew's-Harp, Vocals, Hurdygurdy, Recorder, Accordion
Gabriel Cornu: Guitar, Flamenco Guitar
Didier Pelaprat: Vocals
Benoit Bourque: Percussion
Alain Leroux: Bouzouki, Vocals, Producer, Fiddle


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CrimsonKing said...

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The Undercover Man is closed for now, until I decide what I will do.

radioshoes said...

Sorry to hear of the deletions. It must be really annoying. Again, might I suggest you transfer to Baywords. I post for a blog called Bolachas Gratis and we've had no problems yet after constantly having trouble with Blogger and Wordpress.

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