Monday, August 11, 2008

Magpie Lane - Six for Gold (England 2002) @320

01. The Jovial Cutler
02. The Constant Lovers
03. Round about the Maypole / Asiatic
04. John Reilly
05. Juniper Gentle & Rosemary
06. A-begging I Will Go
07. O Once I was a Shepherd Boy
08. Long Peggin' Awl
09. Stottycake Polka / Ganivelle
10. Bold William Taylor
11. Foggy Dew
12. I Saw a Maid in my Father's Garden
13. Stokes Bay
14. Argeers / Polka d'Auvergne
15. Lazarus
16. My Old Hat That I Got On

Joanne Acty: Vocals
Peter Acty: Guitar, mandola, vocals
Ian Giles: Vocals, percussion
Mat Green: Fiddle, viola and vocals
Andy Turner: Vocals and Anglo-concertina
Marguerite Hutchinson: Whistles, recorders, flute
Sophie Polhill: Cello


CrimsonKing said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't know how you are finding these, but I'm so wonderfully glad that you are!!!

Once again thank you. You're amazing. Summer just gets better and better!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the three Magpie Lane albums! Great stuff. Summer is getting better indeed....

CrimsonKing said...

Nice :)

Nelsonchuax said...

Excelente...Gracias por su esfuerzo!!!!

Gael said...

Nice and excellent-thanks for bringing ome more piece of Olde England to us

Higginsweorx said...

Excellent! It doesn't happen very often that I like all the songs on an album.
My favourite Magpie Lane album.

CrimsonKing said...


Six for Gold


Taris said...

I have problems to download this link:
"The link you requested has been identified by bitly as being potentially problematic. This could be because a bitly user has reported a problem, a black-list service reported a problem, because the link has been shortened more than once, or because we have detected potentially malicious content".
Could you reupload the link? Thanks!!

Taris said...

Oh sorry I didn't see the link below the message.

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