Saturday, August 2, 2008

Magpie Lane - A Taste of Ale (England 2000) @224

01 - A Drop Of Good Beer
02 - The Drunkard And The Pig
03 - Bryng Us In Good Ale
04 - The Mail Coach Guard
05 - O Good Ale
06 - Stingo
07 - Of Honest Malt Liquor
08 - Trowl The Bowl
09 - So Was I
10 - The Beautiful Landlady
11 - The Merry Hoastess
12 - The Beer Drinking Briton
13 - Beer Boys Beer
14 - Hop Picking Song
15 - The Hop Ground
16 - Friezland Ale
17 - The Bad-Husband's Folly
18 - Drunk Last Night
19 - John Barleycorn

Andy Turner: vocal, anglo-concertinas, one-row melodeon, autoharp
Benji Kirkpatrick: vocal, bouzouki, guitar
Di Whitehead: vocal, cello, descant recorder
Ian Giles: vocal, side drum, tabor, tambourine, nakers
Mat Green: vocal, fiddles
Tom Bower: vocal, whistles, flute, descant and bass recorders, reed organ, acoustic bass guitar, bass drum


CrimsonKing said...
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Kolin said...

Another nice album from Magpie Lane. Much appreciated here; thanks!

Anonymous said...

YOu are completely and utterly amazing. I go from 0 Magpie Lane to 2 in as many days!!! And I had looked for years and years. Absolutely fantastic!!!!

Thank you so very very much. I can' begin to tell you how thrilled these two posts have made me.

Once again thank you! You're amazing.

CrimsonKing said...

I'm happy for it :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks CK!
This one is very nice, but fortunately I'm among those who had the pleasure to know the compilation called "The Tale of Ale. The Story of Englishman and it's Beer". Listening to this Magpie Lane wonderful record makes me remind how good was the other release... I've just sent you a couple of tunes I once recovered from the k7 tape. Hope you enjoy!
Thanks again!

One Love

Lark said...

CK, you're the man!
Thanks a lot for sharing master pieces like this.

Mastranto said...

Gracias por compartir

CrimsonKing said...


A Taste of Ale


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