Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Les Menestriers - Chanson légère à entendre (France 1976) @320

Very Rare Album. Vinyl Rip.
Again, I did a custom CD cover-art based in the original vinyl cover.
Thanks to my Belgian friend for this album!

Some says that they were pre-history of french folk... Mnnn... If they were, I'm sure they didn't knew it. They just wanted to let us hear and know this ancient music wich was very underrated and, at this time, very despised by the classical-music audience.
All the musicians of "Les Ménestriers" were classical musicians and in that particular band, they tried to be more "cool" than in real classical recordings. So, the records of "Les Menestriers" were often considerated too serious by the folk audience, not serious enough by the classical-music audience.

01 - Chanson légère à entendre (Conon de Béthune)
02 - Lamento di Tristano e Rotta (Anon., 14th c.)
03 - Chançoneta Tedesca (Anon., 14th c.)
04 - Quatre Rondeaux: A Dieu Commant Amourettes (Adam de la Halle)
05 - Quatre Rondeaux: Li Doux Regard de Ma Dame (Adam de la Halle)
06 - Quatre Rondeaux: Dieu Comment Pourrai (Adam de la Halle)
07 - Quatre Rondeaux: Bonne Amourette (Adam de la Halle)
08 - In Seculum Viellatoris (Anon., 13th c.,)
09 - Cavalcando Con Un Giovane Accorto (Anon., 14th c.)

Marcello Ardizzone: rebec, vièle, oud, crumhorn
Berry Hayward: recorder, chalumean, crumhorn
Bernard Pierrot: saz, oud, lute, chant
Henri Agnel: luth, oud, saz, derbouka
Julien Skowron: rebec, vièle

Friday, September 19, 2008

Les Menestriers - Le Bouvier (France 1977) @320

Vinyl Rip.
Thanks to my Belgian friend for this album!

"Les Menestriers" were founded in 1970 in order to address the increased relevance of medieval music in the contemporary music scene. They presented the repertory as a living art in contact with the Earth. The group was disbanded by 1980. Most of the members are always working as musicians and teachers in classical music area.
Their records doesn't exist on CDs and we can considerate "Les Menestriers" as a forgotten band. You'll hardly find information about them on the net... or elsewhere.
The records of "Les Menestriers" were often considerated too serious for folk audience, not serious enough for classical-music audience.
"Le Bouvier" is probably one of the most easiest record to listen, probably due to the influence of bands like Malicorne.

1. Le Bouvier
2. J'ai vu le loup, le renard, le lièvre
3. Pierre de Grenoble
4. Les trois fontaines
5. Il était une cendrillon
6. Douce dame jolie
7. La Manfredina

Marcello Ardizzone: rebec, vielle, oud, crumhorn
Barry Hayward: recorder, chalumean, crumhorn
Chris Hayward: transverse flute, recorder, crumhorn, derbouka, tambourin, cuillers
Bernard Pierrot: saz, oud, lute, chant

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fairport Convention - Angel Delight (1971 England) @320

01. Lord Marlborough (3:21)
02. Sir William Gower (4:54)
03. Bridge Over The River Ash (2:12)
04. Wizard Of Wordly Game (4:05)
05. The Journeyman’s grace (4:31)
06. Angel Delight (3:34)
07. Banks Of Sweet Primroses (4:12)
08. Instrumental Medley: The Cuckoo’s Nest/Hardiman The Fiddler/Papa Stoor (3:25)
09. The Bonny Black Hare (3:04)
10. Sickness & Diseases (3:47)Bonus Track (2004 Release)
11. The Journeyman's Grace (3:53)

Dave Swarbrick: vocals, fiddle, viola, mandolin, Cuckoo pipe
Dave Pegg: vocals, bass guitar, electric guitar, fiddle, viola
Dave Mattacks: drums, percussion, harmonium, tambourine, bass guitar
Simon Nicol: vocals, electric& acoustic guitars, viola, electric dulcimer

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fernhill - Ca' Nôs (1996 Wales) @320

Julie Murphy on vocals; Andy Cutting, button accordionist extraordinaire, who had recently worked in a duo with fiddler Chris Wood and in collaborations with June Tabor and Sting; Ceri Rhys Matthews, leading figure of Welsh piping plays cittern, lute, clarinet, and Pastoral oboe; and Jonathan Shorland, outstanding Welsh flautist who has long been associated with the music and musicians of Brittany. Fernhill - playing a mix of Welsh, Breton, and English music, and ranging from romantic ballad to ritualistic dance songs.

01. Ffarwel I Aberystwyth 3.16
02. Cowboi 2.57
03. Brigg Fair 6.52
04. Gwenith Gwyn 3.04
05. Ridees Pastwn Mawr 5.22
06. March Glas 3.40
07. Le Gabier De Terre-Neuve 6.19
08. Lloer Dirion 4.04
09. Banks Of The Nile 9.44
10. Pilons L'Herbe 3.24

Julie Murphy: vocals
Andy Cutting: accordion
Ceri Rhys Matthews: bagpipes, cittern, lute, clarinet, oboe
Jonathan Shorland: flute

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blowzabella - Octomento (2007 ENG) @320

Blowzabella produce an inimitable, driving drone-based sound played with a fabulous sense of melody, rhythmic expertise and sheer feeling. They compose their own music which is influenced by British and European traditional dance music. Many European bands who experiment beyond the boundaries of "folk" music cite Blowzabella as a major influence.

01. Oliver's and Two Beers 3:51
02. De Montford and Magaloufou 5:31
03. The Origin of the World 4:21
04. New Pneus 1:25
05. Tanteeka and Round the Corner 3:53
06. L' Ance 3:25
07. Black Lake and the Duck 4:18
08. One for Sorrow 2:58
09. Ham Street 4:01
10. Le Galant Indiscret 2:54
11. Jackie Tar 2:14
12. The New Road to Alston and Lottie's 5:52
13. To the Edges and Robin's 3:32
14. Hostilite 3:55

Andy Cutting: diatonic button accordion
Jo Freya: clarinet, saxophones
Paul James: bagpipes, saxophones
Gregory Jolivet: hurdy-gurdy
David Shepherd: violins
Barn Stradling: bass guitar
Jon Swayne: bagpipes, saxophones

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fairport Convention - Babbacombe Lee (2004 Island Remaster) (England 1971) @320

01. The Verdict (0:28)
02. Little Did I Think (2:19)
03. I Was Sixteen/ John My Son (3:30)
04. Instrumental (1:14)
05. Sailor’s Alphabet (5:42)
06. John Lee (3:07)
07. Newspaper Reading (0:46)
08. Breakfast In Myfair (3:07)
09. Trial Song (3:55)
10. Cell Song (3:34)
11. The Time Is Near (2:33)
12. Dream Song (5:25)
13. Wake Up John (5:23)

Bonus Tracks (2004 Release):
14. Farewell To A Poor Man's Son (4:55)
15. Breakfast In Mayfair (3:59)

Simon Nicol - guitar, dulcimer
Dave Mattacks - drums, electric piano
Dave Swarbrick - fiddle, mandolin
Dave Pegg - bass, mandolin

Ad Vielle Que Pourra - New French Folk Music (Canada 1989) @320

01. Schottische du Stockfish (4:15)
02. Malloz AR Barz Koz O Vervel (3:07)
03. Chupad Melen/Hanterdro Tid'poc'h (3:10)
04. L' Agacante/Vaise du Milieu/Valse du Faucigny (4:57)
05. La Pucelle d'Ussel (2:38)
06. Les Filles de France (5:53)
07. Suite de Gavottes Evit Leroux (4:32)
08. Bourrées Dans le Jardin (5:31)
09. Polkas Ratées (3:07)
10. Valse des Coquelicots/Java Niaise (1:39)
11. Fillettes des Campagnes (2:31)
12. An Dro Pitaouer/An Dro Evit Jakeza (5:17)
13. La Malfaissante (4:26)

Clement Demers: Accordion, Percussion, Vocals
Gilles Plante: Chalumeau, Bombardes, Recorder, Vocals
Allain Leroux: Bouzouki, Mandolin, Violin, Vocals
Daniele Thonon: Guitar, Accordion, Hurdygurdy, Vocals
Luc Thonon: Bagpipes, Recorder, Sax, Vocals

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fairport Convention - The Woodworm Years (1991 England) @320

The Woodworm Years was originally released on Dave Pegg's own Woodworm Records label in 1991; the label went under shortly thereafter, but this compilation was reissued twice. The 16-track set (up from 14 in its original form, the two additions being a rollicking live version of the bluegrass standard "Orange Blossom Special" and a sensitive yet playful reading of Mike Waterson's "Rubber Band") collects '80s recordings not only from the band, but from its members' occasional solo albums. That means that The Woodworm Years starts off with a solo electric guitar performance from Pegg and features not one but three solo performances from Simon Nicol's Before Your Time album, not to mention one each from Martin Allcock and Ric Sanders, leaving only ten scattered performances by the full group. The solo tracks aren't bad at all, but they're primarily of interest to die-hard fans, making The Woodworm Years an enjoyable but hardly necessary collection of intriguing side trips.

01 - Level Pegging
02 - The Hiring Fair
03 - Wat Tyler
04 - Portmeirion
05 - Honour And Praise
06 - The Deserter
07 - From A Distance
08 - Rosemary's Sister
09 - Red And Gold
10 - Summer Before The War
11 - Con Casey's Jig - Tripping Up The Stairs
12 - Claudy Banks
13 - Three Jigs For Jamie
14 - Ginnie
15 - Orange Blossom Special (live)
16 - Rubber Band

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fía na Roca - Dez Anos ao Vivo (2004 SPAIN) @192

01. Mikaela 6.32
02. O afiador de Tella 5.05
03. Trocante 7.00
04. Indo eu 3.53
05. Contravento 4.40
06. Cantar da danza 2.35
07. A Mesquita 4.38
08. Fía na roca 3.25
09. Trulla e carballesa 4.20
10. Dispensando 3.31
11. A cega da pena 3.42
12. De folga 6.34
13. Quer que lle quer 3.04
14. Baile de pandeiras 4.01
15. Sara 4.04
16. Estreliña mariñeira 2.56

Xabier Bueno: gaita galega, saxo soprano e tenor, low whistles, castañolas e crótalos.
Carlos Castro: percusión, batería.
Cris Gándara: baixo eléctrico, contrabaixo.
Sonia Lebedynski: voz, pandeireta.
Giao Rodrígues: guitarra acústica, mandolina.
Roberto Santamarina: violino. Xosé Ramón Vázquez: piano, acordeón, teclado

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band - Sing Lustily & With Good Courage (England 1994) @192

01. Who Would True Valour See [3:08]
02. Rejoice Ye Shining Worlds [2:09]
03. O Thou Who Camest From Above [2:36]
04. Lo He Comes With Clouds Descending [3:38]
05. How Firm a Foundation [2:56]
06. O For a Thousand Tongues To Sing [3:48]
07. As Pants The Hart [2:26]
08. The God of Abraham Praise [3:07]
09. The Twenty-Ninth of May or The Jovial Beggars, Monkland [2:35]
10. Light of The World [3:45]
11. All Hail The Pow'r of Jesus' Name [4:02]
12. Lord, in The Morning [2:45]
13. Away With Our Sorrows and Care [3:18]
14. Christ The Lord Is Ris'n Today [3:12]
15. O Worship The King [3:25]
16. And Can It Be? [3:44]

Maddy Prior: vocals
Bill Badley: lute, guitar (19th cent. original), steel-string guitar, mandolin, mandocello, banjo, vocals
Charles Fullbrook: tabors, side drum, bass drum, cymbals, wood blocks, cow bell, vocals
'Jub': double bass
Giles Lewin: violin, recorder [2,13], vocals
Andy Watts: curtal, bassoon (19th cent. original), clarinet in C, recorder [2,7,14], vocals

Monday, September 1, 2008

Maddy Prior & Carnival Band - Gold Frankincense and Myrhh (England 2001) @192

01. Melchior (3:26)
02. Caspar (2:21)
03. Balthazar (4:55)
04. Journey to Jericho (6:02)
05. Melima (3:16)
06. Journey to Bethlehem and Song of the Animals (3:22)
07. Welcome Stranger (3:31)
08. Song of Angels (1:44)
09. The Oxen (2:50)
10. The Carnal and the Crane (4:15)
11. Rorate Coeli De Super (3:10)
12. Entre Le Bouef et L'Ane Gris (3:14)
13. Hark! Hark What News (1:46)
14. Bethlehem Down (3:40)

Maddy Prior: vocals;
Bill Badley: renaissance and baroque lutes, guitar, mandolin, vocals;
Steve Banks: djembe, talking drum, saz, violin, vocals;
'Jub': modern and baroque double basses, percussion, vocals;
Giles Lewin: violin, viola, recorders, flute, shawm, vocals;
Raph Mizraki: 'ud, saz, darabuka, balafon, percussion, vocals;
Andy Watts: shawm, recorders, clarinet, Turkish clarinet, bassoon, vocals

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