Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blowzabella - Octomento (2007 ENG) @320

Blowzabella produce an inimitable, driving drone-based sound played with a fabulous sense of melody, rhythmic expertise and sheer feeling. They compose their own music which is influenced by British and European traditional dance music. Many European bands who experiment beyond the boundaries of "folk" music cite Blowzabella as a major influence.

01. Oliver's and Two Beers 3:51
02. De Montford and Magaloufou 5:31
03. The Origin of the World 4:21
04. New Pneus 1:25
05. Tanteeka and Round the Corner 3:53
06. L' Ance 3:25
07. Black Lake and the Duck 4:18
08. One for Sorrow 2:58
09. Ham Street 4:01
10. Le Galant Indiscret 2:54
11. Jackie Tar 2:14
12. The New Road to Alston and Lottie's 5:52
13. To the Edges and Robin's 3:32
14. Hostilite 3:55

Andy Cutting: diatonic button accordion
Jo Freya: clarinet, saxophones
Paul James: bagpipes, saxophones
Gregory Jolivet: hurdy-gurdy
David Shepherd: violins
Barn Stradling: bass guitar
Jon Swayne: bagpipes, saxophones


Lark said...

Another excellent surprise.
Besides loving KC (as I do myself)you're the greatest folk music provider ever!

CrimsonKing said...

Be welcome Lark.
If you like prog (like me), try Dedale in my blog. Great (almost all) instrumental french band.
Valeu, cara!

gkapageridis said...

What a band. A have on vinyl two of their records and they are amazing. This is a true bonus, as are many posts from this special blog.
Thank you very much indeed.

Lark said...

I must agree with you - Dedale makes a very good music indeed.
Thanks for the tip!

Gonzo said...

CK, thanks for Octomento, just realised I'd missed that one in the rush.. Features Jo Freya of course.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the upload, Blowzabella makes such great music.
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but since these are in "My Folk Collection" and not online here, could you upload In Colour, Bobbityshooty, A Richer Dust and Vanilla also?

ken said...

CK, I've heard that Octomento is a masterpiece of Blowzabella, but I couldn't listen at it before, and I see that the above link is no more active. Any possibilities for a new post?

Anyway, thank you very much for this great blog, pal.

CrimsonKing said...



PW: folkyourself.blogspot.com

ken said...

Amazing album.

Thanks a million! :)

Blighty said...

Thank you for all the Blowzabella - they're great!

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