Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fairport Convention - The Woodworm Years (1991 England) @320

The Woodworm Years was originally released on Dave Pegg's own Woodworm Records label in 1991; the label went under shortly thereafter, but this compilation was reissued twice. The 16-track set (up from 14 in its original form, the two additions being a rollicking live version of the bluegrass standard "Orange Blossom Special" and a sensitive yet playful reading of Mike Waterson's "Rubber Band") collects '80s recordings not only from the band, but from its members' occasional solo albums. That means that The Woodworm Years starts off with a solo electric guitar performance from Pegg and features not one but three solo performances from Simon Nicol's Before Your Time album, not to mention one each from Martin Allcock and Ric Sanders, leaving only ten scattered performances by the full group. The solo tracks aren't bad at all, but they're primarily of interest to die-hard fans, making The Woodworm Years an enjoyable but hardly necessary collection of intriguing side trips.

01 - Level Pegging
02 - The Hiring Fair
03 - Wat Tyler
04 - Portmeirion
05 - Honour And Praise
06 - The Deserter
07 - From A Distance
08 - Rosemary's Sister
09 - Red And Gold
10 - Summer Before The War
11 - Con Casey's Jig - Tripping Up The Stairs
12 - Claudy Banks
13 - Three Jigs For Jamie
14 - Ginnie
15 - Orange Blossom Special (live)
16 - Rubber Band


CrimsonKing said...
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Ailis said...

Hi crimsonking, only just noticed you are back !!
Many thanks for this album, now I can replace my poor 128 copy :))

gkapageridis said...

One of the best ever british folk rock bands. They are simply my favourite especially when the late great sandy Denny was a member.
Thiw is a trully great folk blog and i wish you all the best and i need to say a very big thank you very much indeed for all you special posts.

CrimsonKing said...

Yes gkapageridis, I agree with you.

Be welcome, as always, ailis!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Crimsonking!

Anonymous said...

A great band, thank you CrimsonKing

wildbrush said...

Thanks for that one, long lost treasure

Twil said...

Thank you very much, and thanks for everyhting

Anonymous said...

Thanks again. Great site.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again. Great site.

Jon said...

CK, Could you re-up this one. It has an old rapidshare link. Thank you. Jon

CrimsonKing said...

Sure, Jon.
A pleasure.

CrimsonKing said...


The Woodworm Years


Jon said...

Got it. Thanks Again. Jon

Krinoid7 said...

How about some of the complete solo cds taken from the above comp-Simon Nicol, Maart, Ric sanders etc

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