Friday, September 19, 2008

Les Menestriers - Le Bouvier (France 1977) @320

Vinyl Rip.
Thanks to my Belgian friend for this album!

"Les Menestriers" were founded in 1970 in order to address the increased relevance of medieval music in the contemporary music scene. They presented the repertory as a living art in contact with the Earth. The group was disbanded by 1980. Most of the members are always working as musicians and teachers in classical music area.
Their records doesn't exist on CDs and we can considerate "Les Menestriers" as a forgotten band. You'll hardly find information about them on the net... or elsewhere.
The records of "Les Menestriers" were often considerated too serious for folk audience, not serious enough for classical-music audience.
"Le Bouvier" is probably one of the most easiest record to listen, probably due to the influence of bands like Malicorne.

1. Le Bouvier
2. J'ai vu le loup, le renard, le lièvre
3. Pierre de Grenoble
4. Les trois fontaines
5. Il était une cendrillon
6. Douce dame jolie
7. La Manfredina

Marcello Ardizzone: rebec, vielle, oud, crumhorn
Barry Hayward: recorder, chalumean, crumhorn
Chris Hayward: transverse flute, recorder, crumhorn, derbouka, tambourin, cuillers
Bernard Pierrot: saz, oud, lute, chant


Anonymous said...

Your website looks very good but how do you download the music.Sorry this might be a silly question.

Anonymous said...

Great site Beautiful post many thanks

zeporro said...

gracias por el disco.
lo primero que escuché de esta música fué La Bamboche y me gusta mucho este estilo.

(google traductor)
thanks for the album.
the first thing I heard of this music was the Bamboche and I like this style.

Mastranto said...

¡Mil gracias, crimsonking!

Mi agradecimiento por atender mi petición y por compartir semejante disco, aunque esté ripeado del vinilo. Es una auténtica rareza, pieza de coleccionistas y una maravilla para mis oídos y para los amantes de esta música.
No estaría de más que fueran apareciendo alguno de los discos publicados por este grupo, que según mi conocimiento no están publicados en cd ¿o si?

Fran Solo said...

Hi Crimsonking, first: thousands thnx for this post! it's a really and lost gem, sounds of middle-age and renaissance.
Beautiful music and excepcional musicians!

Long live your blog!

Fran Solo

graaf24 said...

Thanks, superb music! more info (track by track)on:

Anonymous said...

Is there some other web address where I would use the Password:
Thank You

CrimsonKing said...

Yes there is.
Many other forums and blogs "borrow" my links.

Anonymous said...

Love the site. I was overjoyed to find these albums--and now I know why I was never able to find CD copies of them. Only problem is, I can't make that password work on Le Bouvier at all. Is there something I'm missing?

pescador2007 said...

Bom Dia, o link não esta activo
Por favor podes por novamente

muito obrigado

CrimsonKing said...


Le Bouvier


Anonymous said...

I keep getting "unexpected end of archive" when I try to open this. Could you check it out? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

When I try to open the rar. file I get "Unexpected end of archive" on this and other files. Is anyone else having that problem?

Anonymous said...

When I try to open the rar. file I get "unexpected end of archive". Is anyone else having this problem?

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