Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Les Menestriers - Chanson légère à entendre (France 1976) @320

Very Rare Album. Vinyl Rip.
Again, I did a custom CD cover-art based in the original vinyl cover.
Thanks to my Belgian friend for this album!

Some says that they were pre-history of french folk... Mnnn... If they were, I'm sure they didn't knew it. They just wanted to let us hear and know this ancient music wich was very underrated and, at this time, very despised by the classical-music audience.
All the musicians of "Les Ménestriers" were classical musicians and in that particular band, they tried to be more "cool" than in real classical recordings. So, the records of "Les Menestriers" were often considerated too serious by the folk audience, not serious enough by the classical-music audience.

01 - Chanson légère à entendre (Conon de Béthune)
02 - Lamento di Tristano e Rotta (Anon., 14th c.)
03 - Chançoneta Tedesca (Anon., 14th c.)
04 - Quatre Rondeaux: A Dieu Commant Amourettes (Adam de la Halle)
05 - Quatre Rondeaux: Li Doux Regard de Ma Dame (Adam de la Halle)
06 - Quatre Rondeaux: Dieu Comment Pourrai (Adam de la Halle)
07 - Quatre Rondeaux: Bonne Amourette (Adam de la Halle)
08 - In Seculum Viellatoris (Anon., 13th c.,)
09 - Cavalcando Con Un Giovane Accorto (Anon., 14th c.)

Marcello Ardizzone: rebec, vièle, oud, crumhorn
Berry Hayward: recorder, chalumean, crumhorn
Bernard Pierrot: saz, oud, lute, chant
Henri Agnel: luth, oud, saz, derbouka
Julien Skowron: rebec, vièle


arbor said...

nice one!! Thanks much

caoimghin said...

Many thanks for introducing me to this excellent band!

Mastranto said...
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Mastranto said...

Nuevamente, mil gracias, crimsonking, hazlas extensivas a tus amigos belgas. Espero con impaciencia el próximo post de Les Menestriers.

Saludos cordiales

Fran Solo said...

Bien, hay que decirlo: un grupazo. Esta vez, me detendría a hacer un mini-análisis. La 1era. vez que escuché a "Les Menestriers" fue en una radio de música docta y es bueno hacer esta leve diferencia, este grupo es de música docta, pues toma las raíces de danzas medievales y renacentistas, con instrumentos de aquella época (cromornos, flautas dulces, cittern, laúd árabe y renacentista, etc.), siendo los precursores de este tipo de conjuntos "David Munrow y The Early Music Consort", "Atrium Musicae", René Clemencic, etc.
Visiten estos blog: http://andesnevados.blogspot.com/

Soy un gran fan del folk en todas sus tendencias, por eso difiero que este sea un grupo "folk". Si puedo decir que muchos grupos de rock celta contemporáneos basan su música en las antiguas danzas y canciones de europa, como ejemplos: Gwendal, Malicorne, Alan Stivell, Jethro Tull, Tri Yann, Pentangle, etc.
Para terminar aconsejo escuchar toda la discografía de Planxty, lejos el mejor grupo de folk céltico de todos los tiempos y el más influyente a nivel internacional. Aconsejo visitar esta otra maravillosa página:

Gracias Crimsonking, también amo el rock-progresivo,
¡Viva King Crimson!

CrimsonKing said...

Thanks fran solo for your comments.
For sure, Les Menestriers are not a "folk" group, but they were a seminal group with influences in folk music.

and thanks for all people here. :)

Lark said...

A few days ago Les Menestries was a completely unknown band to me.
Now I have two astonishing albuns.
Definitely, CrimsonKing, you're the man!
Thanks a million

Anonymous said...

excellent travail, le son est parfait et les photos aussi, bravo !
et merci

Anonymous said...

Hello, i just wanted to thank you for Les Menestriers posts, i'm also a folk music fan and i also like ancient music and i think this group falls between them.

I hope you'll post more music from this great group

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for these Menestriers records. I once owned two of them, but lost them on the way. Now I got the chance to listen to them again. This really made my day.

CrimsonKing said...

Hello folks!
Thank you for your comments :)

Linda said...

I have an album from an old collection I recently acquired called Les Mentestriers. The label was Vanguared Everyman Classics and the 33 LP was done in 1974 and recorded in France. Do you know anything about it?

pranay said...

Hi. I cant seem to find the download links on this and many other albums. Can you please help me out? Thanks a lot. Really appreciate your effort.

CrimsonKing said...

Pranay, the links in my blog are always in the first comment with the same RAR password.

pranay said...

Oh Thanks....How stupid of me !

Pablo said...

Thank you so much for this valuable contribution.
A great contribution in my search for the music documentary "Les temps des Cathedrales"

Anonymous said...

dead link... do you still have it available somewhere ?

thanks for all the music I discovered on this blog !

CrimsonKing said...


Chanson légère à entendre

Password: folkyourself.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

اول لايك وتععليق واستمررر

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