Monday, September 1, 2008

Maddy Prior & Carnival Band - Gold Frankincense and Myrhh (England 2001) @192

01. Melchior (3:26)
02. Caspar (2:21)
03. Balthazar (4:55)
04. Journey to Jericho (6:02)
05. Melima (3:16)
06. Journey to Bethlehem and Song of the Animals (3:22)
07. Welcome Stranger (3:31)
08. Song of Angels (1:44)
09. The Oxen (2:50)
10. The Carnal and the Crane (4:15)
11. Rorate Coeli De Super (3:10)
12. Entre Le Bouef et L'Ane Gris (3:14)
13. Hark! Hark What News (1:46)
14. Bethlehem Down (3:40)

Maddy Prior: vocals;
Bill Badley: renaissance and baroque lutes, guitar, mandolin, vocals;
Steve Banks: djembe, talking drum, saz, violin, vocals;
'Jub': modern and baroque double basses, percussion, vocals;
Giles Lewin: violin, viola, recorders, flute, shawm, vocals;
Raph Mizraki: 'ud, saz, darabuka, balafon, percussion, vocals;
Andy Watts: shawm, recorders, clarinet, Turkish clarinet, bassoon, vocals


Yojik said...

Many thanks!

ruta said...

Loving the Maddy posts, thanks so much! And a coupla requests s'il vous plais?

Going for Glory and Sing Lustily & With Good Courage...


Anonymous said...

Hi Crimson King!
I passed by to say hello!
Many thanks for all the wonderful music!


CrimsonKing said...

Hello Marley!

To ruta:
"With Good Courage" I will post soon.
"Going for the glory" I have it with no good quality.

CrimsonKing said...


Gold Frankincense and Myrhh


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