Friday, October 10, 2008

Soïg Siberil - Digor (France 1993) @224

01. La jiganda
02. Abril - O maio xota de ourense
03. Er miliner - marche de St-Mathieu
04. A tribute to Andy
05. Kishor's tune
06. Beg ar lan
07. Ar menuser - ridée
08. Sweet rain II Plevin jig
09. Plinn ton ar fin
10. La visite à Adèle - marche de la Roche-Bernard
11. Rimodell

Soïg Sibéril: guitares
Jacky Molard: violon, guitare
Jacques Pellen: guitare
Ronan Le Bars: uilleann pipes
Jean-Michel Veillon: flûtes
Dominique Molard: percussions
Youra Marcus: banjo


Yojik said...

Many thanks again!:)

Thine said...

Thank you very much for the tip you left on my blog. I removed that album.
It would be a good thing if all people who have blogged in the past and do now, could get together a list of 'do Not Post These' artists and such that have caused them to get DMCA and their blog deleted!
I too have had a blog pulled by blogger for similar reasons.
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thank for the password but where is the download website.Thank you.

CrimsonKing said...




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