Friday, November 14, 2008

Ougenweide - Ohrenschmaus (1976) + Eulenspiegel (1976) - Germany @320

2 albums in one CD - 2006 Edition.
EAC rip - Lame Codec from FLAC source.
Thanks Pollux for the FLAC source!

01. Bombarde-Ment 1:10
02. Kommt ihr Jungfern helft mir klagen 5:03
03. Eines Freitags im Wald 3:11
04. Pferdesegen (Contra Uermes) 2:00
05. Bald anders 6:32
06. Im Badehaus 3:08
07. Owê wie jaemerliche 4:21
08. Engelboltes Tochter Aven 3:01
09. Rumet uz die Schäemel und die stüele 1:54
10. Alfol 1:00
11. Der Schlemihl 3:55
12. Merseburger Spieluhr 0:37
13. Till 0:23
14. Tyllurius Spiegelius 3:21
15. Der Hofmaler 5:05
16. Till und die Gelehrten 4:28
17. Tills Ende und Vermächtnis 5:20
18. Welscher Tanz und Hupfauf 2:46
19. Totus Floreo 2:36
20. Wol mich der Stunde 5:28
21. Durch den Ermel gat dâz Loch 4:58
22. Enzio 2:06

Minne Graw: Flutes, E-Piano, Harmonium, vocals
Olaf Casalich: Percussion, vocals
Wolfgang von Henko: Guitars, Mandolin, vocals
Jürgen Isenbart: Percussion
Stefan Wulff: Bass, guitar, accordion
Frank Wulff: Flute, Krummhorn, Mandolin, Banjo, Bouzouki, guitar,vocals


Anonymous said...

This is bloody fantastic stuff. What a great find. Thanks Crimson King! ---Balzac

Jeff said...

There is a problem with the files and they won't extract properly. I believe it is because there are duplicates in the two parts, as well as songs missing in part 1. Note that part 1 goes from tracks 1-6 and then jumps to tracks 16-22. Part 2 contains tracks 15-22, of which 16-22 are identical to the tracks in part 1. Thus tracks 7-14 are missing. In addition,there is data corruption in some of the files. It probably needs to be re-uploaded. Thanks.

CrimsonKing said...

I checked both files, Jeff.
First of all, I tested the RAR part1 and part2 that I still have in my HD.
I did a RAR self-test and the RAR extraction. All was perfect, with no errors.
After that, I did the download of the RARs parts from Rapidshare and extracted them to my HD. Perfect with no errors.
And more, the files were downloaded more than 260 times and I had only your complaint.
Than I can conclude that the problem is in your system. Maybe a bad download, or a wrong WinRAR version.
Try to re-download the files or to use WinRAR v3.51 or later.
I Hope it help you.

Jeff said...

Mea culpa. You were absolutely correct. The downloads were somehow corrupted. Worked like a charm this time. Sorry for the inconvenience but thank you for checking. And…. thank you for a wonderful folk music blog. The music to which you have exposed me has greatly expanded my horizons and your efforts are very much appreciated.

Spica said...

Wow, this is a great band. Thanks for posting.

Mr,Anthrax said...

A friend of mine owned the tape "Eulenspiegel" back when we all were young. It got lost and I was searching ever since! Thank you very much!

CrimsonKing said...

Cool, Mr Anthrax !

eric said...

Hey great band- my problem is that one track (15) in the second part will not be unzipped (I get an error message that it will not work). All the other files unzip nicely. When I try and unzip the whole .rar file using my rar software (freeRAR Extract Frog), I cannot unzip the whole file at all. It asks me for the password twice, and on the second time around it just closes the application without unzipping the file (this happens with some of your other files I have downloaded, but they successfully unzip when I enter the password the second time).

Any ideas?? I am only losing one track, but I want them all!

CrimsonKing said...


I did the download, and using Winrar I hadn't any problem.
I think better you don't use this freeware RAR program. Seems it has problems.

I uploaded track 15 again.
Get it heregood luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi mr folk ( I don't know your name). I would like to ask you a great favor. I'm looking for the complete covers from all Ougenwiede albums. If you have it, can you send it for me? My e-mail is Thanks in advance

No Reality said...

thanks suche a grat band its my new favour!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW such a great band its my new favour verry verry big thanks

Peter said...

Thanks yet again mate - great! :o)

Anonymous said...

thank you very much!

CrimsonKing said...


Ohrenschmaus + Eulenspiegel


daniel michels said...

I love you man
thank you so much.. no way I would be able to listen to this

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