Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ougenweide - Sol (1997) Germany @320

EAC rip - Lame Codec from FLAC source.
Thanks Matty for the FLAC source!

01. Terra Sinus Aperit 3:31
02. Gaudete 3:16
03. Drink Down The Moon 3:52
04. Spagna Contrapunto 2:22
05. O Death 3:35
06. King Arthur 3:09
07. Ave Maria 4:14
08. Woe Worth The Tyme 4:14
09. Gentil Señora Mia 3:19
10. Owê 3:53
11. Tourdion 3:23
12. Pasa El Agua 3:23
13. Concerto For Lovers 3:11
14. SOL 4:11

Olaf Casalich-Bauer: Vocals, Percussion, Drums, Djembe
Stefan Rager: Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Programming, Glockenspiel, Toy piano, Harfenzither, Marimba, Bodhran, Udu
Stefan Wulff: Bass, Contrabass, Keyboards, Percussion, Talking Drum, Drum Programming
Frank Wulff: Saz, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, chinesische Schnarrflöte, Maultrommel, Drehleier, Mandoline, Mandola, Keyboards, Alt-Querflöte, Muschelhorn, Tin Whistle, Waterphon, Percussion, Schalmei, Krummhörner, Sitar, Schwirrholz, Digeridoo
Darius Zahir: Keyboards
Wolfgang von Henko: E- und Akustik-Gitarre, Midi-Gitarre, E-Bow-Gitarre, Konzert-Gitarre, Sample-Percussion, Programming
Wolfram Huschke: Cello
Sven Gordon Williams: Drums, Percussion

Tessera Quartett:
Christiane Wulff: Violin
Michail Paweletz: Violin
Karlheinz Mayer: Viola
Gernot Nutzenberger: Cello


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!
Just for the interested:
Vocals: Beate Kynast, Dorothee Lübke, Susanne Wolf, Claudia aberding, Annette Isenbart.

skylamb1 said...

HI < /b>
I'm trying to open "Ougenweide - Sol (1997) Germany @320"(Ougwd77_folkyourself.part1.rar & Ougwd77_folkyourself.part2.rar) using the folkyourself.blogspot.com PW, but it tells me I have the wrong PW. Can you help? < /b>
Thanks< /b>

Caperucita con Lobo said...

Many, many thanks!
Great blog

Peter said...

Thank you once more!

V Different from their other output!

CrimsonKing said...



Password: folkyourself.blogspot.com

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