Friday, November 14, 2008

Ougenweide - Ungezwungen - Live (1977) - Germany @320

2 albums in one CD - 2007 Edition.
EAC rip - Lame Codec from FLAC source.
Thanks Matty for the FLAC source!

01. Bald anders (Ohrenschmaus) 6:40
02. Wol mich der Stunde (Eulenspiegel) 6:50
03. Ouwe wie jaemerliche (Ohrenschmaus) 4:04
04. Der Rivale (All die Weil ich mag) 6:09
05. Ougenweide (Ougenweide) 11:46
06. Der Schlemihl (Ohrenschmaus) 3:37
07. Ihr Herren wollt ihr schweigen still (Frÿheit) 3:31
08. Swa gouter hande wurzen sint (Ougenweide) 6:37
09. Wintertanz (All die Weil ich mag) 3:13
10. Till und die Gelehrten (Eulenspiegel) 4:55
11. Ronde (erstveröffentlicht) 3:38
12. Der Fuchs (Ougenweide) 6:29


opa said...

super! you make me very happy ! have only all the records ! and i saw them liveas a young man.

CrimsonKing said...

Cool opa!

Peter said...

Thanks for more such good music CK! :o)

wackystuff said...

This links downloads a different file: Ougenweide - [1976 GER] - Ohrenschmaus + Eulenspiegel (2006 Edition) @320
Thanks for being here!

CrimsonKing said...

wackystuff you are right!
It was my mistake.
Strange only now someone have noticed the error.
Thank you :)

Below is the new fixed link

CrimsonKing said...




wackystuff said...

Thanks for your quick reply, CrimsonKing.
I am thrilled that you are still keeping this blog alive.
Much of this music is really hard to find anywhere else.
You make my day!

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