Monday, November 24, 2008

Sìleas - Delighted With Harps (1986 Scotland)@320


01 - The Brigs (The North Brig O' Edinburgh-The Brig O' Perth)
02 - Cadal Chan Fhaigh Mi (I Can Get No Sleep)
03 - Reels (Millbrae-The Spey In Spate)
04 - Eppie Morrie
05 - Air And Reel (The Chanter's Tune-Marry Me Now)
06 - Da Day Dawn
07 - The Little Cascade
08 - Tha Mulad
09 - 'sol Coltach Mi Ri Craobh Gun Duilleag-Feadan Glan A' Phiobair
10 - John Anderson My Jo
11 - The Judges Dilemma - The Inverness Gathering

Mary Macmaster: metal-strung harp, electro-harp, vocals
Patsy Seddon: gut-strung harp, electro-harp, vocals


Anonymous said...

Fantastic post CK!!!
I'm hoping that harpestry will become a regular presence amongst we folkers visiting your mighty fine blog...
Splendid harpers those two lassies...
Thank you so much!


Lark said...

Delightful post!
Thanks a lot

arbor said...

many thanks for this and the other album by Sileas.

Great blog!

CrimsonKing said...

Nice comments. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

My anit-virus software detected a virus while I was downloading your post. No damage done - I hope!

I recommend everyone check their systems just to be safe. I haven't any further details.


CrimsonKing said...

This possibilty is equal to zero!

Inside the RAR files there are:
1) The songs in MP3
2) One JPG and one M3U (playlist) file.
3) A MHT file, that is a complete image of an internet page.

Then, I recommend you to exchange your anti-virus software.

CrimsonKing said...

... and this was the first time, in 2 years, that someone says that my posts are infected by a virus!

I had more than 200 downloads of this album! Only your system found a virus!
I think it a bit strange :)

Anonymous said...

THANKS ... I've looking for these CDs for a long time and finally I found them. thanks a lot

CrimsonKing said...




Gabriel Lazzari said...

I'm sorry ,but your link to MEGA has an empty rar. file to download... any other way to download the album?

CrimsonKing said...

No, Gabriel, the file is perfect.
I did the download right now and all is working fine.
Try to change the RAR program.

Gabriel Lazzari said...

I'm so sorry! Maybe I did something wrong. Sorry to bother you D:

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