Wednesday, December 17, 2008

June Tabor - Angel Tiger (1992 England) @320

01. Hard Love (5.05)
02. Joseph Cross (3.47)
03. Sudden Waves (6.30)
04. Rumours of War (2.59)
05. All Our Trades Are Gone (3.20)
06. Happed in Mist (4.19)
07. The Doctor Calls (3.41)
08. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme (4.33)
09. All This Useless Beauty (3.40)
10. Ten Thousand Miles (5.31)
11. Blind Step Away (3.45)
12. Elephant (3.18)

June Tabor: vocals
Huw Warren: piano, cello, accordion [4]
Mark Emerson: violin, viola, accordion, piano [4]
Mark Lockheart: clarinet, tenor and soprano saxophone
Dudley Philips: double bass
Bosco de Oliveira: percussion


Anonymous said...

I'm very grateful for anything by June Tabor. There is no better singer of English folk songs. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Angel Tiger!
Another album that starts with the letter "A".

A cut above
Ashes and Diamonds
Airs and Graces

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas CrimsonKing !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all this marvellous June Tabor Recordings! I hope you will continue posting the rest of them. I was an admirer of her music but I only knew the "Always" box and "A Cut Above" (actually, I also love most of the old Martin Simpson stuff...). Thank you Crimson King! I wish you a splendid new year's eve and best wishes for 2009!

Anonymous said...

Many, many, many thansk for all the great stuff you've put up here. It's wonderful to see such quality recordings are enjoyed by a wider audience than today's contemporary schlock might have you believe. My ex and I used to listen to Fiona Ritchie's (sp?) public radio show, "The Thistle & Shamrock," in the '70s, and were introduced to a lot of the artists I've since found on your blog. (She kept the Silly Sisters LP and a lot of other Green Linnet albums when we split up.) Any chance you might be able to post any of the following:

John Cunningham - Fair Warning

Phil Cunningham - Airs & Graces

Dolores Keane - Solid Ground

Dolores Keane - Broken Hearted I'll Wander

Triona Ni Dhomnaill - Triona

Nightnoise - The Parting Tide

Nightnoise - A Windham Hill Retrospective

Thanks again for your great blog! I've been introduced to some incredibly beautiful music that I'd never otherwise have known about. -- Smitty59

geoff said...

Thanks for these June Tabor posts. I have most of them on vinyl that has seen better days but I still play them. Do you have any idea where I might be able to get "a cold wind" which was a theme song to a BBC TV programme. My single version is now very noisy and not worth trying to digitalise.

CrimsonKing said...

I found it on net.

"Note: According to the PDF document with the album's liner notes that used to be on Topic Records' website, CD D, track 12 was originally planned to be A Cold Wind from the BBC 2 serial Spyship instead of the present track 13, Joe Peel. Sadly this track has been left out and is still unavailable on CD."

This note is about the anthology album "Always" (2005).

CrimsonKing said...

I think you can find easily the mostly of these albums in SoulSeek.

Twil said...

Thanks again, brilliant

CrimsonKing said...


Angel Tiger


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