Friday, December 12, 2008

June Tabor with Martin Simpson - A Cut Above (1980 England) @320


Updated in 320K

01 - Admiral Benbow (2:41)
02 - Davy Lowston (4:50)
03 - Flash Company (2:42)
04 - Number Two Top Seam (3:11)
05 - Strange Affair (5:50)
06 - Heather Down on the Moor (2:48)
07 - Joe Peel (3:38)
08 - Le Roi Renaud (6:35)
09 - Riding Down to Portsmouth (1:07)
10 - Unicorns (5:09)

June Tabor: vocals
Martin Simpson: guitars
Ric Sanders: violin
Dave Bristow: piano, synthesiser
Jon Davie: bass


scarecrowd said...

That's great. Just great.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for sharing all these lovely June Tabor cds: quite a collection you have generously offered up for us to enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all this great music,much appreciated

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of a 320kbps upgrade for June Tabor & Martin Simpson - A Cut Above, Great Album Thanks again.

CrimsonKing said...

Sure! Here is.


A Cut Above (320K)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for June Tabor& Martin Simpson upgrade.

Anonymous said...

Great! Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Having a heck of a time with the 320 link. Never gives me the link, just ads :(

CrimsonKing said...

The link is working fine.
But don't spend your precious time with it.
Go to shop and buy the record.

CrimsonKing said...


A Cut Above


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