Sunday, December 7, 2008

Väsen - Gront (1999 Sweden) @VBR~224

Swedish folk band Vasen mix the haunting, lonely sounds of their country's traditional music with a modern sense of humor and a strong melodic assurance. Gront maintains the high levels of energy and musicianship the band has established on its previous recordings, while taking more unorthodox approaches to their arrangements. Traditionalists might find their music a bit watered-down in terms of faithful authenticity, but most others will find it enjoyable and accessible.
-Steve Huey (All Music Guide)-

01 - Ploska 5:01
02 - M. Nykänen 2:44
03 - Stäppen (The Steppe) 4:03
04 - Göskarlen (The Pikeman) 5:25
05 - JTT 6:03
06 - Reel Carrowkeel 4:22
07 - Trana (Crane) 1:49
08 - Svampmannen (The Mushroomman) 6:32
09 - Ekorrn (Squirrel) 4:23
10 - Grontmannen (The Grontman) 3:23
11 - Väntans Vals (Waiting Waltz) 4:29
12 - Näcken 8:35

Olov Johansson: nyckelharpa
Mikael Marin: viola
Roger Tallroth: guitar, and sometimes
André Ferrari: Percussion


esod said...

I keep listening to it! There was a time when scandinavian folk was affordable, and i got to know Väsen then. I also saw them Live at Toender Folk Festival in Denmark.
But I never could manage to buy any other CD, because they were sold around the 29 Euro mark.

This one however would have been worth even that much (I paid 10 Euro then).
It's melodies are always surprising (you think: that's it, da capo, and these guys serve another two bars of earcandy)
I especially like the Double/triple layer of violin sound that is created by the nyckelharpa and the violin.


CrimsonKing said...




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