Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dédale - Le Maître Dhû (1991-France) @VBR~224

01. Post-A
02. Obsession part 1
03. La tripolitaine
04. Tsatsa Minnka
05. Hypnose / Reel
06. PV / The dwarf
07. Le carré / L'ovale
08. Ombre blanche / Scottish jazzy
09. Les galériens
10. La guinguette / Phyllis
11. Rosebud
12. Chlorophylle

Olivier Cohu: basse, guitare
Isabelle Pignol: vielle à roue
Norbert Pignol: accordéons diatoniques
Christophe Sacchettini: flûtes à bec, anches, épinettes, percussions, whistles
Jean-Pierre Sarzier: clarinette, clarinette basse, claviers

Le Carré - L'Ovale


CrimsonKing said...

Le Maître Dhû


Anonymous said...

Hello Crimson King!
Splendid choice of yours!...
Dédale is the most innovative music i've heard last month. Besides the wondeful "Face Cachée" here at folkyourself I also found in the blogworld "Alive Face A" and "No Past". And I'm loving it. Great Music!
A whole lotta thanks!


marco said...

Many Thanks!

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