Wednesday, February 11, 2009

June Tabor - Apples (2007 England) @320


01. The Dancing / Miss Lindsay Barker (7:27)
02. The Old Garden Gate (4:04)
03. The Auld Beggarman (4:47)
04. The Rigs of Rye (5:50)
05. I Love My Love (4:27)
06. Soldiers Three (2:52)
07. Speak Easy (5:59)
08. Au Logis De Mon Père (2:47)
09. Standing in Line (5:38)
10. Ce Fu En Mai (4:13)
11. My Love Came to Dublin (4:36)
12. Send Us a Quiet Night (5:15)

June Tabor: vocals
Andy Cutting: diatonic accordion
Mark Emerson: piano, violin, viola
Tim Harries: double bass


michaelDUSTdevil said...

thank you so much for all the June Tabor... she makes me shiver... i saw her live at a young age at the Topic folk club in Bradford where i bought "Airs & Graces" & have been smitten ever since...

wf said...

this seems to put an crowning end to a glorious June Tabor discography!
thank you for your efforts, CrimsonKing.
i'd like to show my gratitude by posting the "Always Box" on my blog, supporting to spread the news of an unique artist!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks CrimsonKing.

Michael said...

You have a wonderful blog here CrimsonKing. Many thanks for all your efforts to spread great music. Your June Tabor collection has opened my ears and given me the opportunity to listen to some amazing songs.


CrimsonKing said...

Nice :)

Twil said...

Thanks very much for this

CrimsonKing said...



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