Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Troka - Raharinki (Finland 2006) @320

Re-uploaded in 320 Kbps
01 - Raharinki
02 - Bulgaarit Kytösavuilla
03 - Folksiili
04 - Riippusillan Alla
05 - Strömmerin Paluu
06 - Menuetti
07 - Kaustinen 1908
08 - Ruotsalaisia Sotasankareita
09 - Astoraalinen Polskafantasia
10 - Lapuanjoki Tulvii
11 - Parinvaihtovalssi
12 - Kaukokaipuu

Ville Ojanen: fiddle, viola, mandolin
Matti Mäkelä: fiddle
Johanna Juhola: accordion
Timo Alakotila: harmonium, piano
Antti Järvelä: double bass


Anonymous said...

What a brilliant record. Thanks alot to the uploader. I'm a very big fan of Finnish music (actually almost everything : from cheap catchy pop ("iskelmä") to folk rock pop accordion etc. Such music is very hard to find - even on the internet - when you don't have the luck to be in Finland.

This compilation is rich and varied, definitely worth listening to for anyone and in particular people who are interested into Finnish music and don't know what to begin with

Regards from Holland ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me discover thing great band. will definitely investigate about them. I allready knew Timo Alakotila from his previous work with Maria Kalaniemi - another excellent Finnish artist, doing accordion.

A very good instrumental Finnish folk album, very "Finnish"in its atmosphere, energetic, demanding and intoxicating melodies.

greetz from Holland ;)

CrimsonKing said...




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