Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ilgi - Kaza Kapa Debesis (Latvia 2003) @VBR

01. Nesmejieti Jūs Ļautiņi / Don’t You Laugh At Me
02. Rītā Rasa Krita / The Morning Dew-falls
03. Šķērsu Dienu Saule Teka / The Sun Is Running Crosswise
04. Kaza Kāpa Debesīs / A Goat Climbed Up Into the Sky
05. Ozoliņš Sadega / An Oak Tree Was Burnt
06. Tiem Būs Sargāt Pavardiņu / Those Are the Ones
07. Es Ar Sauli Saderēju / I Made a Bet With the Sun
08. Tumša Nakte Zaļa Zāle / The Night Was Dark, The Grass Was Green
09. Ozolīti Zemzarīti / Low-Branched Oak Tree
10. Runā Ļaudis, Ko Runā / People Are Gossiping
11. Kas Tur Nāca Pār Jūriņu / Who Is Coming Across the Sea
12. Es Gulēju Maigu Miegu / I Was a Lite Sleeper
13. Jūrā Gāju Naudu Sēti / Sowing Money Into the Sea

Ilga Reizniece: Voice, violin
Maris Muktupavels: Bagpipes, accordion, recorder
Gatis Gaujenieks: bass
Vilnis Strods: Drums
Egons Kronbergs: Guitars


urijenny said...


Buenísimo. Muchas gracias. Ya lo estoy descargando.

Saludos cordiales.

Anonymous said...

Que tal, desde hace un buen tiempo que descargo discos de aqui, pero es la primera vez que comento, bella musica, lo que mas me ha gustado es lo de flogging molly, entre varios mas, gracias por todo.
Otra cosa ... me interesa este disco, he intentado bajarlo ya dos veces y en las dos aparece vacio ya cuando esta en winrar, es la primera vez que me pasa esto, si es el cd a ver si lo puedes arreglar, de nuevo gracias!
hasta luego

Anonymous said...

Tremendo error mio... se que nada tiene que ver el grupo que puse, en realidad quize escribir Magpie Lane.

CrimsonKing said...

What Magpie Lane album have you problem?

Anonymous said...

Ah no, it was misunderstand, the CD appears empty to me is of the this post.
Magpie Lane I mean that this has been one of the bands that I liked more, and write Flogging Molly was the error that I mentions..

taraletti said...

Hi your blog is great, this is our fórum. Can we exchange links?. Is a non profit forum, wich objective is rescue the ethnic music


CrimsonKing said...

Thanks taraletti.
Is your forum only for spanish language people? Since it would be about world music, I suggest you turn it more "universal".
Only a suggestion :)

Good luck with your new child :)

taraletti said...

No no Crimson King, when you get registered you can change the language to English. Would be nice that all know well english, but not all the people of the forum know english.
But anyway, that's the point' once you get registered in the profile you can change the language of the fórum to english.

P.S: the registration is absolutely free ;)
2 - The ads that appear on the fórum aren't of our property, the server put the ads on all the forums :S
3 - I put your link in a sections of the fórum. Can we exchange links please?

CrimsonKing said...

Ok taraletti.
I added your link in my blog.
Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

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bathmate said...

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Andres Abreu said...

Podría reponer este link?

CrimsonKing said...




Andres Abreu said...

Muy bueno. Gracias! Saludos.

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