Friday, June 5, 2009

Les Menestriers - Domino (France 1974) @320

Very Rare Album. Vinyl Rip.
Custom CD cover-art based in the original vinyl cover.
Thanks to Fran Solo for this album!

01 - Domino (Anon., School of Notre Dame, 12th c.)
02 - E Dame jolie (Anon, 12th c., Trouvere)
03 - Danse- Ductia (Anon, 13th c.)
04 - Belle Doette (Anon, 13th c.)
05 - Danse- Estampie (Anon, 13th c.)
06 - L'homme arme (Robert Morton)
07 - Mon bien ma joyeux (Robert Morton)
08 - Danse- Danza alta (Anon, 13th c.)
09 - La Magdalena - Pavane- Mille Ducats+Gaillarde - Mille Ducats (Tielman Susato from Attaingnant)
10 - Pavan (Peter Philips)
11 - Joyne Hands (Thomas Morley)
12 - Vaghe belleze et bionde treccie d'oro vedi che per ti (Anon.- 5 dances of the italian Renaissance)

Henri Agnel: lute, pandore, guitar
Marcelo Ardizzone: rebec, viols, guitar
Jean-Noel Catrice: recorder
Bernard Pierrot: lute


graaf24 said...

Thanks, I already have this, but high bitrate is always wellcome!

pozdrav from Belgrade,

Vic said...

Hi there, nice blog this one. I'm not new to the genre, but have still been able to find a lot of good new stuff in here. -adds bookmark-

JackRamon said...


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CrimsonKing said...

Useful site.
Thanks JackRamon. Link added.

Anonymous said...


Mastranto said...

Gracias CrimsonKing por volver a traer este apreciado grupo.
¿Seguirás con los restantes de su discografía?
Saludos cordiales

CrimsonKing said...

Sorry Mastranto, but I don't have more Menestriers albums.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this and the other Menestriers stuff. Very good.

Anonymous said...

Hello CrimsonKing !
Could you please give another link ?
Thanks for all !

CrimsonKing said...




Anonymous said...

Thaaaaaaaaaaannnnks !!! ;-)

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