Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fernhill - Llatai (1998 Wales) @320

01 - Llatai
02 - Daniel Sgubor
03 - Pontypridd
04 - Blacksmith
05 - Gladez & Katell
06 - Carol Haf
07 - Cariad
08 - Bredon Hill

Julie Murphy: vocals
Andy Cutting: button accordion
Ceri-Rhys Matthews: guitar and clarinet
Jonathan Shoreland: pastoral oboes, flutes, whistles, clarinets and bagpipe


Anonymous said...

Many many thanks, CK, for all the Julie Murphy recordings. She has a wonderfully characteristic voice. I shall enjoy these songs for many years to come :)

musicman3 said...

Somehow I missed Fernhill in my music collectiing. I have always admired Julie Murphy's voice, so now I have another "favorite" group to listen to. Thank You

CrimsonKing said...




Tony Wrench said...

Hi folks. Emma Orbach of Rasalila, who lives at Tir Ysbridol, Brithdir Mawr, pems, 01239 821099, lost her pipes in a fire recently. If you know of some second hand pipes by John Toes or New or second hand by Jonathan Shoreland, could you please let her know? Thanks. Tony Wrench.

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