Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Julie Murphy & Dylan Fowler - Ffawd (2001 Wales) @320

Ffawd (fate): A whole album of the thrilling, clear voice of Julie Murphy is certainly good news. Here she is accompanied by Dylan Fowler, a guitarist of no mean technique, but more importantly of great imagination. Whilst Murphy is best known as vocalist with Fernhill, Fowler has a more jazz background and has collaborated with such varied figures as Danny Thompson, Loreena McKennit and Dick Heckstall-Smith .... Paul Burgess. The Living Tradition

01 - Collen lawn Cawell llawn. Can Wil y Tloty
02 - Y Folantein
03 - Cariad Cyntaf
04 - Can o Glod i Mwynyn Penrhiwrmenyn
05 - Gwel yr Adeilad
06 - Can Dyffryn Clettwr
07 - Y Deryn Du a’i Blufyn Shitan
08 - Y Bachan Main
09 - Morgan Jones o’r Dole Gwyrddion
10 - Hiraeth am Feirion
11 - Bugeilia’r Gwenith Gwyn
12 - Y Ddau Farch
13 - Y Gwydd
14 - Can y Fari

Julie Murphy - vocals
Dylan Fowler - strings


CrimsonKing said...
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graaf24 said...

Hi CrimsonKing,
After few listening I think that is very good album a hidden jewel indeed, very fresh and intimate. Welsh language is so musical when Julie sings, all compliments for great guitar work goes to Dylan Fowler. Very nice post, thank you.

Pozdrav, Graaf

Joel said...

Diolch yn fawr! I'm looking forward to hearing this!

CrimsonKing said...




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