Friday, September 18, 2009

Julie Murphy - Lilac Tree (2002 Wales) @320

By now we really shouldn't be surprised by anything that Julie Murphy delivers. In the past she has given us traditional material, Welsh language songs, and made bold excursions into world music... and now there is a first album of her own original material. And what is more, given her track record, we really shouldn't be surprised, either, that it's so very good. Murphy seems to have the Midas touch and while these songs - most co-written with Fernhill guitarist and singer Richard Llewellyn - are a slow burn, they gnaw away at you with instant guile. Her songwriting was apparently sparked by the death of her father, and the album recorded in a four-day frenzy of activity at the Dreamworld studios in Pembrokeshire. The result is a low-key album of understated passion and minimalist jazzy arrangements (an extraordinary arrangement of Fighting for Strangers)... Murphy is a class act who invests her songs with such an instinctively subtle gravitas you are drawn in before you know it. Deeply impressive. - Colin Irwin, Mojo

01 - Kiss Like That.
02 - My Father Was
03 - Lilac Tree
04 - Leave Him
05 - My Church
06 - Train (Going West)
07 - Fighting for Strangers
08 - Fasting Girl
09 - Night Visit
10 - Cilgerran (Glory of Love)

Julie Murphy: vocals
Richard Llewellyn: Acoustic & electric guitars, Vocals
Tim Harries: Bass & piano
Rowan Griffiths: Drums
Tomos Williams: Trumpet


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Since i discovered your blog i also discovered a lot of great bands i didn't even heard about, though i listen a lot of folk and traditionnal music, beeing myself a bagpipe and accordion player.

Thanks a lot for all this nice music.

By the way can i make a request for Gaelic Storm and Suzanna Seivane?

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Lilac Tree


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