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Julie Murphy, Lynne Denman & Joanne Acty - English Love Songs (1998 Wales) @320

Searching for Lambs...The Cuckoo...A Blacksmith Courted Me...The Dark-Eyed Sailor... these and ten more love songs are among the treasures of the English folk tradition and wonderfully evoked in this album. Available both on CD and cassette the collection is presented by three fine interpreters of traditional song. Fernhill's Julie Murphy is already acknowledged as one of the foremost singers of her generation - 'a stunning female voice' is how Living Tradition magazine has described her. Julie has often performed in partnership with Lynne Denman from the band Ffynnon, and the power of their vocal harmonies can be heard on the album's fine version of The Banks of the Sweet Primroses. Joanne Acty from the acclaimed Oxfordshire band Magpie Lane completes the trio of performers whose voices are enhanced by sensitive and inventive arrangements on fiddle, guitar, clarinet, accordion, cello, harpsichord and other instruments.

01 - Searching for Lambs
02 - Our Captain Cried
03 - Bedlam City
04 - Blacksmith Courted Me
05 - The Cuckoo
06 - My Johnny was a Shoemaker
07 - The Lowlands of Halland
08 - The Bonnie Light Horseman
09 - Felton Lonnin
10 - The Banks of Sweet Primroses
11 - The Dark-eyed Sailor
12 - I'll Weave My Love a Garland
13 - Black is the Colour
14 - The Blacksmith

Julie Murphy: vocals (Fernhill)
Joanne Acty: Vocals (Magpie Lane)
Lynne Denman: Vocals (Ffynnon)

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14 (produced by Julie Murphy)
Stacy Blythe: Accordion, harppsichord, cello
Ceri Matthews: Clarinet, guitar, cittern, pipes
Dan Morris: Fiddle
Bernard Kilbride: Fiddle

Tracks 3, 6, 8, 11, 13 (produced by Tim Healey)
Peter Acty: Guitar, mandola
Di Whitehead: Cello, recorder
Andy Turner: Concertina
Mat Green: Fiddle


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English Love Songs


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