Monday, January 18, 2010

Ad Vielle Que Pourra - Come What May (Canada 1991) @320

Come What May represents the acme of this Montreal-based quintet's attempts to create a new, more sophisticated folk music out of Breton roots. (The Bretons are the Celts of northern France.) Although the same whirring, wheezing combination of hurdy-gurdy, accordion, bombarde, and so forth is found on this album as on the group's earlier efforts, everything comes together more smoothly.
The instruments are recorded better, so it is possible to write more complex songs for them. Some tracks achieve an almost Bach-like interplay of lines. Roughly half of the tracks are songs, and the rest are instrumentals. This makes for a nice mix. None of the musicians has a great voice, but they bring a peasant-like sincerity and sentimentality to the proceedings.

01. Un Cosaque Á Paris
02. Adagio des Années Mornes
03. Evit Gabriel
04. Kanaouen an Dud a Vor
05. Micro-Polka
06. Valse Minette/Les Patates Ont Germé a St. Amable
07. Tu Nous Les Kas-Ebarh Toi
08. Chanson a la Mariée
09. Laridé D.T. /Polka d'été
10. Plinn an Enaouer
11. A St. Malo-Sur-Mer
12. Le Drao du Mao
13. Le Conscrit de Napoléon
14. Bourée en Ré

Alain Leroux: Mandolin, Violin, Mandocello, Bouzouki, Mandola, Vocals
Gilles Plante: Vocals, Recorder, Bagpipes, Taragat
Luc Thonon: Pipe, Recorder
Daniel Thonon: Accordion, Vocals, Electric Guitar, Hurdygurdy
Jean-Louis Cros: Bass Guitar, Guitar


Re Gilardin said...

Every album with hurdy gurdy is welcome!!!
Abd this is a great album...
Many thanks!!!

John said...

Yet another treasure from your extraordinary collection! So many wonderful new discoveries. Thanks a lot!

CrimsonKing said...


Come What May


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