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Bazar Blå - Nysch (Sweden 2004) @320

The Swedish trio Bazar Blå release their fourth CD – Nysch. Previously they have released two studioproductions - Nordic City (1998) och Tripfolk (2000), and one liverecording - Live (2003). Audiences all over the world have received these CDs very well and with Nysch the group continues to break new musical ground, this time in a mostly acoustic soundscape.

Bazar Blå have been very active the past few years. Musical collaborations, tours and festival - performances in Denmark, Norway, Spain, Iran, England, Belgium, Switzerland, America etc. have brought their music to fascinated listeners far outside the borders of their native Sweden. The material on Nysch is to a large extent a result of these adventures. The title is short for: "Den nya schottisen" the new schottis (a beloved style of swedish folkmusic) - Nysch Bazar Blå have a habbit of using remotely located cottages as studios but Nysch was recorded in a fantastic outhouse near Stockholm. A car full of instruments and recording equipment, three inspired musicians and two intense recording sessions was all it took. The result is new folkmusic – Transglobal Tripfolk - composed, performed, recorded and produced by Johan Hedin, Björn Meyer and Fredrik Gille. Bazar Blå about the music and Transglobal Tripfolk.

"Our urge to evolve, as musicians and as a group, makes us open for any ideas that promote new ways of expressing ourselves musically.
It is not always a conscious search – very often something simple and unexpected like a few nice sounding notes, a strange drum or a new way to use the bow can trigger the imagination. The sound of a minaret-singer in Teheran, elevator-music in a Stockholm hotel, a squeaky radio in a taxi in Bombay or serious studies in playing techniques or cultural traditions, all in their own way, add to our musical evolution. Just as inspiration can come at an airport when you realize your luggage has gone missing or as dawn breaks at the fiddlers meeting in Bingsjö, it can turn up on the living room couch. The music of Bazar Blå is most of all a result of the fact that we truly enjoy playing together. Even though our Swedish roots are evident, it is the specific blend of musical personalities that gives the repertoire its unmistakeable character.

We create our music without considerations about any specific genre but with an urge to invent our own paths through the musical territories that inspire us. The music itself, rather than stylistic conventions, tells us how to play it and the expression we want to give each tune becomes our guide to choosing instrumentation and playing techniques.

There is no generally accepted style describing our music so we call it Transglobal Tripfolk. Music inspired by folk-traditions from all over the world with the ambition to invite you as a listener on a trip through time and space." - Bazar Blå

01. Grannlåten
02. Mulven
03. Andalus
04. Syster Ararat
05. Nypolskan
06. RIQ
07. Kebabchichi
08. Pôselåten
09. RODpolskan
10. Nysch
11. Framedrumsolo
12. Vilnius

Johan Hedin: Nyckelharpa
Björn Meyer: Electric & Acoustic 6 String Bass
Fredrik Gille: Percussion, Cajon, Tablas, Frame Drums


Anonymous said...

you are right, thank you!
Very good record, not completely different from Vasen from Sweden. Maybe a bit more laid back overall than Sweden's most famous nyckelharpa band. Definitely a great daytime listen to help alleviate workday stress. Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Please re-up :)

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Thank you CrimsonKing for facilitating the sparkle of existence :)

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