Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Maddy Prior & Tim Hart - Summer Solstice (England 1971) @320

01 - False Knight on the Road
02 - Bring Us in Good Ale
03 - Of All the Birds
04 - I Live Not Where I Love
05 - The Ploughboy and the Cockney
06 - Westron Wynde
07 - Sorry the Day I Was Married
08 - Dancing at Whitsun
09 - Fly Up My Cock
10 - Cannily Cannily
11 - Adam Catched Eve
12 - Three Drunken Maidens
13 - Serving Girls Holiday

Maddy Prior: vocals
Tim Hart: vocals, guitar, dulcimer, harmonium, psalter, tabor
Andy Irvine: mandolin
John Ryan: string bass;
Gerry Conway: percussion, bells
Pat Donaldson: electric bass
Robert Kirby: string arrangement on Dancing at Whitsun


CrimsonKing said...
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Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of a 320 copy of 'Original Masters' by Steeleye Span? Thanks a million.

CrimsonKing said...

Sorry I don't have it, but it's only one of dozen of Steeleye Span's anthologies.
Nothing in special on it.

Anonymous said...

Not true, 'Bonnie Moorhen' is unique as is another version of a track the name of which escapes me at the moment.

caoimghin said...

Yes, Bonny Moorhen is an outtake from Parcel of Rogues, and Wife of Ushers Well is a live version.

roldo said...

Thanks for this!

CrimsonKing said...


Summer Solstice

Password: folkyourself.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

You are incredibly generous and conscientious - thank you!

Alexandre Napoli said...

Such beautiful voices. Thanks a lot for the re-up!

friendlier said...

May 2018 now and the Mega link still works fyi! Thank you. Had this one when it was first released, have pined for it of late.

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