Sunday, January 17, 2010

Steeleye Span - Hark! The Village Wait [2006 Remaster] (England 1970) @320


Hark! The Village Wait was the 1970 debut album by the electric folk band Steeleye Span. The album is the only one to feature the original lineup of the band, as they broke up and reformed with a slightly altered membership immediately after its release, without having ever performed live. Hence it is one of only two Steeleye Span albums to feature two female vocalists (Maddy Prior and Gay Woods), the other being Time (1996). A similar sound was exhibited years later when Prior teamed up with June Tabor to form Silly Sisters. Overall, the album's sound is essentially folk music with rock drumming and bass guitar added to some of the songs. The banjo features prominently on several tracks, including "The Blacksmith", "Copshawholme Fair", and "Lowlands of Holland".

The album's title refers to not the act of waiting, but to a "Wait". Waits were a small body of wind instrumentalists employed by a town at public charge from Tudor times until the early 9th century. A village, however, would likely be too small to employ such a troupe, so the Wait referred to here was more probably the later Christmas Waits, as mentioned in the novels of Thomas Hardy.

01 - A Calling-on Song
02 - The Blacksmith
03 - Fisher'man's Wife
04 - Blackleg Miner
05 - Dark-Eyed Sailor
06 - Copshawholme Fair
07 - All Things Are Quite Silent
08 - The Hills Of Greenmore
09 - My Johnny Was A Shoemaker
10 - Lowlands Of Holland
11 - Twa Corbies
12 - One Night As I Lay On My Bed

Tim Hart, lead vocals [4], vocals [1, 11], electric guitar [2, 4, 7-8], 5-string banjo [3], electric dulcimer [5-6, 12], fiddle [10],harmonium [11];
Ashley Hutchings, electric bass [2-8, 10-12];
Maddy Prior, lead vocals [2-3, 6-8, 12], vocals [1, 4-5, 9, 11], step dancing [6], 5-string banjo [10];
Gay Woods, lead vocals [3, 5, 9-10], vocals [1, 2, 7-8, 11-12], autoharp [3], concertina [5], bodhrán [6], step dancing [6];
Terry Woods, vocals [1, 4], mandola [2-3], electric guitar [4-5, 7-8, 10, 11], 5-string banjo [4, 12], concertina [6], mandolin [6];
Gerry Conway, drums [2-3, 5-8];
Dave Mattacks, drums [4, 10-12]


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