Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Steeleye Span - Live At Last! (England 1978) @320

Live at Last is a live album by the electric folk band Steeleye Span. It is the first live album the band issued, after nearly a decade of performing and releasing 10 studio albums. It is one of only two albums the band issued on which John Kirkpatrick played (not counting a later live reunion album, The Journey), making it one of only two albums to employ an accordion as a primary instrument. The album is also notable because only two of the tracks, "Saucy Sailor/Black Freighter" and "False Knight on the Road" were songs that the band had recorded before, so that most of the material on the album is essentially new material. The band went on to release a second live version of "The Maid and the Palmer" on 'The Journey'.

01. The Atholl Highlanders / Walter Bulwer's Polka (5.08)
02. Saucy Sailor / Black Freighter (9.50)
03. The Maid and the Palmer (6.37)
04. Hunting the Wren (3.09)
05. Montrose (15.16)
06. Bonnets So Blue (3.30)
07. The False Knight on the Road (6.09)

Maddy Prior: vocals
John Kirkpatrick: vocals, accordion
Martin Carthy: vocals, guitar
Tim Hart: vocals, guitar
Rick Kemp: bass
Nigel Pegrum: drums


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I am like a fisherman on the net. I find music all over the place (mostly blogs) and I admit that I do not thank enough the people that take the time to post all of these treasures. To me, these sounds transcend any monetary value you could put on them. Food for the soul, by god.
Many, many thanks.

Rogerio said...

Steeleye is a great,great band!Love Maddy's voice...FOLK YOURSELF is a magic place...CrimsonKing,thanks for your sensibility...Fly,bird,fly!Long live! Thanks!

Rogerio said...

Steeleye is a great band. And I love Maddy's voice.
FOLK YOURSELF is a magic land.Thanks,CrimsonKing for your great sensibility...Fly,bird,fly! Long live! Thank you so much!

Chido said...


I'm saying thaks for this music.

I live faaaaar away from England, so find a Steeleye Span CD is more a dream than anything.

Anonymous said...

So true, Chido, we live in different places, different times, and different conditions. Hard, soft, sweet, bad, ugly. Yet, all of us lucky enough to be fishers of the web can catch the bounty of blessings that Steeleye Span gives through the years, and the Crimson King, gives unto us.
Which is to say, all of us who are lucky enough to share and care, share and care with others in our own way, and play some Steeleye Span for them, if you can. Thanks to the landlord who gives music to the masses.
Love and luck from NC USA.


CrimsonKing said...

Thanks for your nice words, friends.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for posting these wonderful recordings...

Pancho Cerón said...

You're fn awesome! thank you! I was looking for this gem! Greetings from London!

CrimsonKing said...


Live At Last!


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