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Steeleye Span - Please To See The King (England 1971) @320

Please To See The King is the second album by Steeleye Span, released in 1971. A substantial personnel change following their previous effort, Hark! The Village Wait, brought about little substantial change in their overall sound, except for the lack of both drums and a second female vocal. The band even reprised a song from their debut, "The Blacksmith", with a similar, but more electric, arrangement.
Re-recording songs would be a minor theme in Steeleye's output over the years, with the band eventually releasing an entire album of reprises, Present--The Very Best of Steeleye Span.

The title of the album is derived from the "Cutty Wren" ceremony. A winter wren in a cage is paraded as if it were a king. This rite was carried out on December 26, Saint Stephen's Day, and is connected to early Christmas celebrations. The song "The King", appearing on the album, addresses this, and is often performed as a Christmas carol. Steeleye returned to this material on Live at Last with "Hunting the Wren" and on Time with the song "The Cutty Wren". The custom of Wrenboys is mostly associated with Ireland, but it has been recently revived in England.

01 - The Blacksmith
02 - Cold, Haily, Windy Night
03 - Jigs- Bryan O'Lynn.The Hag With The Money
04 - Prince Charlie Stuart
05 - Boys Of Bedlam
06 - False Knight On The Road
07 - The Lark In The Morning
08 - Female Drummer
09 - The King
10 - Lovely On The Water

Maddy Prior: vocals, spoon, tabor, tambourine, bells;
Martin Carthy: vocals, guitar, banjo, organ, bells;
Tim Hart: vocals, guitar, dulcimer, bells;
Ashley Hutchings: vocals, bass guitar, bells;
Peter Knight: vocals, fiddle, mandolin, organ, bass guitar, bells


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