Monday, January 25, 2010

Steeleye Span - The Rocket Cottage (England 1976) @320

Recorded at Frans Peters Studios, Hilversum, Holland, June '76. Produced by Mike Batt. Recorded very fast, in just over a week in fact, with the band in the studio 12-14 hours each day. The rest of the time was mostly spent cycling to and from the hotel, and sitting in Hank's Bar outside the studio (where the album's back-cover shots were taken). This turned out to be an uneven album, with the second side more interesting than the first. It included one track that is not mentioned on the record or the sleeve - the band were singing Camptown Races, while waiting for Maddy to finish powdering her nose, and Batt recorded the results without them knowing. The best track, Fighting for Strangers, was a tragic military montage of three songs segued together against layers of percussive over-dubbing. The results were both experimental and exciting.

01. London (4.14)
02. The Bosnian Hornpipes (0.58)
03. Orfeo / Nathan's Reel (6.01)
04. The Twelve Witches (4.32)
05. The Brown Girl (5.06)
06. Fighting for Strangers (4.26)
07. Sligo Maid (3.44)
08. Sir James the Rose (6.16)
09. Camptown Races (2.11)
10. The Drunkard (5.44)

Maddy Prior: vocals
Tim Hart: vocals, guitar, dulcimer
Robert Johnson: guitar, vocals
Rick Kemp: bass, vocals
Peter Knight: violin
Nigel Pegrum: drums, flute


Geoff said...

"Fighting for strangers" is wonderful. Thanks very much

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

It's absurd that an album this good should be out of print.

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

It's absurd that an album this good is out of print on CD & modern media.

MarkyJ said...

Just discovered this site - thanks for all the Steeleye. It's a good chance to transfer my LP collection onto my MP3 player!


CrimsonKing said...


Rocket Cottage


dondo said...


Anonymous said...

This was the first Span album I ever bought. I was home on leave from Germany in late 1976. and went to a record store in Jackson, Mississippi. I bought three albums, just because they looked interesting. One by Caravan, one by Gentle Giant, and this one. I've been a Span and Giant fan ever since.

Jim Thomas
Portsmouth, VA

CrimsonKing said...

Great buy Jim.
Gentle Giant was one of the best bands of Prog, if not the best!
And I like Caravan a lot, too.

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