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Steeleye Span - Ten Man Mop (2006 Remastered & Expanded - 2CD) (England 1971) @320

. Ten Man Mop or Mr. Reservoir Butler Rides Again is the third album by Steeleye Span, recorded in 1971. Of all their albums, it is the most acoustic and it also has considerable Irish influence, second only to Horkstow Grange. Tracks like "Four Nights Drunk", "Marrowbones", and "Wee Weaver" are essentially pure folk. It was the last album to feature founding member Ashley Hutchings, who left the band in part because he felt that the album had moved too far toward Irish music and away from English music. The band was also considering touring America, and Hutchings was reluctant to make the trip.

CD1: Original Album + 4 Additional tracks
01 - Gower Wassail (5.28)
02 - Jigs: Paddy Clancy's Jig / Willie Clancy's Fancy (3.11)
03 - Four Nights Drunk (3.06)
04 - When I Was on Horseback (6.13)
05 - Marrowbones (4.28)
06 - Captain Coulston (5.06)
07 - Reels: Dowd's Favourite / £10 Float / The Morning Dew (3.47)
08 - Wee Weaver (2.41)
09 - Skewball (3.31)
10 - General Taylor (3.31)
recording session out-take; first released on Individually and Collectively
11 - Rave On (1.54)
single version with “scratches”
12 - Rave On (1.24)
alternate version with two verses
13 - Rave On (2.07)
alternate version with three verses

CD2: BBC "Peel's Sunday Concert" 15 September 1971
14 - False Knight on the Road (4:13)
15 - The Lark in the Morning (4:50)
16 - Rave On (2.37)
17 - Reels: £10 Float / The Musical Priest (4:01)
18 - Captain Coulston (5:15)
19 - Martin Carthy: Handsome Polly-O (2:39)
20 - Martin Carthy: Bring 'Em Down / Tim Hart: Haul on the Bowline (2:53)
21 - Four Nights Drunk (3:04)
22 - When I Was on Horseback (6:09)
23 - Tim Hart & Maddy Prior: I Live Not Where I Love (4:40)
24 - Peter Knight: The Wind That Shakes the Barley / Pigeon on the Gate / Jenny's Chickens (3:40)
25 - Female Drummer (4:19)
26 - General Taylor (4.04)
27 - College Grove / Silver Spear / Ballymurphy Rake / Maid Behind the Bar (3.41)

Maddy Prior: vocals, spoons tabor;
Tim Hart: vocals, dulcimer, guitars, organ, five string banjo, mandolin;
Peter Knight: vocals, fiddle, tenor banjo, mandolin, timpani;
Martin Carthy: vocals, guitar, organ;Ashley Hutchings: bass


casamaravilla said...

I've got this on vinyl & CD, but not with the extra cuts. Looking forward to hearing them--thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great series.

If anyone is interested in the covers with the original Pegasus booklet and labels I've posted them

I haven't included the back of the gatefold album as the gold blocking is too worn to get a good image. The inside of the gatefold is library lining paper.

Anonymous said...


In the vote - I said no thanks I have most (if not all) BUT I have this on vinyl, cassette and CD but as another commenter said not with the 'extras'- so many thanks

Re Gilardin said...

Thanks Crimson for this album and thanks Donnatv for your scan!

André said...

My friend, wonderfull blog and thanks for the steeleye span. Congratulations from Brasil.

CrimsonKing said...

Seja bem-vindo André.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Crimson, your blog is itself a work of art, a much appreciated labour of love.

Will be buying music from the artists you feature in these posts.

Best wishes, Matty Groves

Anonymous said...

Hi Fabulous Blog :)

Any chance of a new Mega link for this album please?

CrimsonKing said...


Ten Man Mop


Anonymous said...

Many thanks :)

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